Which Is Better? Krown Or Sector9?

which is better? krown or sector9?

I would definitely get a sector9 board over a krown. The sector 9's have very nice wood, they bend real good and are very very strong. I think the sector 9 boards have the smoothest ride and you can get some pretty cool designs if that's your thing. The only other brand I would get is Loaded. The major difference between the two is that sector 9 decks have those cut grooves in the board so taht you dont get wheelbite (wheel touches bottom of the deck and you fall off). The Loaded boards usually have the wheels stick out and there is no deck on top of the wheels at all. It's just a feature that you can distinguish them by. If you have no preference, find the cheapest between Loaded and Sector 9 and I assure you you wont be disappointed. If you do not like the bearings (from my experience, the bearings that come with longboards are one of the best, but there is obviously better), you can always get new ones, I suggest Bones Reds or Bones Swiss (reds are cheaper but still very good, best "bang for the buck" without a doubt). The extra money you pay for a sector 9 may seem like you are just buying a brand but trust me here, all longboards are expensive and you want something that will last as long as possible. As I said, sector9's bend real nice and they provide a very smooth ride. I've only ridden one Krown and I was not super impressed by it. I have a sector 9 board and I wish I had a loaded board because I carve really really hard and I have actually fallen off due to wheelbite (i got smaller wheels in the end to prevent this), and I wish I had the loaded boards. However, lots of people dont like how the loaded boards have the trucks on the end that stick out of the main piece of the deck but that way you dont get wheelbite at all if you carve aggressively. Just my 2 cents, I hope this helps you. Have fun bombing those hills and stay safe.

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What sector is Photos folder on hard drive?

Photos are not stored on a particular sector on your hard drive, the sectors are maintained by the operating system and the hard drive itself. I would suggest scanning the entire drive for deleted files as your best chance of finding the files you are looking for

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No boot sector on internal hard drive error?

Dont somewhat understand. The difficult force which you delivered grow to be it sparkling or did it have a working gadget on it. If it did have an working gadget on it. Did it come from an identical appropriate workstation which you delivered it for. If the desktops arent an identical it wont boot up. you will ought to purchase a working gadget or purchase a tricky force that has an working gadget on it it somewhat is to your laptop. domicile windows xp and above or like that. Now domicile windows ninety 5 to and before xp can basically be placed in a working laptop or laptop and boot up.

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What has the private sector ever done well?

I have a good job. I work hard for my company and I get more money in return

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Why doesn't the public sector follow private sector rules in hard times?

Because strong unions provide middle-class wages and job security to their members. But thanks for warning us that you are against the Middle-class in America........

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what is a insurance sector in health care?

Industries in the Healthcare Sector • Medicinals and botanicals • Pharmaceutical preparations • Diagnostic substances • Biological products exc. diagnostic • Surgical and medical instruments • Surgical appliances and supplies • Dental equipment and supplies • X-ray apparatus and tubes • Electromedical equipment • Ophthalmic goods • Medical and hospital equipment • Drugs, proprietaries, and sundries • Drug stores and proprietary stores • Accident and health insurance • Hospital and medical service plans • Fire, marine, and casualty insurance • Pension, health, and welfare funds • Sports clubs, managers, & promoters • Physical fitness facilities • Offices & clinics of medical doctors • Offices and clinics of optometrists • Offices of health practitioners, NEC • Skilled nursing care facilities • Intermediate care facilities • Nursing and personal care, NEC • General medical & surgical hospitals • Psychiatric hospitals • Specialty hospitals exc. psychiatric • Medical laboratories • Dental laboratories • Home health care services • Kidney dialysis centers • Health and allied services, NEC

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