Traktor Audio 6 Recognizes Only One Deck When Pluging into My Mac Pro, What Should I Do?

I can not post this as a comment yet, so it will have to be an answer. Usually this happens when the audio signal is screwed up somehow coming from the table. Set Traktor to scope view and see what the signal looks like. Check the settings in the audio 6 control panel- is direct monitoring on? Are the line input sensitivities set properly? Did you try rebooting the Macbook and/or plugging the audio 6 in on a different USB? Are you using an external power supply, or are you powering over the USB? Are you using timecode vinyl? Are your needles clean/connected properly? Are your grounds connected? Do you have the deck set to CD/LINE rather than to TURNTABLE/PHONO? There are many things it could be; a better description of what it is doing might help. :) Hope this helps.

1. Mac Pro: Kernel panic during HDD boot and DVD boot

It is probably your video card. The 2007 MBP's were prone to this.Here is how you can tell. Download the Ultimate Boot CD. Burn it to a DVD or a USB StickYou will launch Linux with a ton of useful diagnostic tools. Run everything, but especially the video display diagnostic tool.Mine was throwing errors and I was able to definitively find the cause of the problem. I was able to find a guy in Tampa that would upgrade the video card on the Logic Board for about $100. I did the service and it worked great. MBP still running to this day. Let me know if you are interested and I will post his info

2. Mac Pro Memory Installation Problem: Missing RAM in certain slots

You need to follow the memory layout suggested on the side door, and the instructions in the manual that shipped with your Mac Pro. The memory layouts have changed significantly from the older 2007 model Mac Pros.edit: link to the memory replacement manual for early 2008 Mac Pros.

3. Formatted my mac pro HDD, how do i install mac os x on it?

Did you not use or receive instructions or documentation on how to do this? Before you wiped the hard disk clean?

4. What should I get, a Mac Pro 13" or a Sony Vaio CW?

Macbook Pro* Mac Pro is the tower computer. And it depends on what you need it for. If you do not need something extremely fast the Macbook Pro should be plenty.

5. Cannot access vital boot options on Mac Pro with OS X Lion

It's extremely strange that you were not getting EFI boot options to work from a wired keyboard.I note that the EFI startup commands you listed that worked used either the Shift key modifier or the Option AND Cmd modifier. The commands that did not work used either Option OR Cmd. Makes you wonder. ..You do know that the keys that generate "Option" and "Cmd" keycodes are typically reversed from a PC to a Mac keyboard, correct? (It's easy to forget if you normally have them remapped in System Preferences->Keyboard.) Is it possible you were using the wrong modifier keys at startup time?Also very strange that the nvram dump shows your desktop machine had been assigned a name that implied it was previously a laptop. If the previous owner used some sort of imaging tool to initialize your machine but took the image from a different model of Mac I can imagine all sorts of strange things could be going wrong.

6. What's your favorite MAC pro product?

None of them. I bet better results and a much better price with mary Kay

7. Why does my mac pro suddenly suck?

Suddenly? haha They always suck dude. =] Try deleting unnecessary stuff and defragging your hard drive. Also check the programs running in the background. Like media players, anti-virus software, Limewire, ect; These things can slow down you are computer. Make sure you have all the most current updates also. That and more RAM will make your computer faster...

8. My Mac Pro won't take a CD I try to insert. It's really important.?

Does it take other CDs? Then that CD is bad. If it does not take any CD the drive is probably bad

9. will a mac pro run diablo 3?

Yh, My Brother has a Mac Book air and Plays Diablo 3. Really good game too

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Mac Pro Going to Sleep on Nohup
Mac Pro Going to Sleep on Nohup
Use the OS X built-in caffeinate command to prevent your Mac going to sleep. caffeinate is the recommended way of lodging a temporary restriction against your Mac entering a low power state1. Mac Pro 2007 crashes repeatedlyThat could be a lot of things. It could be the system, it could be the hard drive, it could be a drive could be lots of things. It sounds like it's a drive problem.The following links are "how-to" links from the guys that make Scannerz. One is how to use activity monitor to try and isolate processes that are using too much CPU/Memory etc and the other is about bad hard drives. The Activity Monitor post says it's about Mountain Lion, and clearly some of the topics are Mountain Lion specific, but in general it shows how to use Activity Monitor and some tricks I never new about. Scannerz found bad cells in the SSD. The owner is replacing the SSD under warranty. He also found his cable was bad. Talk about bad luck!If I had a link to it, I would post it but I do not . You could go to MacRumors and search their forums for "Scannerz" and I would think you would find it. Like some of the other posters in that thread, I though SSDs were supposed to automatically correct bad blocks, but apparently that applies only to sectors that have depleted their write ability.Hope this helps2. Mac Pro CPU temperature discrepancyI upgraded my 4,1 Mac Pro to a pair of X5690s and am seeing exactly the same Tdiode temperatures as you - CPU A around 61C and CPU B around 46C at idle.It seems to be normal owing to the inline airflow and discrepancies in heatsink size. As others have said, as long as the Tcase max temp is not exceeded on either CPU, I think we are fine and can rest safe in the knowledge that it's not due to bad/inconsistent thermal paste application.3. What are MAC Pro colors?You dont have to work at MAC to buy MAC Pro products, its just a MAC store that sells items even more geared towards professional makeup artists, but anyone can buy from there as long as you have a MAC Pro store near you, or you buy a product by calling the Pro number, you cant buy them online. As for colors, theres so many products and shades, i couldnt even try to list them lmao4. Is there a cheaper way to fix my Mac Pro?You can not buy parts for Macs. If oyu are extremely lucky, you might find the exact machine you need with different parts that are broken... but that is unlikely. Im sorry5. I have an apple monitor with ADC input and my Mac Pro has DVI Output, is there an adapter I could use?the terrific reveal you may get is the constrained by skill of this form of reveal screen you employ. consequently, you are making use of a VGA reveal screen, so which you will purely get VGA high quality. of direction, you cant get DVI high quality video on an older VGA reveal screen, regardless of the undeniable fact that this is going to artwork merely positive besides.6. I'm only 13 - how do I make enough money to buy a Mac Pro?mac pro is a rip off7. is microsoft office ready installed in mac pro?Microsoft Office is installed on all computers by the one selling you the computer if he wants to. If he does not want to install it, you do not get it. This is the same for all brands of computers. Dell, Hitachi, Toshiba, Acer, Apple, Asus, Alienware -- they all have no Office unless the seller decides to add it. An honest seller will include a legal Office DVD with the computer if he installed Office. To install office without including the DVD is illegal. Since he had to pay for the DVD, he can not very well just give it away. Do not use OpenOffice. The only folks who suggest OpenOffice /LibreOffice are the ones who have never tried NeoOffice. For OS X, you are better off choosing NeoOffice. OpenOffice is not a true OS X application, but is a port of Sun Microsystem's source code they bought from a German company company before they merged with Oracle. NeoOffice is developed specifically for OS X and is smaller, more stable, faster, has native OS X text highlighting, is just as capable, and more efficient that OO. NeoOffice also has glyph kerning like Apple's own applications, so text spacing can be adjusted much better than with OO where glyphs must be aligned with each pixel. You will instantly see how OpenOffice acts like a Windows app if you close all documents, and see that the menu bar disappears. That is clearly a Windows-bug ported over. No real OS X app goes nutters like this when you close all document windows. You can also use Apple iWork, US$79. It can create, open, edit, and save the Office 2007 and earlier formats of documents (.DOC, .XLS, .PPT), but can only open (not edit) the new OpenOffice XML form of documents (.DOCX, .XLSX, .PPTX). All the "can" and "can not " for iWork apply to TextEdit (included with OS X) for using Word documents, except the formatting is limited (pictures always align to the left, for example). In general, that means TextEdit is useful to read any .DOC file, but not great for seeing every nuance of alignments in complex documents.
Should I Buy the New Mac Pro?
Should I Buy the New Mac Pro?
Personally, I would hold off on buying the Retina Macbook Pro. Those Retina screens are still pretty new and there are not that many OS X applications that support the higher resolution. I would wait for Retina to mature before buying one. Apple refreshes their laptops every year or so1. What Is The Best Graphics Card I Can Get For A Mac Pro?dont think you can be playing around with a mac, firstly make sure you are not using a mac os for gamming, secondly, the best thing you can put a 6990m is the fastest for any notebook2. Why does Microsoft Word 2008 take 15 - 25 seconds to start up on my Mac Pro (8 Cores / 16 GB ram)?I have under no circumstances considered a lot element contained in the Bible than contained in the realm of judgment. yet that is that this very concern the position the variety of large volume of human beings, Christians lined, get it so incorrect. listed below are purely some uncomplicated concepts. A Christian is under no circumstances to ex-communicate or condemn - Matthew 7:a million A Christian is not to judge a non-Christian - a million Corinthians 5:13 A Christian IS assume to judge someone claiming to be a believer - a million Corinthians 5:12 A non-believer's judgment consists of no weight with God - a million Corinthians 2:15 The Christian is judged on a daily basis in the present day, the non-believer later - a million Peter 4:17 because the believer's previous nature is lifeless and is born lower back in Christ, the suitable judgment will no longer practice. - John 5:243. When Is the new Apple Mac Pro coming out?Apple's launch history - frequently focusing on the time between Mac execs transport and Intel's Xeon processor launches - coupled with the predicted early 2011 fourth quarter launch of Intel's new Xeon processors factors in the direction of some thing coming in October or November this twelve months. even if it must be as early as September or as late as next twelve months4. How do you get MAC pro if your not a professional :) ?If you do not want to pay for the membership, you can buy MAC Pro glitter on Ebay. I just checked and there are several different colors for sale right now. You might not get as wide of a selection this way, but you will save yourself some money.5. What should i get? EVGA SR-2 or Mac Pro?I say go fo the SR-2 For the cost of the highest end MAC you can get a very powerful Windows based PC. F.Y.I A MAC is a PC (personal computer), the only difference is the MACs run OS X and "PCs" run Windows but all internals are the same6. Apple Mac Pro experts. How good would this Mac Pro do as a gaming machine?As long as the game you want have Mac versions, that would be an awesome game machine. Do not listen to the Mac detractors, I am on one right now and I am also running Windows on it through Apple's FREE boot camp software. I can boot the system into either Mac OSX or Windows XP and you just choose which you want at boot time. Also, there are numerous software packages that let you run Mac OS and Windows simultaneously. I like VMWare Fusion but there are several. Parallels is also good. Also, if you run it through Boot Camp it runs as an actual PC and you can run the Windows version of the game, no need for a Mac version.7. Can a PC monitor work on a mac pro desktop?you may wish a visual exhibit unit swap. What could be extra effective is a KVM swap (Keyboard, Video, Mouse), so for you to use the comparable keyboard and mouse, too. purely remember to get a USB one, regardless of the indisputable fact that. Macs do no longer use playstation /28. How much can i get for my 2.26 Octo Mac Pro?$2,700 - $3,000. Upping the memory or storage to increase the value is a gamble that I would not bother with. Someone recently created software that will let you download the newer 2010 Mac Pro firmware on to a 2009 model allowing you to use 6-core processors, so the model you have just became more interesting so you should be able to get closer to $3,000 for it.
Which Is Better? Mac Pro 2013 Or Gaming Pc with Invidia Gtx 770(single)?
Which Is Better? Mac Pro 2013 Or Gaming Pc with Invidia Gtx 770(single)?
PC by far not only because the specs are good but because you can upgrade later if need be with mac's they just want your money and you can not upgrade it very much where as pc you can upgrade almost to hearts extent1. Is a Mac Pro 2006 model still compatible to todays standards?I would not buy it. It's worse than a Mini and needs money putting in to storage and memory. It also uses a lot of power (175W idle/250W max) compared to a Mini (11W idle, 85W max). It can run Mavericks with hacks (cause it has 32-bit EFI (like a PC BIOS), and Mountain Lion and Mavericks need 64-bit without some tinkering. You can user newer graphic cards with it if use want to leverage that, but I would not put money in to a 7 year old computer. I owned 2, the 2.66GHz and 3.0GHz model and they served me well, but I think you are just going to frustrate yourself overall.2. Installing windows on a Mac Pro?u can use botcamp, which is free for now, or u can buy parallels. parallels lets u run windows in a window in OS X. wait until this fall to buy a mac. that is when the new OS leopard is scheduled to come out.3. MySQL and server settings when upgrading Mac Pro from 10.6 to 10.7MySQL, as well as the databases, is still there and working after upgrading. This said, all the settings, php, mysql, apache, virtual hosts, where resetted to the default. Very annoying I have to rebuild all my development environment.4. should i keep my current computer or buy a mac pro and sell the current pc?It depends what you plan to use the PC/Mac for. If using in a professional capacity then the Max may be a genuine option. It looks a top notch PC though and i suspect you wouldnt see a massive difference at the end of the day! Just upgrade what you've got.. faster CPU, more storage if needed5. How much video RAM to run 'Final Cut Pro' on a Mac Pro (2013)The minimum amount of VRAM Apple recommends for running Final Cut Pro X is 256 MB. As a Final Cut Pro user myself (albeit a very light user), I find that 1 GB is sufficient, though I rarely put the program "through its paces," and the work you will be doing will likely be on a larger scale. 1 GB also happens to be Apple's minimum recommendation for editing 4K video and 3D titles. Ultimately, it depends on how intensive the work you are going to be doing is. Are you going to be doing intensive work with 4K content? Or are you going to do smaller home video-style projects? It may be useful to use Apple's recommendations as bases for comparison as you make your decision (see below).To view the entire list of minimum system requirements, see Apple's Final Cut Pro X Tech Specs page. This Apple Support Communities discussion also has some interesting details about VRAM and how it applies to Final Cut Pro X6. What should I get, a Mac Pro 13" or a Sony Vaio CW?You will find that Macs are more reliable. Is not your time valuable to you? There is nothing more frustrating than waiting for updates to download or having some other program on a windows machine tell you to wait because it has to do this thing first. Sometimes that can take hours. And forget about letting others on to your PC. You will be trying to figure out what they did to make your PC so slowwwww! Do not forget when you buy a PC you have to buy an antivirus program, a spyware program and a registry cleaner or maybe even a program that tweaks your system. With a Mac there are so many applications that are free including free office suites, free photo editing programs and more. You may never have to buy a program. Before I forget, the Mac is more stable than a Windows machine. When a program crashes on a Mac, only the program crashes not the whole computer. No reboot required.
Mac Pro Or Custom PC?
you could build your guy or woman computing device very surely and intensely affordably, below $800 or much less. some good websites for aspects are New egg, Tiger direct, and comp-u . s . a .. the different help only e mail me. i could be happy to help you build one1. Should I get the Mac pro or the Mac air?If not pc then the mac book pro. The air only has 1 usb port and no disk drive2. Which Mac Pro would suite me best?2.26GHz Eight-Core Intel Xeon $3,800. ATI Radeon Hd 4870 Although if you are spending that much on the MacPro, for not much more, you can get the Radeon 5770. Better yet, the GeForce 285 or Radeon 5870 can both do the job of two GT 120s or Radeon 4870s.3. How do i schedule my Mac Pro to start up automatically?I've never tried it myself, but this should work: Open System Preferences. Click on Energy Saver (it may have a light bulb for an icon, under the Hardware section). By the bottom of the window, there should be a button that says "Schedule...". Click it. Then check the box next to "Start up or wake" and set the time you want it to turn on. You can also have specific programs or files open automatically as soon as the computer's on. Under the "System" section of System Preferences, click Accounts. Select your account and add the items on the Login Items tab.4. computers yahoo acct and Laptop vs Mac pro?Mac is not the most ideal for cyber web progression. that is no longer even the "maximum ideal" for graphical progression (although that is particularly good at it). maximum pcs are residing house windows depending hence you should strengthen for the cyber web on a residing house windows-depending workstation. A residing house windows-depending workstation also provides the alternative to apply Linux or different cyber web technologies for cyber web progression. Dreamweaver is accessible for workstation and Mac, so as that could not an challenge. in my view, i might want to recommend a workstation. extra computing device for the money and a extra ideal progression platform. As for the computer vs pc question, it relies upon on your desires. a pc is transportable. A computer is extra effective, upgradable, more cost-efficient, and so on. that is a large commerce-off yet in case you pick portability, a pc is a thanks to flow5. How to change serial number on a Mac Pro 5,1 (2010)?I may have misunderstood your question, but it's not clear what you mean by: my account works fine on other machines with different serials, yet even on this Mac Pro with a completely fresh install, it absolutely will not work.I am not aware of any Apple ID account services that interrogate serial numbers. through a replacement logic board), and because of this serial numbers are only used by Apple as one way of identifying/tracking computers for Warranty purposes (e.g. relating to Apple Care, recall programs, etc).This being the case, it's not clear what is not working on your Mac Pro in terms of your account. If you could clarify, perhaps the community may be able to address what is not working in a different way? Please do not take this as me being dismissive - I am merely trying to find a way forward for me or someone else to help you. Missing serial numbersI have seen a number of cases where users thought that a missing serial number was the cause of problems (such as the Messages app being unable to connect) but the real issue was something else. Evenso, in these cases the scenario was a missing serial number not an invalid one. (I should add that I have personally seen Macs with missing serial numbers function normally in all respects.)Valid serial numbersIn the previously mentioned Tech note, Apple also states Developers should not make any assumptions about the format of the serial number such as its length or what characters it may contain.This being the case, I am not sure how you could generate a valid serial number for your Mac Pro. If, on the other hand, your serial number was missing altogether, there is a tool that allows you to re-enter a serial number, but this tool only works if no serial number is present - it does not allow you to edit an existing record, which you do have.Proving your hypothesisBy the way, if you are correct about what is going on in your case, the only way you will prove it to Apple is to take these steps:
Which Laptop Should I Go for ? Mac Pro 2.66 Or Sony Vaio F116 ?
SONY VAIO they great, when first get it, burn the recovery disks u will need 1 cd-r & dvd-r, they work super, & restore easy1. What is the fastest processor i can get for a Mac Pro?3.2Ghz is the fastest processor for the Mac Pro. Its also quad core. So that means that there are 4 processors running at that speed2. Instead Of A Mac Pro?Hi, It looks really good so far. A few things for consideration. Apple is expensive, so i would suggest going with the least RAM when you order it, then purchase more RAM from a third-party vendor such as it will really save you about $100. Other thoughts, it really depends on what you are going to use your mac for. Mac Pro's use intel quad xeons which are really fast, but again you would be spending about $1000 more than you probably have to. If you have any more questions email me!3. Are there any Hardware RAID Cards with Batteries that will work in a Mac Pro 3,1?As the 3,1 is essentially an unsupported machine [sadly] I would go for a second-hand Apple card from eBay etc, to save any possible compatibility issues with a 3rd party new card that may never have been designed with the 08 Mac Pro in mind.The official Mac Pro RAID cards themselves come in 2 flavours, pre & post 2009Unless it's a refurb, I would also change the battery, new ones are still available.UK prices, old RAID card for an Early 2008, approx 200, new battery 50See Mac Pro (Mid 2012 and earlier): Frequently Asked Questions about the Mac Pro RAID Card and Xserve RAID Card.4. What type of wireless router needed for mac pro?I think AirPort has both the modem and router built in so thats all you will need5. Will the new Mac Pro be orgasmic?you are pretty gay for thinking a computer is orgasmic... anyway. get a good Windows as they are probably about 10x better and 5x cheaper6. i want to know what is the different between mac pro and PC(hardware).?Mac Pro specs: Two 2.66GHz Dual Core Intel Xenon Woodcrest processors Apple proprietary motherboard 2GB DDR2 667MHz memory ATI 512MB Radeon X1900 XT 250GB SATA hard drive this was of the february 2007 issue of PCGamer so basically, its the same as a regular PC, except for the motherboard and maybe the processors (ive never heard of using intel xenon processors in a pc) otherwise, they seem to be the same altho, the mac pro wont accept the NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTX, which is DX10 compatible7. Mac Pro Vs. Alienware Area 51?Neither. They are both terrible. I do not even need to tell you why anything Mac is a no-go, the numbers speak for themselves. Alienware was bought by Dell. So now you pay twice as much for shoddy Dell quality and service. For what you need, you really need to get a hand built PC. You need a very robust machine that is dependable. You need to find a balance between not overkilling the specs, price and quality. You will not find that balance with either of these companies. Always remember the rule of thumb when buying a PC- "If the warranty is not included... then it's JUNK!" A 2-year warranty is not good. Most parts fail within 3-5 years of ownership. you can customize everything to a tee. I do not think you will need nearly the amount of power you are planning to buy, but hey... if you've got the money, go for it. Careful in college too. I went to college with an awesome rig and had to chain it to my desk because so many people tried to steal it!8. Nehalem based Mac Pro Memory configOverall you want the most memory using the least modules. The more modules in use the more strain on the northbridge, and the more points of failure you have. You want to have the least points of failure possible, and choosing less DIMMs with higher capacities gives you room to easily upgrade in the future, rather than scrapping all the current DIMMs and buying larger ones anyway. I would go for the 2GB modules, 6GB should be fine for your personal use unless you plan on hosting live high traffic sites
Which Laptop Is Better?dell Inspiron Or Mac Pro?
Get a macbook pro dude. Its expensive, but definitely worth it. and yes, the new ones have HD webcams. It definitely depends on what you want them for though. I do a lot of photo and video editing for school, and animation. The software I use for that just runs a lot better on mac computers. But you can definitely find some pretty sweet PC's out there. Just not from dell. Hope I helped :) If I did not you can email me at1. What is a PC, if any, that is more powerful than a Mac pro?i might recommend getting the 8 middle mac professional. you would be waiting to twin boot homestead windows and sport from there mutually as having the video utility available in osx. There are video enhancing courses for laptop that artwork.2. what is mac pro (the make up type not the computer) ?Memberships are for people in the beauty and entertainment industry. You can still buy MACPro products without a membership by calling their customer service number. The only difference is with a membership you get a discount.3. Can This Mac Pro Be Restored To Original StateThere are several disturbing things from your screenshot I want to explain to you. My answer is no direct answer to your problem, but in the end could help you, if you are willing to do some hardware modifications.I just want to summarize your hardware description first and put my 5c to it.What you can do to have fun again with that box:OR:I currently need to suppress the urge to book the next flight to you, fixing that good old manually sickened MacPro. :-)4. Is the new maxed out $52,000 Mac Pro basically a supercomputer?No.What it is, is a proper high-end technical workstation.A supercomputer these days means a warehouse full of gear. Entry cost is in the several tens of millions.5. Brand new Mac Pro tower fan suddenly runs full-tiltIs there enough space behind it for air flow?Is the case closed when it is powered on (it should be)?Have you viewed "All Processes" and not just "My Processes" in activity monitor to make sure a processor is not pegged?Have you run Software Update to make sure you have the latest OS?Have you run the Apple Hardware Test?6. Undo Show Desktop on Mac Pro OS 10.10You generally do the opposite of the gesture (although for "binary" do/undo swipes, repeating the gesture also works), so in your case, do a thumb and three finger pinch.System Preferences > Trackpad > More Gestures is where that and other gestures are configured, and if you hover over (or click) the gesture on the left, the little clip on the right demonstrates the gesture and undoing it7. Maximum memory config for Mac Pro 5,1 (mid 2010)?Okay, so ultimately there are some specific requirements that the Mac Pro has in terms of where you stick the 8GB DIMMs. I am curious as to whether or not that could have had bearing on the 16GB DIMM issue wherein the system would simply not start up, but I wanted to at least share the ultimate configuration that worked after a couple of iterations (since the RAM simply was not appearing initially a few attempts had to be made) from from the suggestions of /System/Library/CoreServices/Memory Slot Dell XPS 730 vs. Mac Pro - FULLY LOADED - FREE!! Which one should I get??Defiantly get the mac it will be a little different using the operating system but its great and easy to use. very user friendly and a lot of fun software that is preloaded photo booth is awesome. also getting the dell they have terrible customer service unless you enjoy talking to someone from god knows where. also if you buy the mac and something goes wrong you can take it to the apple store and they will fix it on the spot no questions asked. which can come in handy. hope this helps9. Using the Mac Pro integrated microphone in VirtualBox Windows XP Host?Latest information I found about this topic is from September this year and it seems not to be possible:10. Changing Graphics Card on a 2006 Mac ProOften you can flash a card intended for PC and "transform" it into the Mac version that sells for much more money. Here's one example of a site showing how.You know the advantage, which is cost. The disadvantage is you rely on the kindness of strangers for support, you trust programmers you know next to nothing about and if it goes wrong you could end up with a dead card and it will cost you more than if you bought a Mac version in the first place. Then there's the highly questionable legality of someone ripping the ROM off a card and letting you download it.Personally I would find a second-hand Mac version of the card you want, if you run headless you do not need any real performance and you should be able to find something old and relatively cheap. Just watch out for the people on eBay who flash cards and sell them as the Mac version when they are not.
2010 Mac Pro Suddenly Getting Stuck Booting
Not really an answer, but what I would try next to try to reduce the problem cause further... This can be tweaked if we get closer to a solution.1. Will the new Mac Pro be orgasmic?Only the apple picker knows for sure . That bushel of apples is still in the barn with all kinds of animals around it . Like horses donkeys and a few cows and chickens . That will make all kinds of noise if any one tries to get a bit of one of those apples before the farmer says they are ready for sale . And we all know an apple a day keeps the computer repair man away .2. Best Video card for intel Mac Pro DDR2 800MHz?Well the system memory and the video memory are 2 completely different things... They dont need to match (how do you think people use Gddr5 graphics cards lol) A 5870 is an older card, that i dont even think you can find anywhere but used now days. As long as your motherboard has a pci-e x16 slot you can use any pci-e x16 video cards. And there is no such thing as "mac parts". macs use just normal hardware as any other computer manufacturer. Anyway, a graphics card isnt going to help after effects or final cut, really at all. (getting an nvidia card with cuda support, may be able to help render times alittle bit, as im pretty sure both programs support cuda hardware acceleration). But i dont think you can even use nvidia cards on macs, as mac limit you to specific hardware. But your main focus should be on your cpu. Getting a better cpu is the way to get much much faster render times. But again since macs dont allow for hardware upgrades really at all (besides like ram and hdd), you are perry much stuck buying another mac. (macs are so great arnt they >.>) EDIT: like i said its not whether or not the computer can support the card, as the computer itself can support any card. BUT the mac OS will NOT allow you to use nvidia cards. if you load windows onto the mac, then you would be able to use it just fine. And really you just want to buy the best card you can afford. As the higher end the card is, the more terraflops of computing power it will have (things like 1GB and 256bit really dont matter). You want to go with the ones with higher gpu and shader clocks and more processing cores. You could search "mac compatible video cards" and im sure you can find what specific models of graphics cards the mac OS will support.3. Mac Pro Equivalent to what PC?A Dell Precision would be similar, or any other Xeon-based workstation. The Mac Pro is not unique as far as specs go. Apple does not sell Windows OEM. You can buy it separately and install it. Troubled, this is not even about the Macbook Pro, you ninny. And if you think a Radeon 5450 is superior to a 330M then I suggest you slip into a straightjacket.4. Why doesn't the Mac Pro use the latest technologies to provide the best video editing quality, which is what it's mainly used for?Apple locked themselves into a corner with technical decisions made when designing the 2013 Mac Pro. The 2012 model weighed over 50 pounds and was a large machine so Apple had wanted to design a smaller version of the Mac Pro that delivered the same capabilities, taking advantage of Thunderbolt ports and solid state storage and the obsolescence of optical drives. The downside of that decision was they designed a system with a single processor and dual graphics cards, when that configuration was not ideal for many pro users. For the vast majority of video editors the 2013 Mac Pro does have enough power since most people are still working with 1080p or low frame rate 4K content. The main issue is that the current model is arguably overpriced for outdated parts, though Apple partially addressed that by upgrading the base model's specifications. Apple likely understands their customers are losing patience waiting for an updated model so they even went out of their way to have a press announcing a future update to the Mac Pro, which they usually never do for their products. It's unclear how important high end video editors are to Apple's business, but most likely are more concerned about the specific tools used (Adobe Premiere Pro, Avid, etc) than the operating system. They will want to address that market quickly if they do not want HP and Dell to take more share than they already are. Apple will likely need their new Mac Pro to resemble their older cheese grater design more than the "trashcan" design for the Mac Pro to be what it once was. The iMac Pro will likely help as well, since many Pro users would be able to get enough power out of an all-in-one. Apple will likely need to create a higher end configuration of the MacBook Pro than what currently exists since the current model is too thin to accommodate high end components that other mobile workstations currently offer (32 GB of RAM and much faster graphics)
Upgrading My Mac Pro 1,1 to Run on El Capitan
"You can NOT brick your machine doing this. All you are doing is booting from a slightly modified El Cap install. There is no need to upgrade your EFI to the 2,1 roms unless you will be upgrading your CPUs. There is no need to flash your video card's ROM to a mac version. You will need a more recent video card--I use a 5770."I just upgraded my Mac Pro 1,1 using this method. It was a snap! I had already upgraded my video card to an ATI-5770 so all I really had to do was download a copy (torrent) of El Camino, partition a second drive and build the bootup drive. I had it running like a clock in less than an hour! Thanks so much for this trick!1. Is there a cheaper way to fix my Mac Pro?For that price, you would be better off either getting a new Mac Pro or buying the parts used. You might also check Union Station Computer Repair. They specialize in Apple notebooks, but do some repair work on other Macs.2. What is so special about the Mac Pro Computer?They are better. More stable. More attractive. Faster. Etc etc They are just awesome.3. Mac pro or Extreme Pc?change from 98% on mac to 100% and get it4. now windows vista is going to launch?would that work on apple laptop?is purchasing apple mac pro best buy?Yes, you will be able to run Vista on a Macintosh using Parallels. However, it costs 80 bucks. Also, in order for your Mac to run Vista, it should have the specifications that Microsoft put out which in case you did not know is: Windows Vista Capable(No Aero or Advanced Features) 800 mhz processor 512 mb of ram DirectX 9 compatible video card Windows Vista Premium (Aero and the fancy stuff) 1 GHz 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor1. 1 GB of system memory. Support for DirectX 9 graphics with a WDDM driver, 128 MB of graphics memory (minimum)2, Pixel Shader 2.0 and 32 bits per pixel. 40 GB of hard drive capacity with 15 GB free space. DVD-ROM Drive3. Audio output capability. Internet access capability5. Mac Pro: 16 or 32 GB Ram?I agree with the other guy. Why pay an extra five hundred bucks to have a your computer be put in a case that all the other kids think is cool. Also, what the hell are you doing that you need 16 gigs of ram for? Which of course the other guy is right about, too6. will a mac pro run diablo 3?Yh, My Brother has a Mac Book air and Plays Diablo 3. Really good game too7. Mac Pro Vs. Alienware Area 51?the truly element the Alienware computer does more suitable than the MacBook professional is play video games. i do not realize why some human beings will move out & spend 1000's of funds on a workstation to play video games on at the same time as they could have in basic terms spent some hundred on a 360 or PS3 (more suitable money then brains i experience). You reported you do not play video games soooo. ....... Oh, I forgot, the Alienware computer seems cool-what does that do? it really is like putting a wing & stickers on a Neon. in basic terms get the pro-you wont be sorry. And once you've any stupid associates that say "my computer is cooler than yours", in basic terms say "yeah, yet mine works". i have had my MacBook for 5 months now and have not had any difficulty in any respect. I forgot, you are able to installation abode windows on any Mac now. in basic terms in case you experience the favor to pull your hair out on get mutually.8. How is Mac Pro Longwear?Do not use a stippling brush to apply it, unless you want wear it as a foundation. Just use a regular foundation or concealer brush, and blend it out with a fluffy blush brush or a sponge. It will make any concealer look more natural, even though the Pro Longwear already looks very natural. It really does last all day, and it covers everything. The one problem is that when you pump it out, you get way to much product. It's not the best dispenser in the world. You end up wasting alot of product, unless you have alot to conceal. Hope this helps!
Why Does the Mac Pro Need an Update? Is It Not Powerful Anymore?
Thanks for the A2A.How powerful a machine is a relative term. The Mac Pro is powerful compared to many other machines, but it hasnt been updated in any substantial way since 2013. Thats a very long time for a computer to not get better internal components.So while it is powerful compared to most other computers, it is not as powerful as it should be• Related QuestionsWhy is cos pi used instead of sin or tan pi for the power factor?The power factor in a electrical circuit is basically te ratio of true power(real power P) to apparant power(S)."Phi" is the impedance angle of the circuit.Use of cos phi is just dependent on the mere fact related to trigonometry.As you can observe in image above, to get a ratio of real power(P) to the apparent power (S) we have to use cosine function.This is the only reason to obtain the power factor as cos(phi).------Why is 1kb not equal to 1,000 bytes?A2A: You have some nice long answers, so I will give it to you concisely. Since computers use binary math, the amount of memory that can be addressed by 10 bits is 1024 addresses. It was convenient to make approximate use of the kilo prefix to refer to that quantity. However, it is not accurate. Recently new prefixes were added: kiba (ki) 1024, miba (mi) 1024*1024, etc. Thus 1024 bytes would be 1 KiB. This new prefix has not really gotten widespread adoption, but it is technically correct------Does data at rest encryption refer to no power condition?Brett said it well, data at rest is regardless of the computer being powered or not. It refers to data on the disk as being encrypted, thus access to the data requires decryption. Data at rest means the data resident on the disk is encrypted, it stays that way regardless of power cycles. So the explicit answer to your question is "yes".Does data at rest encryption refer to no power condition?------How do you feel about Japan's plan to dump still radioactive water from the Fukushima nuclear power plant into the Pacific Ocean due to a lack of storage space?How do you feel about Japan's plan to dump still radioactive water from the Fukushima plant into the Pacific Ocean due to a lack of storage space?let me introduce you to the appropriate measure of radioactivityThe BANANA!All bananas are radioactive as they contain Potassium which is radioactiveThe plan in Japan is to dump water that is approximately one Banana to ten Tons in radioactivityThis water is not only 10,000 times less radioactive than a Banana but people are not going to drink/eat it------What are some cheapest hosting providers in Hong Kong and Singapore that offers its service throughout the world and China?Internap has hosting service in Singapore, but it's not going to be the cheapest. Eric Fan's answer is spot-on regarding bandwidth. It is significantly more expensive than in the U.S. and Europe. So you might find similar server pricing to the U.S. but with separate bandwidth charges that are markedly higher, or the server prices will bundle in the bandwidth and the overall cost will be higher------How electricity is stored at power house, or is it not stored?AC cannot be stored as asked by OP. You have to convert it into DC or into mechanical, chemical or thermal energy forms for storage.Arunava Chatterjee's answer to Can electricity be stored? When electricity is generated at a plant, is it stored and then distributed to the citizens? Can electricity be stored at such a large scale? How efficient is the storage process?How electricity is stored at power house, or is it not stored?------What is meaning of 16 v 100 micro Faraday in capacitor?that means the capacitor can take up to 16 volts DC, not AC, the AC rating is a current rating, it will say "1 amp ripple current", which can only AC.The 100 uF means that it has 100 millionths of a Farad of capacity. A Farad is a very large unit, it's equal to a capacitor the can supply 1 amp for 1 second and only lose 1 volt DC. The common units are microfarads, nanofarad, and picofarads------Why do some spend so much on an iPhone? I buy Android-based phones for less than $100 and do just fine.Apple ecosystem is very mature.The iPhones are always the fastest phones in their respective years.Updated for their respective phones is amazing.Most importantly, the status symbol of iPhones, everyone sees them as a lifestyle.Apple has the best support ecosystem of services of any tech company in the world, you have to pay a premium for such.The resale value of the iPhoe is always higher than any Android OEM------Will Tesla's supercharger network use its power pack storage?Its most like Tesla superchargers were the beta for the Tesla Power Pack/Wall.Tesla Superchargers can draw insane peak electricity and that carries a high demand surcharge.But AFAIK superchargers have a fez dozen kWh worth of batteries while it would be interesting for Tesla to have a full 100kWh power pack on each.Much like not all superchargers have solar PV canopies, the upgrade is coming to all of them.------If an Uninterruptable Power supply (UPS) has the power shut off at a time it isn't providing a load, how long will the battery stay charged? I need to run a shredder inside a storage unit.Divide the W/hr rating of the UPS by the W rating of the shedder to get how many hours of run time you should get. Be aware the the actual run time might be a lot less for a number of reasons. Also my experience with UPSes is once they are year or two old they have no usable capacity because they have traditionally be a crap designs that cook the batteries. Maybe the current generation are better.------Do people who you no longer see still exist?I think so. Think of people you know and visualize them in your mind. It is sort of like looking at a photograh, or almost like trying to remember a photograph. And it has almost the same feeling of trying to remember a dream. One might say people you no longer see continue to exist in the dreamtime. I have often said the dead continue to exist in our dreams.Do people who you no longer see still exist?.------If climate change advocates care so much about the environment why are they against nuclear power which emits zero emissions and if storage properly the waste is safe?Great question. My opinion is that it is because these advocates are more interested in looking virtuous and feeling good, than being practical and coming up with a long term solution. In other words they place wishing above hard fact. I think it may be the result of living in nice urban environments where stuff just happens. Stuff like electricity. People do not realize just how complex power generation is------Whatu2019s the best Computer and software to do graphic design?By far the Adobe for iPad is the best way to start. Microsoft surface is an excellent product and also a strong contender but you need to enroll in a monthly subscription with Adobe to download the software so if youre a student or a beginner with not a lot of cash in the iPad might be the better choice but theyre both excellent products and the Adobe software is by far the best more capable and and a better ramp towards professional software------What degree will take you to the path where you can design, implement and sustain a solar farm and be a solar systems engineer?RE: What degree will take you to the path where you can design, implement and sustain a solar farm and be a solar systems engineer?A degree in economics and business would be a good place to start. There you would learn that some endeavors of man simply cannot compete without substantial government subsidies.What degree will take you to the path where you can design, implement and sustain a solar farm and be a solar systems engineer?.------When a wind turbine does not produce enough electricity how does the power company compensate for the loss?The utility to whos distribution system the wind turbine is connected has to make up the shortfall with whats called spinning reserve. Thats generating capacity thats ready to be brought on line in milliseconds.On the average, each installed kilowatt of wind turbine generating capacity has to be backed up with 0.75 kilowatt of spinning reserve. This costs money, of course; money to keep the generator spinning, money for maintenance, money for the feedline thats not operating at capacity------As homework for next week, I need to translate any article related to/about physics, but I have no ideas. It doesn't matter what it's about as long as it's interesting & is related to physics. Do you have any ideas?Okay Google, find me recent articles on Einstein. You will get millions of hits, so choose wisely go with the shortest one. If Einstein isn't your thing, then try particle physics, or astrophysics. There are always physists on the show How the Universe Works. Perhaps a segment done by Neill de Gras Tyson since he is super cool. You could also look to TED talks and transcribe a short one of those.------Is regulation of greenhouse gas emissions just moving emissions from the vehicle to the electric grid's power production methods?Moving the energy source to the grid is the point, and it is not just shuffling emissions to a different place.In many areas, grid power is only partly carbon emitting. Where I live, the grid has a large and growing percentage of power generated by non carbon producing sources.But even if you live somewhere where the grid is 100% from coal, EVs are the equivalent of very high MPG cars------How much more power would a photovoltaic solar panel produce, in a 24 hour period, while on the equator of the moon compared to Earth's equator?No air, so same as spaced based solar power, up to 144% maximum earth levelsSpace-based solar power - WikipediaProblem is, the 144% value is essentially only for lunar daytime. With no air, there is no gradual increase or decrease in light intensity. You have maximum sunlight for 2 weeks, then partial sunlight for a very short time while the sun partially passes under the horizon, then its a two week nightExcept maybe for tall peaks at the lunar poles which may always be in sun.------Why is the advertised size of SSD not always power of two? (e.g. Intel 40G and 80G SSD) Logically, to maximize every bit usage, I think the advertised storage size (no matter hdd or ssd) should always be the power of two.As asnwered by others, over-provisioning explains some of the difference.But in the case of the Intel drives mentioned (40GB and 80GB) the difference is because these drives are 5/10 channel devices (FLASH channels), as opposed to 4 or 8 channels used in most SSDs. Each channel provides 8GiB of storage, then over-provisioning rounds that storage down from the power of 2 GiB to the power of 10 GB. The 40 GB drive has 5 of these channels, the 80GB drive has 10------Is there an Evernote alternative that syncs to Google Drive or Dropbox?I feel your pain! Its both annoying and time consuming to have your notes and important information in two different places. You shouldnt have to settle for that. TipHive is designed to be able to capture and store anything and everything - documents, images, links, videos, small bits of text, or lots of text. It integrates with DropBox and Google Drive to get your documents over to it. TipHive is far from old and clunky!.------What are the definitions of "power costs" and "energy costs" with respect to energy storage?The Power Cost Adjustment is a separate line item on each Clay Electric bill statement which reflects the increases/decreases in the co-op's cost of power purchased wholesale from Seminole Electric Cooperative. The fluctuation in the Power Cost Adjustment is largely caused by changes in the cost of fuel for generation.Energy cost means that costs of gas, electricity, etc., as shown in accounts.What are the definitions of "power costs" and "energy costs" with respect to energy storage?------Is cloud hosting much faster than shared hosting?Yes, cloud hosting is faster than shared hosting. The reason for it is that the number of servers deployed for shared hosting is less whereas, in cloud hosting, a large number of servers are deployed.The finite amount of processing power and storage capacity in shared hosting makes it slow and it even stops working with heavy traffic on the server. Contrary to this, there are no issues with high traffic on cloud hosting because the storage capacity and processing power are much higher in it------Which is the best smartphone to buy that has speed, storage, battery power and looks?May be the upcoming #SamsungGalaxyNote9 will fill all these requirements.Because this is likely to come with a larger 4,000 mah battery,snapdragon 845 or Exynos 9810 with either 6GB or 8GB of RAM.And may be the best designing,best display and one of the best camera in the market.For now,I can say it's Google pixel 2 XL or Oneplus 6(red edition)Which is the best smartphone to buy that has speed, storage, battery power and looks?------Elizabeth Warren explicitly stated she does not support nuclear energy. How exactly does she think weu2019ll get enough energy to sustain America without nuclear energy or fossil fuels?Exactly the same way they will get the money for reparations and universal healthcare. MAGIC!Its this extremely shortsighted logic that will lead to an economic collapse and energy shortages.Im not against clean renewable energy but it needs to be implemented in a controlled economical and sustainable way.Nuclear is the cleanest reliable and non weather dependent energy production method we have. It should be the last to be replaced, not the first
Mac Pro Palette in Toronto?
are you kidding me? sure!!!! this is noted as DEPOTTING...!!!! bypass ON YOUTUBE AND seem variety IN the thank you to DEPOT MAC EYESHADOWS sure you may DEPOT THE prevalent MAC EYESHADOW to greater wholesome INTO YOUR MAC professional PALETTE!!!!!!!! your going to wish Magents to connect on the decrease back of the eyeshadow pan so it sticks into the palette1. Why won't my Mac Pro wake from sleep at the scheduled time?Try resetting the System Management Unit (SMU); the SMU is typically responsible for tracking when your Mac is scheduled to wake up.With regard to your Mac Pro appearing not to keep time, this is not a problem. It is expected behaviour for the menu bar clock to update a few seconds after your Mac has woken up. The process controlling the clock needs to get a change in time notification before updating; it will not match your Mac's internal clock immediately upon waking up2. Why can't my Mac Pro connect to an SMB share over the network?First, try to restart File Sharing in the Sharing Preference Pane.There is a bug in OS X that still lives in 10.8.5, where a race condition can cause File Sharing to start before an auth configuration is done, causing it to fail any SMB connection to network shares with any sort of privileges.3. Non-Apple drives with early 2009 Mac Pro RAID cardI've been using the Apple Raid Card (first release version) since 2008. Used it very successfully with Hitachi Ultrastar A7K100 750GB drives (3 SATA drives in a RAID 5 configuration) and 1 Seagate Cheetah 15K.6 300GB SAS drive. Put the OS on the SAS drive and data files (digitized feature film video) on the RAID. Except for one failed battery (requiring the card to be replaced under warranty), really no problems with it. This is even though Apple says the card needs all SAS or all SATA drives. However, about 5 months ago I upgraded from the 750GB drives to 2TB Hitachi 7K3000 Deskstar drives, which have flaked out, at a rate of about once every 2 months. Which, now that the array is made up of 2TB drives, takes about 36 hours. Kind of scary because the flakes seem random, and if one of the "good" drives fails during the rebuild, the whole array is lost. And at 3TB, I do not have full backups for the array. I've also been feeling like there are performance issues with these 2TB drives that I did not have before, but I can not be sure. I am seriously considering upgrading to the SAS Ultrastar version of the drives (Hitachi Ultrastar 7K3000 HUS723020ALS640 2 TB). Just I need to buy 4 to have a spare on hand, and they are currently close to $300 each. BTW, the reason I am getting 2TB drives instead of bigger ones as there are serious questions about whether or not the card can handle bigger drives.Also, while I've never bought an Apple Drive except for the ones that came with the machine (and have found those to wear out sooner than the Hitachi drives), Apple does include custom firmware on their drives and I do believe that makes a difference with the RAID card. Personally I would not attempt to use the card with drives other than from Apple, Hitachi, or Seagate. For sure I would not try using "green" drives that slow down their spindle speed to conserve power. That's asking for performance nightmares.4. Relative performance of 2006 Mac Pro and 2007 iMacThere's a Mac-specific set of benchmarks called Xbench. If you have access to both machines, you can run it on them and see how they stack up.If not, there's an online database at, and there are probably other places around you can find Xbench scores. Here's a couple that are pretty close to yours, though running different versions of Mac OS (not sure how much that matters):In this particular matchup, it's pretty even. The Xeon wins on threading (not surprising), while the iMac wins on hard disk (surprising, to me) -- though as Martin noted, it's easy to add more or better disks to a MacPro.The decision probably comes down to form-factor, as much as anything else. Obviously people have been developing software on machines far slower than either of these for decades
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