What Constitutes 'talent' in a Politician? I'm Hard Put to Spot It but Hearing Our New Chancellor De

Being a talented Tory politician means being (like Janus) able to look both ways at once while telling untruths with a poker face and sounding almost believable. It is displaying complete loyalty to ones party leader or Minister (until the next leadership contest or reshuffle) and saying great CJ (That shows my age) to whatever nonsense he/she proposes. Although I used a Tory as a rather extreme example of the talented politician I believe that such characteristics are also common in other political parties :-).

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Why are some lifelong Republicans wanting to vote for Joe Biden?

For the same reasons that some lifelong Democrats are voting for Donald Trump. They are sick of the politics, lies, and stupidity that they have seen from the person at the top of their ticket or from their party.

This year it is particularly weird as most people are voting based on the emotions stirred up by the leftist media instead of actually voting based on the meaningful facts and that is, of course, running more against Trump than for him. But, lets not forget that everybody thought Hillary would win by a landslide in 2016


Why do people say police officers are bad nowadays?

There is a serious effort being pushed to promote an anarchist agenda which would weaken the USA and change the balance of power.

This is just one of the tantrum tactics being used.The irony is that once you have examine the cases which are highlighted, the complaints rarely amount to actual brutality. Do we as a society want to promote and embrace brutality from every miscreant on the street?

Are we to be so indulgent of this behavior that our society becomes violent without any regulating force?Be careful what society you design, because you will live in it.Thugs are taking your streets and are trying to invade your courthouses


What would the war look like if the U.

S. never entered?

I am not sure which war you are asking about.

I will try and give a general answer. The United States brings a level of manufacturing power to a conflict not seen elsewhere, Just look at WWII. We also bring a level of technology unseen elsewhere except for carefully chosen allies.

We wage not only ,shall I say hardware war but we work psychological issues also which is something we are using in current operations. We also have a determination to get it over with. We don't like war so we do it and get it done.

If you provide more info I will try and answer more


Which states will never be Republican?

Never say never. I live in Vermont, home of the icon of the progressive movement, Bernie Sanders and we have a Republican Governor; Phil Scott.

All it takes is some failure to change the landscape, and just a slight lack of excitement to change the proportion of people from each party who go to the polls.People vote for people and justify crossing party lines be thinking that fool should not be in my party. This is how I justified voting for Obama in 2008 (McCain came out against progressive taxes) and Clinton in 2016 (not wanting to claim Trump needs no explanation)


What is maximum current for 16mm cable?

What is the maximum current for 16mm2 cable? Metric sizes are in mm2To convert mm2 to kCmils (US, NA and western hemisphere) multiply by 1.9745 31.

6 k circular mils (kCmil), which is between #5 and #6 on US AWG sizes.Extrapolating from the NEC 3-1/c wires in a raceway table, between #6 and #4, the max ampacity at 75deg C conductor temperature will be 70 amps for 16mm2. Apply correction factors if the ambient temperature is higher than 30 deg C.

(If the insulation is rated 90deg C, you still are required by code, when terminated with mechanical connections, to use the 75deg C. ampacity per the code table.)


What is your opinion on Kejriwal's rule in Delhi?

My personal opinion is not much relevant. But, going by the recent LS poll results, the Kejris AAP rule was a disaster.Kejri came to power thinking that he will be able to do many things.

Offering freebies (free water, free electricity, free ride in Metro, etc. ) at the cost of tax payers funds, is not governance. He, by winning 67 out of 70 seats thought that he is more powerful than the Central Govt.

People realized that he is only a champion in criticizing, abusing, sitting dharna, etc. but not administration. It appears that he is a gone case.


Are exported US fighter jets likely to have a backdoor in case the buyer becomes an enemy of the US?

Not American ones, at any rate.On occasion, thats become quite frustrating.

For example, Iran mostly flies the planes it bought from us when we were allies. Most American planes go to the boneyard when they retire, but not the F-14 Tomcat; we actually had to destroy all the fun parts to stop Iran from stealing them to keep their Tomcats in the air. Or think about all the weapons that America gave the Taliban to fight the Soviets.

After the Soviets were defeated, the Taliban turned right around and used them on civilians or sold them to other terrorist groups that did.You can understand why this makes foreign weapons sales something of a touchy subject.


Why does Nick Fury say, "Don't invoke her name," when Peter suggests Captain Marvel as a team member in the Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer?

Probably because she is busy fighting other galactic conflicts and might bring those very conflicts to their planet if they call for her. And Earth is probably under heavy scrutiny by other Aliens already. So, in order to protect earth and keep those conflicts away, they wouldnt be able to deal at the moment, Fury probably doesnt want to call Captain Marvel.

Or Carol might have had a falling out with Fury. We dont know yet. Captain Marvel 2 might give us more information on that


What is the historical beginning of the Palestinians?

Since Palestine and Caanan, or some linguistic variant thereof, has been the name of the region since at least the time of the Pharaohs, the Palestinians have an ancient legacy in the region:History of Canaan and PalestineAnd despite the Zionist mythology of Palestinians being recent inhabitants, as a way to invalidate Palestinian claims to their own land, historical, archeological and genetic records reflect Palestinian indigeneity;Ancient DNA reveals fate of the mysterious CanaanitesHow Zionists use racial myths to deny Palestinians the right to go home


Why does silicon not emit light like other LEDs?

They do, although its a less efficient process due to the indirect band gap in silicon. Briefly, to conserve energy and momenta of photons and electrons (and others in this system), other particles have to be around namely phonons, i.

e. the virtual particles or heat quanta describing how a crystal lattice as a system behaves approximately. The probability that such a particle is found at a specific location along with photons and free electrons is lower, therefore the process is less efficient, i.

e. probable


What is the best way to learn how to properly pronounce a word?

I recommend a three-fold strategy: n1) become familiar with the IPA (international phonetic alphabet) - this will help you be able to know exactly which sounds are indicated by official pronunciation guidesn2) listen closely to a native speaker - find someone who uses the word naturally and listen to them very closelyn3) emulate the native speaker - this will require practice and you will probably feel rather silly, especially if you have the opportunity to practice the pronunciation in front of that speaker, but they will be able to tell you if you are off in some way and if that is a matter of accent or if the difference is more meaningful than that


Will Trump try to fill the seat of Supreme Court Justice, Ruth Bader Ginsburg even if he loses?

Mitch McConnell would do everything he could do to fill the seat before the election but he will not get the needed 50 votes (with Pence helping to break the tie) Lisa Murkowski and Mitt Romni will not support the idea of filling it before the election. There may be other such as Lamar Alexander, Pat Roberts and possibly Susan Collins. If Trump looses the election these people will still not support the idea and if Trump wins it would not matter one way or the other.

GOP, if they are smart, will use Ginsbergs vacancy as a way to mobilize their voters to go to the polls


Why is "In Through the Out Door" so underrated among Led Zeppelin fans?

Jimmy Page is not as prominent on this record as he was on their earlier stuff, so when I first heard this record I was somewhat disappointed, as were a lot of other fans of Jimmys fiery and creative guitar stylings.There was a rumor that Page was in the throes of a bad heroin addiction which forced John Paul Jones to pick up the slack in the studio.

There were also issues happening between Plant and Page at that point as well. This record seems to lack the fire and cohesion of their earlier works IMHO


Would impeachment help or hurt Trump in 2020?

Over half the time Rudy wont be able to testify at all while all the Democrat and some of the Republican members of the committee will simply use all the time to make themselves look good to their constituents.

It will all depend on the quality of the questions that actually do get asked whether his testimony helps or hurts President Trump.In the long run the people who want to impeach the President dont really care what Giuliani says. Their minds are already made up.


How is Modi planning to win the 2019 elections?

The main strategy which Modiji is going to use in 2019 election are the developmental works done by him during his primeministership.Progress of nation in international level, the main yojanas of his government which helped the poor people/common man.

Developments of north eastern states , demonetisation Swachh bharath etc ( all of his yojanas)Lets support Narendra modi in next election and lets make him our prime ministerMake India the super power and strong, so that India can be recognised in international levelJai MODI jai BJP.


Did John Lennon dislike Led Zeppelin as they took the rock mantle from them?

Well this didnt happen so it wouldnt be a reason for John to hate Led Zeppelin.

There was a gap between the end of The Beatles and the peak of Zeppelin. From 196971 The Who were the awkward greatest rock band with Tommy, Live at Leeds, and Whos Next. Zeppelin took off with IV which came out when The Who, exhausted from being The Who had a break from recording until 1973 with Quadrophenia.

Sadly this amazing album didnt translate well to the stage because of technology where The Who has reigned supreme. And the physical health of Keith Moon didnt help their cause.


What are the people who remain so vehemently against Brexit actually worried about?

Well let's see now, 40 years of negotiation and progress with our European partners being swept aside. Hundreds if not thousands of laws to protect us from unscrupulous employers and suppliers being scrapped. The freedom to work and live in another member state being lost.

The list is endless and it will all be lost because a minority of this country's electorate were too dim to see that they were being shafted by those who are going to make a killing out of it. There will be no good outcome from this for ordinary people of the UK, we'll be lucky if we don't starve


Is Kim Jong Un more evil than Adolf Hitler?

Depending on how you define evil, I would say they would perhaps would be equal.

The difference is, Hitlers policies (carried out by subordinates) were on a much grander scale. The Nazis were more calculating than Kim and were bent on genocide. However, Hitlers goals were different than those of Kim.

The Nazis wanted to eliminate other races and take their land for German expansion. Kim just wants to preserve his regime. Given the means and organization Kim is probably prove to be just as ruthless as Hitler.


Was Paul McCartney hard on George Harrison?

I think that the situation was exactly the opposite. I don't recall Paul criticizing George for any of the songs he wrote or trying to control the content.

Paul did not try to add bass guitar parts to Love to You or Within You Without You, but George was insisting on adding guitar flourishes to Paul's Hey Jude where they were not needed. I recall George making rude public comments about Maxwell's Silver Hammer and Ob-La-Di-Ob-La-Da while Paul kept silent about George's clunkers such as Blue Jay Way, It's Only a Northern Song and It's All Too Much. Paul McCartney was a class act who didn't wash the Beatles dirty laundry in public.

George was hard on Paul

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Knowledge About Rescue Boat: Percy Down of Rescue Boat
Percy Down of rescue boatPercy John Down (14 October 1883 24 June 1954) was an English rugby union player, best known as a commanding forward in the Bristol pack in the first decade of the twentieth century. He spent the major part of his playing career at the club, and in later life became club Chairman------Hindostan of rescue boatHindostan was launched at Whitby in 1819. She made one voyage, in 1821, transporting convicts to New South Wales. Later, she made two voyages transporting convicts to Van Diemen's Land, one with female convicts (1839), and one with male convicts (18401841). When not transporting convicts Hindostan was a general trader, sailing across the Atlantic, to India, and perhaps elsewhere as well. She was lost in 1841.------Lindy of rescue boatLindy is an island in the Byfjorden in Stavanger municipality in Rogaland county, Norway. The 280-decare (69-acre) island lies about 4 kilometres (2.5mi) northeast of the centre of the city of Stavanger. It sits in an archipelago surrounded by the islands of Vassy, Hellesy, and Kalvy. All of those islands are connected to the mainland only by boat------Service history of rescue boatSailing from Boston, Massachusetts, on 3 November 1944, Dearborn arrived at NS Argentia, Newfoundland, four days later for duty on weather patrol. She had similar duty off Bermuda, as well as plane guard and search and rescue duty until 30 April 1946 when she arrived back at Boston. On 7 May, she departed for Charleston, South Carolina, arriving there two days later. Dearborn was decommissioned there on 5 June 1946, and sold on 8 July 1947------Present Day of rescue boatAs a research facility the Laboratory is normally closed to the public, but holds open days during the summer months and as part of other events such as Cullercoats Harbour Day and Heritage Open Days.A Marine Science distance learning course, Delve Deeper, run by the University includes a field course component based at the laboratory.------ric de Bisschop of rescue boatric de Bisschop (October 21, 1891 August 30, 1958) was a French seafarer, famous for his travel from Honolulu to France aboard the Polynesian sailboat Kaimiloa.He spent most of his adult life in the Pacific Ocean, notably in Honolulu (19351937 and 19411947) and in French Polynesia (19471956); he was not simply a sea adventurer but had a deep interest in the Pacific and its inhabitants, whose history he tried to study.------RAF Castle Archdale of rescue boatRoyal Air Force Castle Archdale or more simply RAF Castle Archdale, also known for a while as RAF Lough Erne is a former Royal Air Force station used by the RAF and the Royal Canadian Air Force station in County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland------Otto Probst of rescue boatOtto Probst (29 December 1911 - 22 December 1978) was an Austrian political activist. He survived the war, despite spending most of it in the Buchenwald concentration camp, followed by two years in a punishment battalion sent to support the war effort on the Russian front. After 1945 he became a mainstream Social Democratic politician, eventually serving between 1970 and his death in 1978 as a President of the National Council ("Nationalratsprsident")..------Postwar of rescue boatThe base was closed after the Second World War and today is part of Castle Archdale Country Park. The slipway remains in use and the concrete stands for parking the Catalina aircraft are now part of a caravan site. Other buildings lie derelict and overgrown in the surrounding forest. A museum in the park grounds has a section devoted to its role during the Second World War------Cheapside Street whisky bond fire of rescue boatThe Cheapside Street whisky bond fire in Glasgow on 28 March 1960 was Britain's worst peacetime fire services disaster. The fire at a whisky bond killed 14 fire service and 5 salvage corps personnel. This fire was overshadowed only by a similar fire in James Watt Street (also in Glasgow) on 19 November 1968, when 22 people died.------Early history of rescue boatBuilt as Lady Madeline in 1934 by Cook, Welton and Gemmell, she was operated as a fishing trawler by Jutland Amalgamated Trawlers, of Hull, until the outbreak of the Second World War in 1939. She was requisitioned by the Admiralty and converted for war use, principally against submarines. She was renamed Moonstone and commissioned with the pennant number T90..------Fate of rescue boatHindostan foundered in the Atlantic Ocean on 27 August 1851. Nine of her sixteen crew went down with the ship. Survivors took to a boat and were rescued on 27 September by the schooner Martha Greenow. She was on a voyage from Whitby to Quebec City, Province of Canada, British North America.------Deaths of rescue boatA total of 25 people died: twelve people were killed in Draguignan, four in Trans-en-Provence, three at La Motte, two in Roquebrune-sur-Argens and Saint-Aygulf (in the commune of Frjus) and one each Montauroux and at Le Luc.The floods also killed about 3000 sheep and about 100 horses, leading to problems in disposing of the carcasses, many of which had been swept into a wooded area and were trapped in trees.------Honours and awards of rescue boatKnight Commander of the Order of the BathKnight Commander of the Order of St Michael and St GeorgeCommander of the Royal Victorian OrderGrand Cross of the Order of the Dannebrog (Denmark)Commander of the Legion of Honour (France)Distinguished Service Medal (United States)------Assigned to the South Atlantic Blockade of rescue boatCommanded by Acting Master C. Folsom, Dandelion sailed from Philadelphia 12 December 1862 for duty with the South Atlantic Blockading Squadron, arriving at Port Royal, South Carolina, 4 days later. She served as a tug in the coastal and inland waters of South Carolina, U.S. state of Georgia, and Florida until the end of hostilities.------Construction of rescue boatThe ship was laid down on 15 August 1943 by Walter Butler Shipbuilding Company of Superior, Wisconsin, under a Maritime Commission contract, as Toledo. She was renamed Dearborn and launched on 27 September 1943, sponsored by Mrs. R. C. Dahlinger of Dearborn, Michigan; and commissioned on 10 September 1944, with Lieutenant Commander F. F. Nichols, USCG, in command.------Post-war decommissioning of rescue boatOn 24 February 1946 she arrived at San Francisco, California, where she decommissioned 15 May. She was struck from the List of Navy Vessels 8 October 1946, transferred to the Maritime Commission; and sold 30 December 1946 to Mr. Glen R. Butt of Cambridge, Massachusetts. She was later resold, in 1952, to Pakistani interests. Her current fate is unknown.------Background of rescue boatJews had prospered on Rhodes during 390 years of Ottoman occupation (which ended in 1912 when Italy occupied Rhodes and the other Dodecanese islands). The Germans took over in September 1943 after Italy withdrew from the war. By the 1940s, the ethnic Jewish community numbered about 2,000, made up of people from Turkey, Greece, Italy and other Mediterranean countries, as well as those native to the island.------Premise of rescue boatThe Krites arrive on Earth on a secret mission to rescue a missing comrade. Standing in the way of their plans are a group of high school students:Christopher (Joey Morgan), his crush Dana (Stephi Chin-Salvo), and his best friend, Charlie (Bzhaun Rhoden). The teens soon receive help in the form of three intergalactic bounty hunters.------Warren Brown (sailor) of rescue boatWarren Brown (1929 25 December 2014) was a Bermudian sailor and businessman. He took part in the Newport-Bermuda Race 20 times in 11 different boats, including four of his own. He was also a co-founder of the Island Press, which produced the now defunct Bermuda Sun newspaper..------Design and construction of rescue boatKuru was built at Balmain, New South Wales in 1938 for the Northern Territory Patrol Service and was used to counter poaching by Japanese fishermen. She was 23 metres (75ft) long, had a maximum speed of 9 knots (17km/h; 10mph), and was armed with a single three-pounder gun.In RAN service, her armament was increased to an Oerlikon 20 mm cannon, a 0.50 calibre M2 Browning machine gun, and several lighter machine guns.------Monumental Obelisk, Southport of rescue boatThe Monumental Obelisk, Southport, stands on the Promenade in Southport. Merseyside, England. It commemorates a number of events, mainly relating to the work of the Southport lifeboats, and in particular the loss of fourteen lifeboatmen when their boat capsized in 1886. The monument was designed by Thomas Robinson, and is constructed in granite. It is recorded in the National Heritage List for England as a designated GradeII listed building------Lord Wellington of rescue boatLord Wellington was launched in 1811 at Great Yarmouth. She was a West Indiaman but in 1820 made one voyage to India under license from the British East India Company (EIC). Her crew abandoned her in the North Atlantic in July 1825 when she became waterlogged.------Related monuments of rescue boatThe Lifeboat Memorial in Southport Cemetery is also listed at Grade II, as are the memorials in Lytham and StAnnes. The memorial in Lytham is in the churchyard of StCuthbert's Church and has the form of a pinnacled tabernacle. The StAnnes memorial stands on the Promenade, and consists of a statue of a lifeboatman looking out to sea..------Family background of rescue boatHe was the youngest son born into a family of Native Hawaiians headed by Duke Halapu Kahanamoku and Julia Paakonia Lonokahikina Paoa. Both parents were direct descendants of Kamehameha I. His brothers were Duke, Samuel, David, William and Louis, all of whom participated in competitive aquatic sports. His sisters were Bernice, Kapiolani and Maria.------Reactions of rescue boatInterior Minister Brice Hortefeux stated that he expected the death toll to rise further. President Nicolas Sarkozy expressed his condolences to the victims' families and his support for the rescue teams. He stated that he planned to visit the area on 21 June 2010.The French Red Cross launched an appeal, stating that the appeal was strictly for cash donations and not for clothing or furniture.------Legacy of rescue boatFragments of the arch were uncovered while the waterfront was being redeveloped in 2010, and its foundations were uncovered in 2014. In 2015, a petition was launched to build a replica of the arch. The Dundee City Council has stated that they "could never have rebuilt something like the Royal Arch", but granite paving slabs were put on the site of the arch, and four trees were planted nearby to commemorate the landmark..------Loo-Chi Hu of rescue boatLoo-Chi Hu QSM (28 December 1924 8 September 2013) was a Chinese-born New Zealand marine equipment designer, fisheries consultant and t'ai chi teacher. As well as being awarded the Queen's Service Medal, Huloo, as he was known, is notable for having sailed a 65 year old junk from Taiwan to America, despite never having crewed a sail ship before, as well as rescuing adventurous Norwegian sailor Thor Heyerdahl.------The lifesavers location of rescue boatThey lived on Festberget on stmarksnesset, also called Ararats Berg (stmarka) at Lade, which is an area in the Norwegian city Trondheim. Ellen and Petter Lie lived by the shore, so when people had problems with their boats the help was near.In 1937 the politician Throne Holst raised a memory stone at stmarka to honor Ellen and Petter Lie. Two streets at stmarka have been named after Ellen and Petter Lie.------Rangbaaz of rescue boatRangbaaz is an Indian Bengali language action comedy film directed by Raja Chanda and produced under the banner of Surinder Films. The film stars Dev and Koel Mallick in lead roles. It is a remake of the 2007 Telugu film Chirutha, starring Ram Charan Teja and Neha Sharma.------Life before World War II of rescue boatBorn Pierre Pteul, Father Marie-Benot served in World War I in North Africa, and was wounded at Verdun. He received the distinction of five citations and a Cross of War. After the war he joined the Capuchin Fransciscan Order and earned a doctorate in theology at Rome. In 1940 he returned to france Franciscan Capuchin Order and became a priest stationed in Marseille.------Royal Navy service and fate of rescue boatThere is no record that Legere was ever commissioned. However, in 1799 she was under the command of Lieutenant George Langford. She was still under his command on 11 September 1800, and serving on the Lisbon, Gibraltar, and Mediterranean station. She was in service in the Mediterranean in 1801, but was disposed of by 1803.------Sargent Kahanamoku of rescue boatSargent Hiikua Kahanamoku (March 5, 1910 May 16, 1993) was a Native Hawaiian aquatic athlete, and public relations spokesperson for Standard Oil Company. Sculptor Malvina Hoffman used him as her model for part of The Races of Mankind exhibit at the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago. Sargent was the younger brother of Duke Kahanamoku.------Awards of rescue boatHe has received numerous awards for his career, most notably from the Spanish Geographical Society, or the Adena International, of the Society for the Protection of Nature. The latter is represented by a "Golden Dolphin" by Salvador Dal, which he shared with Philippe Cousteau------Barentshav of rescue boatThe Barentshav class of offshore patrol vessels consists of three vessels powered by liquefied natural gas. Ordered for the Norwegian Coast Guard, their main tasks are EEZ patrol, fishery inspection, search and rescue as well as tug readiness along the shore of Norway which is seeing increasing traffic from tankers
Knowledge About Track Loader: Other of Track Loader
Other of track loaderIn Luthe's view, social conditioning interferes with what the body and mind do naturally when in distress; off-loading exercises enhance the autogenic process by using body and mind awareness to acknowledge and accept, and then to manage emotional release safely and constructively. Accordingly,clarification needed natural homeostatic mechanisms regulate not only physiological processes, for example fluid and electrolyte balance and temperature, but functional disorders of a cognitive or emotional nature. He considered autogenic techniques a means of stimulating and better applying the natural homeostatic mechanisms of the brain.He contributed a number of innovations of his own to autogenic therapy, such as techniques of autogenic neutralization, autogenic abreaction, autogenic verbalization, and intentional off-loading exercises. He encouraged autogenic training as a therapeutic modality in several diseases. In 1961, he described the therapeutic significance of autogenic discharges, which had been considered to be mere training symptoms or side effects of basic autogenic training.He assisted in the formation of the International Committee for Autogenic Training and Therapy (ICAT). His training center at Lac du Deux Montagnes, near Montreal, attracted international students like Malcolm Carruthers, founder of the British Autogenic Society, and Jos Luis Gonzlez de Rivera, founder of the Asociacion Espaola de Psicoterapia. He frequently visited Japan, where he was scientific director of the Oskar Vogt Institute and visiting professor at the Kyushu University School of Medicine and Hospital.------Lacrosse (satellite) of track loaderLacrosse or Onyx is a series of terrestrial radar imaging reconnaissance satellites operated by the United States National Reconnaissance Office (NRO). While not officially confirmed by the NRO or the Government of the United States prior to 2008, there was widespread evidence pointing to its existence, including one NASA website. In July 2008, the NRO itself declassified the existence of its synthetic aperture radar (SAR) satellite constellation.According to former Director of Central Intelligence Admiral Stansfield Turner, Lacrosse had its origins in 1950 when a dispute between the Central Intelligence Agency and the U.S. Air Force as to whether a combined optical/radar reconnaissance satellite (the CIA proposal) or a radar-only one (the USAF proposal) should be developed was resolved in favor of the USAF.Lacrosse uses synthetic aperture radar as its prime imaging instrument. It is able to see through cloud cover and also has some ability to penetrate soil, though there have been more powerful instruments deployed in space for this specific purposespecify. Early versions are believed to have used the Tracking and Data Relay Satellite System (TDRSS) to relay imagery to a ground station at White Sands, New Mexico. There are some indications that other relay satellites may now be available for use with Lacrosse. The name Lacrosse is used to refer to all variants, while Onyx is sometimes used to refer to the three newer units.Unit costs (including launch) in 1990 dollars are estimated to be in the range of US$0.5 to 1.0 billion.------What is the Fellowship of track loaderAs an alternative route to teaching certification, the NYC Teaching Fellows program is designed for individuals with no prior experience teaching in public schools. Rather than completing a traditional teacher education program prior to entering the classroom, Fellows go through an intensive pre-service training program and pursue a partially subsidized master's degree in education while teaching at a New York City public school.Individuals that are already certified to teach or have extensive coursework in education are not eligible for the Fellowship.While completing their master's degree, Fellows work under the Transitional B certificate issued by the New York State Department of Education. The Transitional B certificate is issued only to individuals who are enrolled in and remain in good standing with an alternative certification program. For Fellows, this means they must obtain a full-time teaching position at a NYC public school and must be working toward a master's degree in education.Fellows are required to continue teaching at a NYC public school for the duration of their master's degree, which can take between two and five years to complete. Upon completion of the master's degree, Fellows are eligible to apply for the Initial Certificate with the New York State Department of Education. The Initial Certificate allows Fellows to teach anywhere in New York State; however, the NYC Teaching Fellows program encourages Fellows to continue teaching in NYC public schools beyond the duration of the Fellowship.------Reception of track loaderCritical receptionAmna Karim writing for Bolo Jawan gave the film 4 out of 5 stars, appreciating Nabeel Qureshi for bringing a socially responsible narrative to Pakistani cinema. Shahjehan Saleem of Something Haute rated the film 4 out 5 stars and said, "the film does suffer from a few hiccups", however, these are not "big enough to affect the narrative", because set on "family problems", it has "the stars along with substance and soul". Omair Alavi rated 3.5 stars out of 5 and praised, "Everything from art direction to dialogues to actors' accent is perfect", adding that the social message is something to ponderthe audience. Sonia Ashraf wrote to DAWN Images praised the film due to the message in love story and most of the characters, but criticized the script length. Rahul Aijaz of The Express Tribune rated 2 out of 5 stars and said that despite the "strong message" about "social mockery" of marriage concept, the film "fails to be an up-to-the-mark film for multiple reasons."International screeningThe film was screened at the 2019 Jaipur International Film Festival, and was nominated in the category of Best Film. It was also screened at the 2019 Rajasthan International Film Festival, and it won in the category of Best Feature Film International.Home mediaThe film had its television premiere on 16 February 2019 on Geo Entertainment, and it was premiered on YouTube on 27 February.------Closures of track loaderWith the increase in private transport the number of passengers on this line steadily waned, although additional stops were added and operations were switched to railbuses. The freight and part-load goods traffic also suffered heavy losses. As a result, the line was closed little by little. First to go were the passenger services that were withdrawn between Eging and Kalteneck on 1October 1972. On 3 June 1973 goods traffic from Tittling to Kalteneck ceased too. Of note is that this section was used for occasional diversions to or from Freyung and remained operational for over 20 years. The next closure again affected passenger services, this time from Deggendorf to Eging on 25September 1981. It was followed by the cessation of goods traffic from Eging to Tittling and, with that, the closure of the entire EgingKalteneck section on 2April 1995. On 2September 2002 the same fate met the HengersbergEging part of the line. After the removal of the tracks the trackbed was turned into a cycle path, which was fully opened in 2006. On the 11.6km long remaining section from Deggendorf Hbf via Deggendorf Hafen to Hengersberg only goods traffic now plies. The DeggendorfHafen(exclusively)Hengersberg section was transferred on 1September 2007 as a private industrial line to the ownership of the DHB Grundstcks GmbH Co. KG. This section is used for goods traffic serving the Schwaiger sawmill------Life and career of track loaderWilliam Randolph Cole was born in 1909 in East Orange, New Jersey. His first music job was with Wilbur Sweatman in 1928. In 1930 he played for Jelly Roll Morton's Red Hot Peppers, recording an early drum solo on "Load of Cole". He spent 193133 with Blanche Calloway, 193334 with Benny Carter, 193536 with Willie Bryant, 193638 with Stuff Smith's small combo, and 193842 with Cab Calloway. In 1942, he was hired by CBS Radio music director Raymond Scott as part of network radio's first mixed-race orchestra. After that he played with Louis Armstrong's All Stars.Cole performed with Louis Armstrong and his All Stars with Velma Middleton singing vocals for the famed ninth Cavalcade of Jazz concert held at Wrigley Field in Los Angeles. The concert was produced by Leon Hefflin, Sr. on June 7, 1953. Also featured that day were Roy Brown and his Orchestra, Don Tosti and His Mexican Jazzmen, Earl Bostic, Nat "King" Cole, and Shorty Rogers and his Orchestra.Cole appeared in music-related films, including a brief cameo in Don't Knock the Rock. Throughout the 1960s and 1970s he continued to perform in a variety of settings. Cole and Gene Krupa often played drum duets at the Metropole in New York City during the 1950s and 1960s.Cole is cited as an influence by many contemporary rock drummers, including Cozy Powell, who took his nickname "Cozy" from Cole. In 1981, he died of cancer in Columbus, Ohio.------Campus of track loaderThe university's campus covers 107 acres (0.43km2) and has some 40 buildings, including four residence halls.Brookside MansionBrookside Mansion, a castle-like mansion that was originally the home of the John H. Bass family, is a focal point of the university and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The building originally housed the entire college, and has served as the university's library, as well as dorms and a dining area. The mansion is now primarily used for offices, although special events and meetings often take place in the building as well. In 2009, the building was renovated, including interior and exterior touch-ups of the original artwork and design.Pope John Paul II CenterThe Pope John Paul II Center is also a main place of activity at the university. Completed in 2006, the building houses the Lee and Jim Vann Library, Registrar's Office, faculty offices, the Campus Shoppe, and classrooms.The Mimi and Ian Rolland Art and Visual Communication CenterIn the summer of 1998, the university purchased the former property of the Standard Oil warehouse, which had become polluted with oil residue. In the spring of 1999, the universitywith a grant from the City of Fort Wayne and the State of Indianacleaned the ground, water, and surrounding area.Satellite facilitiesThe university maintains a satellite campus in Crown Point, Indiana, about 120 miles (190km) northwest of the main campus in Fort Wayne.------Construction of track loaderFollowing the construction of the Bavarian Forest railway from Plattling via Deggendorf to Bayerisch Eisenstein, completed in 1877, and the Ilz Valley railway from Passau to Freyung, finished in 1892, the local communities situated between these routes, including Aicha, Eging and Tittling, also strove to have a railway. They favoured a stub line from Vilshofen to the north. But there was a realisation that against that, one the one hand, the land rose steeply from the Danube valley and, on the other, it would need a bridge across the Danube. After wrestling with the problem for a long time the Royal Bavarian State Railways decided to build a cross-country route between the two existing railways as the most cost-effective solution.So the Bavarian state parliament, the Landtag, decided to build a single-tracked cross-country line from Deggendorf via Eging to Kalteneck with a junction to the Ilz Valley railway, passing the requisite law on 26June 1908. This route could also link up the harbour at Deggendorf and the market at Hengersberg to the railway network. The liability for contentious land acquisition was taken on by Deggendorf, Hengersberg and Passau on behalf of the state railway.Construction began in summer 1910 at both ends of the line. As a result, the 11.62km long section from Deggendorf to Hengersberg and the 20.75km long stretch from Kalteneck to Eging were opened as early as 26November 1913 with great celebrations. The centre section, 21.66km long, went into service on 1August 1914 on the eve of the First World War without much ado.
Ubuntu 16.10 Installed Under UEFI Mode, now Can't Boot into Windows 10 Or Ubuntu, Getting Grub Rescu
You can't. The only time I have seen machines with both you have to choose at boot. On a cold start what F-Keys are offered? Most have a bios and a boot choice. Mine is F-12. Have a live CD? Boot that and choose test Ubuntu. The next restart do it again and choose HD. then the boot screen will show the choices to boot Ubuntu or a Windows 7 or 10After reading around on the internet and even trying the ubuntu forums, I've decided to come here for help. Here's some information that may be useful:My partitions are as follows (as seen from the Ubuntu installation):/dev/sda ATA ST31000524AS (1.0 TB)/dev/sda1 ntfs 104MB 29MB used Windows 7 (loader)/dev/sda2 ntfs 912682 unknown used Windows 7 (loader)/dev/sda4 ext4 / 79224MB Ubuntu/dev/sda3 swap 8191MB unknown used/dev/sdb ATA SAMSUNG HD 103SI (1.0TB)/dev/sdb1 ntfs 1000202MB unknown used Windows 10 (loader)Previously, this machine had Windows 7 installed on it. At that time, an external hard drive of mine had some of its hardware broken, so I pulled the drive out and stuck it in my machine as an internal drive. I think that is what /dev/sdb is. Shortly after that, I upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10, and successfully had Ubuntu 15.10 running alongside it.Recently, I have tried to install Ubuntu 16.10 via USB. The USB was in UEFI mode, although my BIOS is set to Legacy (so I can boot into Windows 10). After I did that, I was being sent to the grub rescue screen. An ls at the grub rescue screen yields:(hd0) (hd0,msdos1) (hd1) (hd1,mosdos4) (hd1,msdos3) (hd1,msdos2) (hd1,msdos1) (hd2) (hd2,msdos1).ls (hd1,msdos4)(hd1,msdos4): Filesystem is ext2I have tried the instructions here: [redacted due to lack of reputation/can't post more than 2 links] set prefix(hdX,Y)/boot/grub Use the values determined earlier. Example: If the Ubuntu system is on sda5, >enter: set prefix(hd0,5)/boot/grub 2.* set root(hdX,Y) Example: set root(hd0,5) insmod normal Attempt to load the normal module. normal Activate the normal module. If successful, the GRUB 2 menu may appear. set (Optional) Review the current settings. ls /boot (Optional) Check for a vmlinuz and a initrd.img entry. insmod linux An error message usually means the path is incorrect. 8.* linux /vmlinuz root/dev/sdXY ro Selects the latest kernel. Example: linux /vmlinuz root/dev/sda5 ro initrd /initrd.img Selects the latest initrd image. bootAt some point, I also tried some e2fsck commands,I have just now tried to run a boot repair, and here are the results:After all that, my question is:What should I do to be able to boot into Ubuntu and Windows 10?·OTHER ANSWER:After reading around on the internet and even trying the ubuntu forums, I've decided to come here for help. Here's some information that may be useful:My partitions are as follows (as seen from the Ubuntu installation):/dev/sda ATA ST31000524AS (1.0 TB)/dev/sda1 ntfs 104MB 29MB used Windows 7 (loader)/dev/sda2 ntfs 912682 unknown used Windows 7 (loader)/dev/sda4 ext4 / 79224MB Ubuntu/dev/sda3 swap 8191MB unknown used/dev/sdb ATA SAMSUNG HD 103SI (1.0TB)/dev/sdb1 ntfs 1000202MB unknown used Windows 10 (loader)Previously, this machine had Windows 7 installed on it. At that time, an external hard drive of mine had some of its hardware broken, so I pulled the drive out and stuck it in my machine as an internal drive. I think that is what /dev/sdb is. Shortly after that, I upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10, and successfully had Ubuntu 15.10 running alongside it.Recently, I have tried to install Ubuntu 16.10 via USB. The USB was in UEFI mode, although my BIOS is set to Legacy (so I can boot into Windows 10). After I did that, I was being sent to the grub rescue screen. An ls at the grub rescue screen yields:(hd0) (hd0,msdos1) (hd1) (hd1,mosdos4) (hd1,msdos3) (hd1,msdos2) (hd1,msdos1) (hd2) (hd2,msdos1).ls (hd1,msdos4)(hd1,msdos4): Filesystem is ext2I have tried the instructions here: [redacted due to lack of reputation/can't post more than 2 links] set prefix(hdX,Y)/boot/grub Use the values determined earlier. Example: If the Ubuntu system is on sda5, >enter: set prefix(hd0,5)/boot/grub 2.* set root(hdX,Y) Example: set root(hd0,5) insmod normal Attempt to load the normal module. normal Activate the normal module. If successful, the GRUB 2 menu may appear. set (Optional) Review the current settings. ls /boot (Optional) Check for a vmlinuz and a initrd.img entry. insmod linux An error message usually means the path is incorrect. 8.* linux /vmlinuz root/dev/sdXY ro Selects the latest kernel. Example: linux /vmlinuz root/dev/sda5 ro initrd /initrd.img Selects the latest initrd image. bootAt some point, I also tried some e2fsck commands,I have just now tried to run a boot repair, and here are the results:After all that, my question is:What should I do to be able to boot into Ubuntu and Windows 10?
How Do I Get Past the Boot Error: Failed to Fetch Board Data for Bus=pci,vendor=168c,?
I doubt that the message you reference has any bearing on the failure to boot except into emergency mode. I rather suspect the ACPI errors and exceptions that precede it.The message merely means that the requested firmware file for your wireless device is not found as expected or else, very rarely, it may be corrupted. You can confirm this by blacklisting the wireless driver so that it does not look for the firmware and, presumably, hang. Once you are booted into emergency mode and gain the root prompt, do:Now does it boot normally every time? If not, look elsewhere for the problem.EDIT 1: Please boot and when you are in Emergency Mode, run:You shoulld see something like:Now boot into the live USB session and do the same. Are there differences in the command line options for each? Please post both as an edit to your question. Next, please interrupt the boot process at the GRUB menu. Are you able to select and boot into an earlier kernel version successfully?.1. Targeted Promotions - Vendor promotions based on current location (Capital One) - Patent Application - PRIOR ART REQUESTThis is just location based advertising (LBA), and people have been doing it and debating the ethics of it for years. There are gobs of papers discussing the idea, many from the 2007 time frame.Patent application US20020046084 - Remotely configurable multimedia entertainment and information system with location based advertising filed in 1999 describes these features with several other ideas: Location Based Advertising Business Method Using the computer controlled multimedia entertainment and information system 10 described above or some other suitable network, a method for transmission of location based advertising is provided. Although the following description refers to multimedia entertainment and information system 10 and multimedia device 20, the location based advertising methods described in this application could apply to any communications system or any wireless communication device, including without limitation, pagers, cellular phones, two-way radios, PDAs, laptops, etc. The key aspect of this method is trading location based consumer preference or behavior profile information on various products or services for a number of advertisements transmitted to the system 10. Such a method is based upon advertisement selection criteria, user location information, and proximity of users and vendors. and here's a bit about using transaction history to target ads: (...) The system optimises advertising by including other purchase history, and helps build the demographics, or the spending habits of this person. The method of delivery of an ad may be a short textual message. Other data protocols can be used, such as voice ads2. Possible to get snmpwalk to auto-walk vendor MIBs?It does not look like it. The default OID to use as the root of the walk is hard coded into the application.I would recommend creating a small wrapper shell script.For example.vendor-snmpwalk.sh:Then you just call your wrapper script instead of snmpwalk directlyFor reference, here's the relevant code that handles the root OID that the walk starts from (from the net-snmp code repository):.3. How to use Android SDK and smartphone vendor tools to boot another kernel?I've made some progress researching for solution:1) Wiped all user data from the devices to be used for experiments (Booting in recovery mode > wipe cache / wipe data / factory reset)2) Looked through unofficial sourcesThere is a number of articles and forum posts in the net. Some of them are useful. Most of them are rather old and were last updated long ago. The bad thing is that most of them contain info on rooting the devices (i. e. breaking the OS security by deliberately installing a rootkit exploiting a known vulnerability to escalate its privileges) and links to untrusted / low reputation scripts containing such rootkits. This potentially harmful information is mixed with useful parts giving the general overview of the available options.Many articles are published on xda-developers. com site, its forum section and wiki. Some useful wiki articles:Those wiki articles are generally maintained rather poorly (last edits were in 2015).3) Chose the platform (x86, ASUS Zenfone2)In my case I was choosing from a pool of my own used Android devices. Most of them have ARM-based CPUs. The latest and most powerful was ASUS with x86 Intel CPU (64bit instruction set). The other reason to choose x86 was better Linux support and the requirement to run x86/AMD64-based lxc containers. Choosing ARM would require development of a separate container branch or utilizing some sort of emulation / conversion tools (not sure that such tools are efficient / well maintained / supported).4) Realized that the goal might be unreachable with official (vendor supported) toolsI mailed ASUS tech support regarding the usage of their bootloader unlocking tool. But the answer was simple: "The tool just unlocks the bootloader we cannot help you with further steps, we even cannot tell you what happens if you use the tool". I.e. the tool is useless (I even do not know whether it worked somehow in my case and how it is different from fastboot oem unlock). In order to activate the tool I first had to downgrade to Android 5. 0 since it was not supported in newer versions of ROM. All things concerning changing the bootloader and booting other images are unofficial, unsupported, not recommended, warranty breaking etc.5) [OPTIONAL: NOTE Chose and installed the recovery (not supported officially by phone or OS vendor)'Recovery' - is an android jargon for bootloader / BIOS (a separate partition in device memory keeping a lightweight linux-based system which boots first and presents a bootloader menu with available tools like 'backup', 'wipe cache', 'factory reset', 'load custom ROM' etc. ). Original OEM recovery does not allow to flash custom ROM or boot custom OS.The project seems to be mature, well structured, actively maintained and generally makes the impression of a valuable global open source project. The amount of supported devices and vendors is very remarkable. Of course I would prefer to use the recovery version maintained and endorsed by the phone vendor and downloaded from their official site (in my case ASUS).NOTE1: After installing TWRP and getting more info on SDK Tools I realized that it was probably possible to flash custom ROM without installing a custom recovery (by utilizing adb and fastboot tools from SDK platform-tools package).NOTE2: The installation process is well documented for each model. I used 'Fastboot Install Method'. Brief description of the method (please refer to the page on TWRP site relevant to your device): 1) Install Android SDK tools (you will need only adb and fastboot components from platform-tools package), 2) Activate would eveloper mode' on your device by tapping 7 times on 'Build Number' line in Settings > About menu, 3) In Settings > Developer Options enable 'USB debugging', 4) Connect with your PC through USB, 5) On your PC you may check that the device is connected by passing the command adb devices, 6) Run adb reboot bootloader for entering fastboot mode, 7) Place the correct image file downloaded from TWRP site and renamed 'twrp.img' into the folder containing adb and fastboot binaries (normally 'platform-tools' folder), 8) Run fastboot flash recovery twrp.img. In my case the image was successfully flashed although adb reported an error FAILED (remote: Permission denied), 9) Run fastboot reboot. You may reboot your device from TWRP menu as well. The important thing is to let TWRP patch your stock ROM (partition with Android OS) to prevent it from wiping TWRP and replacing it by the stock recovery after it boots. Otherwise you will have to repeat the process. Yeap, that was scary, hence step #1. 6) Dived into official AOSP documentationAfter losing hope of using a black-box approach to Android OS for reaching the goal I started reviewing general sections on Android OS architecture and requirements to supported devices.Good pictures (architecture):Bootloader and security info:Main conclusion: Android has definitely introduced useful OS features for running reduced Linux kernel on a diverse range of proprietary (FMCG-world) devices with loose hardware standards. One of the most useful features which could and probably should be adopted by mainstream Linux is HAL layer of abstraction allowing to deal with the zoo of propitiatory drivers in a reasonable way. Modular kernel thing with splitting the kernel into SoC-dependent and board-dependent parts, power saving features and security features are also notable.Good news: Linux kernel developers and some distro vendors are well aware of all these good parts and are doing their best to introduce the corresponding changes. Official stats (see Figure 2 of the corresponding AOSP doc section) show good evidence of convergence between AOSP code and mainstream Linux. There is a definite positive economic effect from convergence to the both sides (AOSP and Linux communities). When it comes to such stakeholders as Google and hardware producers who are protecting their investments they seem to pull in the opposite direction. Google protects their investments into the ecosystem and user base, hardware producers are protecting their investments into developing and producing hi-end hardware. The friction between these two forces creates some sort of a positive vector. In my opinion there should be some sort of an agreement in place between Google and hardware producers which regulates this friction in a wise manner. For example, hardware producers may delay committing their board-specific driver blobs into the Linux kernel for say 2-3 years (for SoC-specific driver blobs this period perhaps should be shorter). This would guarantee to Google and AOSP developers that Android ecosystem skims all the cream off the market (all new modern hi-end hardware device purchases, ad revenue, paid software and services from hi-end users). After those 2-3 years the devices (no longer considered hi-end) are released into the free by committing the driver blobs into the Linux (highest grade hardware vendors would of course prefer to commit source code). The length of the period is pretty close to the usual warranty period set for most devices by hardware vendors and a period of official Android updates (including security updates) distributed by those vendors. Fair enough. Bad news: There seems to be really hard to negotiate such a deal (hereinafter - the Deal) in a wise and explicit manner. The main problem is in its global nature. Think of the possible legal considerations (antitrust laws in various jurisdictions, cross-border tax issues etc. etc. ), number of hardware vendors (OEMs, ODMs, SoC producers etc. etc.) and other stakeholders involved (Google, AOSP, Android developers, Linux, Linux distro vendors - server, desktop and possibly mobile, other Linux-based projects, GNU, FSF, etc. etc. down to the end users). The lack of a deal is definitely slowing down the convergence between Linux and AOSP to our (users) common regret. From the hardware standpoint full convergence was possible several years ago when mainstream [multi-core x86 CPU / > 2Gb RAM / > 16Gb flash drive]-devices reached the market. The problem is evident when this hardware cannot be used for running a standard Linux kernel (a server distro, not even desktop). Installers are absent, flashing tools are not officially supported by vendors, documentation is scarce and disperse. In June 2019 things could be much better...7) The next step would be monitoring efforts performed by the leading conversion-driven communities and supporting vendors as well as the steps made by hardware vendors and AOSP / Google to negotiate the Deal
How to Choose LED Par Can Light Which Will Fit Your Budget!
Fill up the following form to get a call from SHOWTECH or Call 1800 137 1001 to get a free guidance for your Upcoming Events from the Expert in the Market.Call 1800 137 1001 to Book and Buy Audio and Visual equipment.Please visit our website www.showtechindia.com!!! Your feedback is very important to us!!Please follow us on our Official SHOWTECH India Medium blog for Daily Tech Updates and News by clicking the following link — com/@SHOWTECH_IndiaPurchasing LED Par Light is a science, in order to buy good quality products in a large Quantity, it is necessary to start from some basic aspects of the matter as an optional reference. Now Gamma Lighting to introduce to you how to choose the led par light.The Color of LED:Regular good quality LED Par, their color should be bright and full of color, no noise, no spot, high brightness and so on.Click here to buy or Know more about — Gamma PO354B Warm Cool White Par Can LightClick here to buy or Know more about — Gamma PO354C UV Par Can LightLED Lamp and chip:Generally, the chip of LED, the 1Watt is 40 x 40; but the 3W is 45×45. Also now the brand of LED lamp is CREE, OSRAM, Tyshine.In Current market, many manufacturers use less wattage lamp beads to act.Click here to buy or Know more about — Gamma PO354A RGB LED Par Can LightClick here to buy or Know more about — Gamma N543 RGBW LED Par Can LightPower supply:you can be identified from the transformer and power tube volume. Always the better quality is relatively large, plump overall and texture, components arranged, producing a good process, the overall look is clean and beautiful.Click here to buy or Know more about — Gamma N543 RGB LED Par Can LightClick here to buy or Know more about — Gamma LPC007H LED Big Dipper Par Can LightHeat Sink:Do not think that the thinner the better radiator, too thin, then easily cause poor cooling effect.Click here to buy or Know more about — Gamma ASR1215 RGBW Water Proof Par Can LightClick here to buy or Know more about — Gamma ASR1018 RGBW Water Proof Par Can LightMain Board:The main board of LED Par is selection constant drive plate than crossflow plate well, LED lamp life will be longer because the constant drive plate is better to lamp.Click here to buy or Know more about — Gamma 84 X 3 RGBW WW Par Can LightClick here to buy or Know more about — Gamma 78 X 3 RGBW Y Par Can LightPrice:Generally, more formal LED Par its market price will not be too far behind, if the purchase price is too low and that most likely fake. So, from the price can also be a simple judgment.Click here to buy or Know more about — Gamma 54 X 1W LED RGB Par LightClick here to buy or Know more about — Gamma 200W LED COB Warm White Par Can LightThrough the above points, you may more clearly how to choose a more cost-effective LED par light, and hope that here we give to the information you need.Fill up the following form to get a call from SHOWTECH or Call 1800 137 1001 to get a free guidance for your Upcoming Events from the Expert in the Market.Call 1800 137 1001 to Book and Buy Audio and Visual equipment.Please visit our website www.showtechindia.com!!! Your feedback is very important to us!!Please follow us on our Official SHOWTECH India Medium blog for Daily Tech Updates and News by clicking the following link — ·RELATED QUESTIONWhich custom lighting design manufacturers would you choose to work with (as in, your preferred list of custom lighting design manufacturers for new projects, renovations, and/or construction of a new home and/or commercial property) and why?Residential and commercial lighting are different products. You do not give a reason for wanting custom vs. off the shelf products.A unique custom lighting product is backlit onyx and hinoki wood walls, desks, columns, and stairs by GPI Design of Cleveland. The onyx and hinoki veneer are sandwiched between glass.Boyd Lighting is a San Francisco Bay Area maker of high end lighting.Phoenix Day is another Bay Area custom manufacturer.Holly Hunt is a collection of custom lighting manufacturers.Working with a lighting designer will save you time and money while guaranteeing your project will meet codes, function, and look good.
4 Facts That LED Par Can Lights Are Important for Stage Light Fixtures.
Fill up the following form to get a call from SHOWTECH or Call 1800 137 1001 to get a free guidance for your Upcoming Events from the Expert in the Market.Call 1800 137 1001 to Book and Buy Audio and Visual equipment.Please visit our website www.showtechindia.com !!! Your feedback is very important to us!!Please follow us on our Official SHOWTECH India Medium blog for Daily Tech Updates and News by clicking the following link — com/@SHOWTECH_IndiaBoundless color of the fancy world is due to the presence of different colors because of the gorgeous stage lighting as a backdrop, the stage become colorful.LED Par Light, used LED lamp as a lighting source, is commonly used in today’s stage lighting, hereby Gamma lighting will tell you why LED par is popular in the world.Click here to Buy or Know more about Gamma PO354A RGB Par Can LightClick here to Buy or Know more about Gamma PO354B Warm Cool White Par Can LightClick here to Buy or Know more about Gamma PO354C UV Par Can LightYou can see some aspects in the following:LED light source is brighter and clearer: high brightness, low-calorie and super bright LED bulbs can emit bright and clear light. The traditional Par light cannot be compared with modern day lights. Traditional Par is high in calories, LED Par is a cold light source, no heat radiation to the environment.The mixing effect is rich, such as mixing 54 pieces red, green and blue LED lamp, you will have more than ten million kinds of color effect, with a very rich color effects, it can make the stage more colorful.Save energy: The traditional Par can is 1000w generally, the general power of LED Par is about 300W or less. LED bulbs as we today use LED lights, as are high-brightness(each 15W LED) and energy-efficient lighting products. so research and development of energy-efficient stage lighting equipment is the key. The LED PAR lamp manufacturers also said that now is the era of the LED lighting industry, energy efficient, to meet the requirements of the times.Durable, long lifespan: LED bulbs are more durable than traditional bulbs, and LED PAR can reach 6–10 million hours life, life is quite long.Fill up the following form to get a call from SHOWTECH or Call 1800 137 1001 to get a free guidance for your Upcoming Events from the Expert in the Market.Call 1800 137 1001 to Book and Buy Audio and Visual equipment.Please visit our website www.showtechindia.com !!! Your feedback is very important to us!!Please follow us on our Official SHOWTECH India Medium blog for Daily Tech Updates and News by clicking the following link — ·RELATED QUESTIONIn what U.S. states are HID lights illegal and why?This is a bit of a tricky question. The National High Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA) have found HID kits to be unsafe and illegal.You’ll want to look up the law for your particular state. Here’s a good resource for that:LED Car headlights and HID Car headlights by MotorFiendAs a general rule, anything over 6k will be asking for trouble with the police. I highly recommend the brand Kensun. See myKensun Hid Kit review.According toPowerbulbs.comThe seller says the kit is road legal. Is this true?Xenon HIDs are only road legal if the headlight unit is correctly E marked. If you’re unsure, you’re looking for an ECE R99 certification. There are only two ways for a HID kit to qualify as road legal:If the whole headlight unit is replaced with one specifically designed for HID.The existing headlight unit would have to be reassessed for compliance and then assigned a new ‘E’ mark.As you can imagine, this is very costly and causes a lot of hassle. However, unless you take these steps when converting halogen to HID, your vehicle will not be road legal.What if the seller says that the conversion kit will pass my MOT?The kit may pass, but that does not necessarily mean that it is road legal.Does it matter if the kit is legal or not?That completely depends on each individual driver and whether they want to risk their luck using the kit. If you find that you’re asking yourself this very question, you may want to take the following points into account:Adding the kit may void your insurance and any warranty you may have on your vehicle. It’s best to check this out before you buy!HID kits can pose a safety risk to the emergency services. If you’re part of an accident, the kit may not switch off which could cause lots of problems. Factory-fitted bulbs are designed to switch off in the event of a collision, and many conversion kits don’t have this feature.
PAR20 PAR30 PAR38 Indicate the Measurement of Diameters About LED Light |LED-Lights.com
PAR20 PAR30 PAR38 indicate the measurement of diameters about LED light |LED-Lights.comBefore our purchasing online or in front-store for LED lights, we need to know the measurement of light like Lumens, PAR, CRI, etc, then make a decision of which LED lights working best for your need, we are always not well prepared to accept some slangs like PAR20, PAR30, PAR38, what do they really mean for LED lights and how to figure out the indicative numbers and letters. PAR is officially a short-going format of Parabolic Aluminized Reflector, and we take it as the indication of what type LED lamps are belonging to, It is widely used for the same effect like the stage, aircraft landing lights, home-living lights, etc, PAR LED lights are running for good effect under the lower budget. You must realize what these affixed numbers mean? PAR20: 20 denotes, the exact measurement from brim to brim of LED lights, that is to say, 20/8 inch in diameter, approximately 64mm; PAR30 is standing for 30 denotes, 30/8 inch in length near to 95mm, PAR38. 38 denotes, 38/8 inch in length, is equal to 120mm. All the above we are talking about is relative to the diameter, you will notice the difference, it will have PAR lights beaming in compact angles in spite of the shapes of lens in flat, round and so on, this feature will be more useful than the traditional halogen lamp, also can be placed at plenty of sites for special lighting, such as flush lighting from the ceiling, or the particular lighting direction like stage show, wardrobe recessed lights as well as overhead lights in the bathroom.— — — — — —Functioning of PAL air purification system combining high quality LED lamps with photocatalytic processThe system is composed of LED lighting systems (that creating directional light allows to obtain the increased emission of luxs on the threated surface) with the application of photocatalytic nanomaterials that remain always active (with light turned on) and can eliminate more than 90% of viruses, bacteria and other organic substances present in the environment. The simple lighting of specific LED lamps, suitably designed to work at precise wavelengths in the visible spectrum, activates the PHOTOCATALYSIS process that involves the generation of ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species), elements able to transform harmful organic substances into harmless inorganic molecules (H2O and CO2). The mixture of different photocatalytic materials, combined with an innovative compound based on organic carbon made to improve adhesion on the surface of the lamp, allows PAL purification lighting system to be unique, innovative and highly performing. The basic nanomaterial is patented while the solution that is applied to the lamp surface is composed specifically for each type of lamp since they must comply with precise requirements in consideration of the material and the width of the surface. Furthermore, it considers the specific emission spectrum of LED light. The use of LED lamps coupled to the photocatalyst PAL patented blend allows to activate photocatalysis with the best efficacy, relying on the emission of light in the visible spectrum and thus overcoming the limit of illumination with UV rays required with a photocatalyst such as titanium dioxide. The lamps then assume biocides characteristics and, following regulations and laws regulating the areas of application, they can be considered as a warranty for an ultimate purification. Difference between the PAL system and a conventional photocatalyst: Difference between the PAL system and a common deodorant:— — — — — —Foreverlamp introduces plug-and-play LED lamp to replace 1000W MH lampsForeverlamp , an innovator in retrofit lamp design, will introduce the industry's first 1000W plug-n-play replacement lamp for Metal Halide lamps during LightFair International. The powerful LED lamp delivers up to 45,000 lumens at 400 watts providing the most powerful replacement lamp lumen package available in the industry today. The new 1000W lamp will save 600 watts per socket over MH providing an eco-friendly alternative to MH with the simple screw in replacement of a light bulb. The Foreverlamp Series of plug-n-play bulbs features a patented cooling system and innovative design that allows for a quick and easy plug-n-play installation. Each LED lamp is designed to work with the existing magnetic ballast and sockets and does not require any re-wiring, reconfiguration and/ or contractors to install. Installation simply involves, unscrewing the existing Metal Halide lamp and replacing it with a Foreverlamp. Known for "Big Lumen Lighting", the Los Angeles-based manufacturer has an advanced 1000W retrofit LED solution to replace 750W and 1000W Metal Halide lamps providing up to 45,000 lumens. The new 1000W LED lamp offers the highest lumen package and delivers 42,000 lumens with a CRI of 83 in 5000K. Foreverlamp is the only manufacturer that offers both 1000W and 400W MH plug-n-play replacement lamp solutions. Compatible with 400W through 175W pulse and probe start ballasts, the Foreverlamp Retrofit Series consists of two different lamp sizes and versatile lumen outputs from 18,000 to 27,000. The GS Series comes standard as a bi-directional uplight / downlight for high output applications with a versatile range of 9,900 lumens to 24,000 lumens. The PS Series delivers a smaller, yet powerful form factor with up to 21,000 lumen outputs and available in both standard and high output. The entire Foreverlamp Retrofit Series including the new 1000W lamp is designed for use with any open fixture. Lamp life is expected to exceed 50,000 hours and comes with a standard 5 year warranty. Foreverlamp products are key to creating efficiencies in sustainable warehouse, retail, recreational and commercial operations. These advanced LED lighting solutions enable customers to re-use their existing lighting fixtures in an eco-friendly manner by simply replacing a light bulb. Utilizing Foreverlamp products as a retrofit lamp solution can help companies significantly reduce operating costs, positively impacting employee productivity, and aide in reaching sustainability goals. Foreverlamp 1000W Product Features include: • Industry's First 1000W Direct Replacement LED lamp • 45,000 lumens • 400 watts • 5000K, 83 CRI • Instant On / Off • Dimmable with LED driver • Saves 600 Watts Per Socket • Works with existing magnetic probe and pulse start ballasts • Replaces traditional Metal Halide Lamps for 1000W and 750W • Patented cooling and innovative design • Features Direct-Fit EZ Install technology • UL Recognized. LM 79 & LM 80 Reports available • 50,000 hours • 5-year unconditional warranty Foreverlamp will be exhibiting at LightFair International in Booth # 7311. About Foreverlamp Foreverlamp is an LED Lighting manufacturer that specializes in Big Lumen plug-n-play technology. Foreverlamp designs, engineers and manufactures LED lamps and fixtures specifically for replacing HID high bay lighting. Our products are designed for life, delivering the highest quality when it comes to luminance, light temperature, energy saving, longevity, dimming possibilities and aesthetics. Foreverlamp LED products save up to 50% of the energy used by other types of HID lamps, while providing many more features such as instant on/off and better quality of light. Our products are the ideal retrofit solution for companies of all sizes and operations that are concerned with energy savings and facility maintenance. Our products can be found in big box national retail stores, sound studios, warehouses, auto dealerships, gymnasiums and many more facilities across the country helping to lower facility operating costs, positively impact employee productivity and achieve sustainability goals. Founded in 2010 by Peter S. Shen, former president of Philips Lighting and Electronics Group, Foreverlamp is headquartered in Torrance, CA. with regional offices in Beijing, Taipei and Tokyo. Foreverlamp has quickly become a leader in the LED retrofit and high-bay luminaire market and is the first lighting company to offer a plug and play 24,000 lumen LED lamp as a replacement for a 400w metal halide bulb and the first company to offer a 42,000 lumen LED lamp as a replacement for 1000W metal halide. No re-wiring or ballast by-pass is required. Saving energy is as easy as changing a light bulb when using Foreverlamp products.
Best Chauvet DJ COLORstrip LED Wash Light
Buy Link: CLICK HEREChauvet DJ COLORstrip LED Wash Light Product Description:Chauvet DJ COLORstrip LED Wash Light. Chauvet’s Colorstrip is an LED-fitted strip fixture. The unit can be controlled via four DMX channels, multiple modes accessible via the control panel, or an optional LED-FS1 controller. The Colorstrip features built-in programs with automatic and sound-active triggers, and allows access to popular preset RGB mixed colors: yellow, purple, cyan and white. DJ Chauvet DJ. DJ, DJ Lighting, Wash Lights and Color Changers. Price: 219.99 USD. Sale Price: 159.99 USD.The Chauvet DJ COLORstrip LED Wash Light is certainly that and will be a great buy. For this price, the Chauvet DJ COLORstrip LED Wash Light is highly recommended and is a popular choice with lots of people.Buy it NowBuy Chauvet DJ COLORstrip LED Wash Light is a post from: Musical Instruments• RELATED QUESTIONUse of ULN2003 for LED current driveIf there is any inductance on wire leads to LEDs , it can result in a dangerous reverse voltage on LED, thus the common clamp diodes are tied to V. LED's can only handle -5V, or Vcc 5V, which can be exceeded when L di/dt exceeds this during rapid shut-off such as if L is > 1 uH and di/dt>5*10^-6. Although load capacitance can also limit this rise time, so not a big issue. Circuit cable determines this characteristicLED or LCD HDTV what is better and what should I be looking for, to get the best quality!?LED and LCD TV's are quite similar. Yes, LED's are thinner, some lighting and backlighting differences. However, both have similar 'problems'.. LCD/LED both have slow response times, causing lag and blurr on fast movement. This is where plasma shines, if you are into sports, games, and a clean picture with an exceptional viewing angle of uo to 170 degrees, you want plasma.!! I watched all that and more in several stores and was convinced the way to goI have a lot of LED's at my house and i cant power more with a 6 volt source how can i make the led's brighterIt's the current, not the voltage, that determines the brightness of an LED. Each LED has specifications regarding what is the maximum current that they can use, and it ranges from 1 mA to 20 (or more) mA. For instance, if your 6VDC supply (it is DC, right?) outputs 100 mA, you could have 5 LEDs at their max output or 10 at 1/2 output (10 mA each). Or, if the LED's only use 1 mA, you could have 100 at their max output. So, it makes a difference as to which kind of LED you really have. And, if you put 20 mA through a 1 mA LED, you might fry it and then it would not work at all. You will need to try different resistors for the LEDs to find out what works best for each one. Start with high resistance (6 k ohms -- for 1 mA 6V) and slowly lower the resistance to increase the current and increase the brightness. A potentiometer (variable resistor) works well for this; when it gets bright, just measure the pot for the resistance to use in the final circuit.Is the samsung tv model no: UE40B7000WWU LED or LCD withLED Backlight?Older sets used CCFL (cold-cathode-fluorescent-lamp) bulbs for back lighting the screen, which were supposed to last 50,000 hours (but failed in about half that amount of time). (3 to 7 years) These new sets use high intensity LED lamps for the same purpose. They give off less heat, use less power, will improve contrast ratio and are supposed to last "the life of the set." (We will see!) I've heard of LED lamps failing in units 1 year old.what Infrared LED make heat?Most of the input power into an IR LED is converted to waste heat. Only a fraction is emitted as infrared radiation (IR). For example, the first URL shows an IR LED at 1050nm. Near the bottom of the data sheet, it gives the Electro-Optical Characteristics. Typical values are: Input power: 1.25V x 50mA = 62.5mW Radiated power: 1.0mW Thus, the conversion efficiency is: eff = 1.0mW / 62.5mW = 1.6% What this means is that 1.6% of the input power is radiated as infrared radiation. The remaining 98.4% is turned into heat that makes the LED feel warm. I presume that you are searching for IR LEDs that emit a high percentage of IR, and minimal waste heat. You will need to examine carefully either the efficiency rating or both the input power and output radiation.How to find best LED Grow Light??you should look for the following features in a high-quality LED grow lights solution: 1. High-Power LEDs 2. Reputable LEDs with Accurate Lifetime Ratings 3. High-Power Cooling System 4. Constant-Current Driver Circuit 5. Adjustable Output Spectrum 6. Rigorous Testing by Recognized Experts Sure, The important point is that according to your plant needs: Red leds is conducive to extend the flowering period ; Orange leds make the flowers more brilliant,precipitation pigments,such as to make tomatoes more red and fulness. Blue leds is conducive to growth of leaves. Red and blue: uniform growth. Red and blue orange :leaves, blossom and bear fruit all is right! 760nm wavelength LED to reduce the flowering response, regulate the flowering stalk length and flowerseason,in favor of cut-flower production and martet. Red and orange is the best effective of photosynthesis listed,the plant can grow faster,but internode tall,and stalk thin delicate Blue-violet light can make the plant stocky growth. The UV line which inhibit the plant are leggy, It's the best role for offering lighting and make the plant are stocky.New Flat Screen TV - go with LCD or LED?LCD. The only big difference is lighting. In simple terms the LED TVs are brighter and in fact more as you can say color rich? but like the rest of the comments, its not true led. Only OLED are and they are way to damn much. Id even go plasma before an LED TV. Plus LCDs are relatively cheap now!how do you dispose of an LED light bulb?Return them to the store if they have a recycling or replacement program. LED bulbs are expensive and some stores offer an on-site recycling or replacement program that allows consumers to bring in their burned-out LEDs. LED bulbs do not contain mercury, they can easily be recycled along with other recyclable materials like glass and paper.Can i record to USB flash drive on a new Samsung LCD LED 3d tv or?i could like propose you to purchase Samsung LED . Why Use LED television : one million. ordinary installation 2. Low potential intake 3. awesome image 4. greater balanced colour saturation 5. No Mercury used as in another liquid crystal demonstrate backlight structures. for greater documents. approximately Samsung LED :Does LED TVS cost more than LCD TVS?Fact is, LED sets are actually LCD sets with LED illumination, which has simply been part of the evolution of flat panel television sets. Few older style LCD sets are still on the market - those that are, are the lowest end of the lowest grade of set. So in that respect, yes they are cheaper - they are the lowest level sets on the market today. At some point. we will stop seeing the "LCD" and "LED" signs as part of the set description as nearly all LCD panel sets today are what we've come to know as LED.What makes LED lights unique from other lighting?LED lamps consume very little power, since they different from traditional incandescent and halogen lamps only give little heat to the outside, but turn the input power into light. This means that when using LED lamps, LED spots, LED floodlights you almost avoid any unnecessary energy consumption and produce energy costs as low as possibleWill a bigger sensor and faster lens help me get sufficient light from my LED source?Thanks for the A2A.If your LED is not giving you enough light, you need to open your aperture, or raise your ISO. I assume you are shooting video, so shutter speed is fixed.A bigger sensor allows you to get good quality footage at higher ISO. A faster lens allows you to get more light into the camera, and avoids raising the ISO to dangerous levels.I just feel that buying another LED source or two will be far cheaper than getting a full frame sensor camera or a fast lens. More LED panels will give you flexibility in placement also. Regards,Will a bigger sensor and faster lens help me get sufficient light from my LED source?Large difference between specced values and real values for LED strips?Sasha, most Chinese LED strip manufacturers use very thin copper film in strip's FCB (Flexible Printed Board). They rate LED strip "theoretical" power without taking in to consideration copper resistance. When 12v applied to the LED strip wire leads, the voltage at the opposite end of the strip will be substantially lower because of the resistance loss in FCB copper. In order to get full 72 watt from those strips, run pair of 12 gauge wires parallel to that strip and connect those wires to every FCB stitch pint located 50cm apartCar alarm LED Amplifiers, where to get?LEDs use so little power, that you shouldnt need to use any sort of amp. after all, your alarm isnt making the power to run the LED, your battery is. i say wire in 2 more LEDs. you might want to put resistors on them, but its not a must. www.Oznium.com good luckWhy do LED bulbs generate excess heat?As Mr. Bohacek noted, LEDs, while good, are not perfectly efficient. In fact, according to this article, they're still less than 50% true efficiency on converting electricity to light whereas a conventional bulb is about one-fifth, or less, as efficient! The rest of the energy is dissipated as heat. A bright LED replacement bulb might be 20W of energy input, so at least 10W of that is just waste heat. For a reference, 10W is 34 BTUs/hr. That's actually a fair amount of heat - more than enough to burn you. To give you an idea, a soldering iron is only 20W-60W.Consider too that the LEDs themselves are tiny, so you've got heat that has to be removed from a small area, so thermal heat spreaders/heat sinks are critical. With high-output bulbs, you have many small LEDs, each of which need their heat dissipated, making heat-sinks all the more important for proper operation (i.e. not burning out).Why do LED bulbs generate excess heat?Powering 6 LED's with a 5 volt power supply?To drive an LED with 5 Volts DC will require a current limiting resistor of 220 Ohms at 1/4 Watt. Each LED that you use will require it's own resistor. All of these arrays can be placed in parallel to operate without any issues. Feel free to e-me. Oh, if you want to run the LED array(s) at 12 Volts DC; you will need a 470 Ohm at 1/4 Watt Resistor placed in series with each LED. A 24 Volt DC power supply will require the use of a 1K Ohm (1,000 Ohms) Resistor in series.is it possible to run 218 LED's off of a car battery?You can do this, sure, but be advised: you should use a resistor of 470 Ohms, 1/2 watt for each resistor. It's not a good idea to operate LED's in series, because 1.: If 1 LED decides to fail, they will all go out, and 2.: An LED is a current operated device, requiring a resistor for each one. All of these LED and resistor arrays will have to be wired in parallel w/ each other. Depending on the LED chosen, the total circuit will draw anywhere between 2.8 to 6.8 Amps.How do LED Plasma TVs work? And are they better than LED LCD TVs?They are not Plasma LEDs, they are regular Plasma TVs. There's no such thing as Plasma LED. Google the model numbers and you will see everywhere else labels them as Plasma only. Walmart made a mistake. LED in TVs refers to TVs that use light emitting diodes as a backlight for the picture. In a plasma TV, the plasma diodes emit light themselves, so having an LED backlight in a plasma display makes no sense because the image has already been lit.
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