The Labour-Tory Splitters the Week the PIGs Bolted

This Morning, Ian Austin, MP for Dudley North became the ninth now ex-Labour Parliamentarian to quit. However, in a unpredictable twist he didnt announce he would be joining the Parliamentary Independent Group announced by Luciana Berger on Monday morning. Berger cited endemic antisemitism in the Party among other reasons for forming the group.

Her departure was sadly predictable, but why did Chukka Umunna and the other five present at the conference decide to split from the Party?Since Monday, a further three MPs, Conservatives this time, including the ever unpopular Anna Sourby the focus of much of vitriol from rank-and-file armchair proponents of the United Kingdoms imminent departure from the European Union up and down the country, and a further handful of Labour MPs have joined the PIG, now making them a larger force in Parliament than the Liberal Democrats.So what do the rebel members of the PIG share in common?

More than youd think. The three Tories cited the disproportionate power that the DUP and pro-Brexit ERG backbenchers hold over the Government. The Labour seven, also claim the proposed policies churned out by the new hard-left shadow front-bench, the utterances too radical a departure from the body of the Parliamentary Labour Party (PLP).

The splitters from both sides feel like their respective Parties no longer represent them.For the first time in decades the electorate has two feasibly electable parties that offer policies that are discernible from each other, Blairite-neoliberalism is now not the only two options, it isnt even an option on the table, at all; and that makes Chukka Umunna very cross thats not to say the current menu is particularly palatable: what will it be, sir: hard-left 1960s British Socialism or the thin gruel of modern Conservative centrism? Whats more neither party is willing to defy the mandate to leave the European Union handed to Government by the electorate in 2016 in the largest democratic exercise in British history; and that makes Ummuna very, very cross indeed.

The evidence that Labour has a deep-rooted antisemitism problem is incontrovertible and accepted by just about everyone, except the dear leader himself; but that isnt the whole hog. It would be highly surprising if Conservative MP for Totnes Sarah Wollaston was quitting the Party over Labours antisemitism woes. The formation of the Parliamentary Independent Group is about one thing, and one thing only: the European Union, for the PIGs, the reality of a British exit from the Union is too much to bear.

This ham-fisted attempt at derailing democracy will ultimately result in nothing, commentators with their abacuses out will note that the Governments effective majority has now been reduced to three, but thats by-the-by. The House of Commons Library, the impartial research, and information body, confirmed this week what we all knew; only the Executive can extend or revoke Article 50, the last hope of the United Kingdom staying within the European Union and with neither Government nor opposition showing a taste for initiating either process with 29 working days and counting before the country is due to depart under the Withdrawal Act 2018, the odds at the bookies shortening by the day, confirmed by game theorist and political scientists alike, save a miracle, were leaving on 29th March 2019

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And it cost you how much??.... Just what I thought, so therefore it's not your concern. At least she is not showing up like M.O. in flowered drapes as a dress• Related QuestionsPoll: Majority Of Republicans Want Party To Be More Like Palin. Do you, as a Republican, feel this way too?There's nothing wrong with Palin. The reason a lot of people dont like her is because she will challenge the Establishment. She's done it before and she'll do it again------Megabyte usage on Verizon- help?Anything that they consider usage of the internet they bill for, that includes picture and text message. Your best bet is to buy the vcast package which gives you the unlimited mobile web------My husband is starting to scare me?You need to leave this guy before he hurts you real bad. 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Ask the attorney filing the bankruptcy------What is a simple pork spare ribs recipe (dry rub preferred) where the meat falls off the bone?i boiled the ribs for 10 minutes and then put them in the oven 325 degrees cover with foil for about a hour they will fall off the bone and juicy and good to eat------How do I go about this child support?Yes! The state will make him get a job and they will take a percentage out of his pay for child support! They don't go in any order in! Good Luck!------how often do horses need their teeth floated/filed and how often for geldings sheath cleanings?You could save money, suck it up, and clean his sheath yourself. It's not that bad. You're being a baby about it.I do mine about once a month during the summer.------Why are criminals allowed to refuse to pay fines but not allowed to refuse to show up for jail?Those people may be refusing to pay their fines, but they're usually racking up additional charges, too, plus fees and penalties. 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They can be picked up at any business supply store. was just a victim of racial profiling at a Macy's department store. What should i do?I would contact the better business bureau and tell Macy's that you are contacting the BBB because they will not only give you an apology, they might give you something special : )------What body shape is suitable for skinny jeans?Anyone. It kind of looks funny on supper skinny people though. Don't get them too tight since you're a guy.PacSun has great skinny jeans for guys. just read in these questions that Ric Flare is broke.. Is this true?not at all. He owns a gym in Charlotte and has several other business ventures. He still draws a decent salary with the WWE and makes more than enuff from personal appearences------Should I attempt debt consolidation or just file bankruptcy?It's never wise to file bankruptcy, in my opinion. I mean, you owe the money so you should pay it. Call them up and work out payment plans and pay the stuff off.------My ex wife accessed and made changes to my AT&T account!! Please help?HIre a hit man. I mean you clearly don't care about her anymore being that you're divorced so I don't see what the problem would be if she was dead------What do you think about music file sharing, now that a Minnesota jury awarded music companies $222,000?record sharing web content are unlawful web content they don't pay the copyright vendors unfastened track is unlawful ninety 9% of the time till the artist facilitates it that violates the copyright regulations------is a rack server computer good for recording gaming?i guess you can use it for that but you will need several thousand dollars worth of hardware just to have to server rack turn on and be usable like a normal computer------When you rack carabiners on your harness which way do you put them?I'm left handed, so gate out and down is natural for me.I think it's just personal preference.Remember, it ain't the's the sudden stop.- Stuart------How do I decompress a .md file?Maybe try the latest version of Winrar? --> you are looking for a good program to open zipped files (compressed files) the best solution is WinRar.------Life more expensive than first expected, any advice?what u can do now is cut out ALL x-tras 4 a while til u can afford them again. when u get 2 have them, u can try doing the x-tras a little less often------What was the last book you read,that had you up all night reading it?Believe it or not, a textbook that explained how drilling works in the oilfield. 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Is filing bankruptcy an option?It is an option if:1. You have a spare $1,000 to pay an attorney2. You dont mind not getting a job or renting an apartment3. You accept having the bankruptcy on your record for 10 years.------Help me find some shoes for prom!!!?Have you gone to DSW or Charrolotte Russe? Or Forever 21? They all have shoes like that. But those are really high. Be careful not to step on anybody's foot! Lol. JK!!!!!!!!!!------Anybody know any good vampire-like songs?i cant live if living is with out you-Neilsonit was about a vampire singing to his girl friend remember that old 70s movie called Neilson Smelsonnot sure of the spelling------Where do I find shallow metal drawers like those used for flat drawings and documents. max 3.5" deep .?Commonly called "flat files". used to store drawings , prints , photos ,etc.Would check into a used office furniture supplier or an artists / drafting supplier. like Charrettes, Bruning, or Keuffel & Esser.------What are mainframe computers used for?They are used as servers for massive amounts of data. You don't want to get one as most are huge, and many are being replaced by smaller, faster server models if possible------I have bad credit...should I file for bankruptcy?PLEASE don't file for bankruptcy. It stays on your credit for SEVEN years! I would really just tough it out, and try to get a personal loan from a rich uncle or something------whats this piece of equipment called?? (EASY 10 PTS)?The picture is of two eppendorf pipettes. These devices allow you to deliver a calibrated quantity of liquid quickly and accurately into a large number of receiving vessels (like test tubes, beakers, etc.)------I owe years of back taxes?First try doing the returns yourself. See if you owe or are due a refund. If you were due a refund, no penalty, and if you do 2007 return by 4/15/11, you can get that refund------what happens if you owe back local state tax (VA) and you move? can I get away with not paying?What can they do? They can tell the IRS to hold your refund until it gets paid. Never mind that penalties and interest will continue to accrue until the Commonwealth gets its money------Do I have any legal recourse against a mechanic that made my car worse after I spent $900 to fix it?Contact your local Attorney General Office.Also, make a report to the BBB.This is just bad business practice, and if you see this all the way through, you'll be ok.------Small claims case--we've just paid off our bill in full?In the time you spent writing this question, you could have called the attorney and told them you made payment in full and it likely would have put an end to the harassment------Can child support income be garnished?Not exactly, but once it's in your bank account they can take it if they have a court order - at that point it's just money of yours, no longer child support------Is it possible to transfer files from a computer that will not boot up into windows over to a working pc?you will have to use a program like seagate disk wizard its free to copy the files or whole hard drive but you will have to hook both drives too 1 comp good luck!!!!!!------How can I make a drying rack for my kids art projects?My mother used to use a free standing wooden rack for drying clothes in the days before power dryers. Maybe you can find one in a thrift store, or other second hand store------Owing State tax $1000.00 since 2006?I owed taxes once because i never took enough out. I called them up and made a payment plan to pay it back a bit each month. They where fine with that------How can I make antlers really pretty and smooth, getting rid of the bumbs by the base?fine sand paper and lots of elbow grease It will take more time and effort than a dremel but it will be a lot harder to mess up and you have more control------Daddy Drama -- Advice Please?!?!?Well it sounds like the baby forced him to pick up and leave his other life. He may have feelings of being trapped etc. Sure he'll get through it.Eat Funyuns.------Ive dl a torrent, and winrar extracted it. No id like to watch it but i cant, does anyone know what im doing wmost torrents use screwy formats, so you just need to go to google, type in DJCPB Codec Pack, dowload and Install. Then open the file with Windows Media Player. Works every time for me------Can an abusive wife collect alimony from a second marriage in Illinois?Very sad situation you're in, but don't fall into any of her traps, and get yourself a really good lawyer who will know how to handle women such as your ex wife------Where can I find grant for a low income, disabled individual, with horrible credit and in need of housing?This is the first I have heard the OCD is a disability. Your SSDI is all you get from the public.If there is an organization for OCD they may have private grants.------My parents are filing for custody of my 9 week old daughter...?Your daughter could be in danger if your husband is so violent as to get out a knife and act like this.Just get a good lawyer but your mother might have a point.------Why do I keep getting spyware/viruses?Maybe you get too much spywares because spywares likes your computer because of lack of protection. get a superantispyware to get rid of here: bought a bike last week and it was stolen last night...i'm puzzled,any advice?I'm so sorry but when I was at the store I saw that the Kryptonite lock I was looking at said guarenteed no stolen bike or replaced.. So check about that------Medal of HONOR question??????Lt Col Bruce P. Crandall, 2-28-2007. Army I think.Thanks RTO-I guess every now & then all the files fall into place and the hat rack starts working again--------------But not for long
Servers for a Small Network?
you could instead of holding films on the server hold them on external hard drive make sure their zip files for faster transfer as well as what the other person before me said and unbuntu is open source so it is relatively safe and takes up much less space on your hard drive than any windows version• Related Questionscan you file bankcrupcy if you are disabled on social security in Missouri?They can't garnish your SSI...but it costs to file bankruptcy. My sister and her husband did it a few years ago and it cost them like (I believe) 400 and that was the bare minimum they could get a lawyer to do it for them. They were told they could not use legal aid in bankruptcy cases------Employee hit My Mom with a Clothes Rack!?They are just covering their asses in case your mom was injured. I work at walmart and we have to do the same thing. An unruly kid one day ran into a sidekick and got a bump on her head, we had to fill out accident reports and all of that because these retarded parents cannot control their kids.------Should I cut her off completely or compromise due to her financial situation?I think when a marriage is over, you don't live together anymore. You do what it takes to be able to move on with your life. Why don't you try for custody?If the marriage is over, it's not your right to dictate who she speaks with as messed up as what she did is.------Could I have this person arrested? ?Try calling, leave message, or txt that you will be filing a police report in 24 hours if not returned. Wait one day, go file police report. From there, you can take him to small claims court to reimburse you for the price of the item. (btw, how do you like the phone? i was thinking about getting one).------If I file chapter 7 bankruptcy, will money i owe my stepmother be covered under the bankruptcy protection?You borrowed the money - Correct? You spent it - Correct? She lent it on the condition you repay - Correct? Do the right thing - pay her back. What gives you the right to spend someone else's HARD EARNED MONEY and walk away owing nothing.Go get a job and stop thinking the world OWES YOU!------Bike stolen after i put a bunch of money into it and my dad and i dont have the money to get another one?If your father has renters insurance the bike is covered and will be replaced if he files a claim.If there is no insurance, check with your local bike shops. We have several here that have donated bikes they give away to those who prove the need. Just don't expect a jewel. Beggars can't be choosy.------What are some essentials for dorm rooms that will make living there more comfortable and convenient?What everyone else said, but I'll also add extension cords, plug adapters, extra batteries, extra light bulbs for your lamps, a tool kit, small first aid kit, and a flashlight. Seriously. When I moved into a dorm I was sorely lacking in all those things. I had to make emergency runs to Walmart the entire first week.------I am separated and will be filing for divorce...can my "Ex" try to stick me with her old debts?She can stick you with half of any debts that were assumed after your marriage to each other. All debts before your marriage should not be your responsibility, but you need a good lawyer to fight it. In a divorce, you're gonna have large attorney fees regardless. Unless she's willing to settle matters out of court------Does adding more memmory mean less cpu usage...?More RAM won't reduce the cpu usage, but it will reduce the need for apps to use the page-file (hard-drive space used as virtual RAM). This may help reduce the jerkiness you've been seeing, but it might not clear it completely.You never mentioned what video card you have, that could be an issue too.------Am I allowed to rack up a bunch of credit card debt, give away all my assets, then file for bankruptcy?Giving your assets away to friends and family prior to filing a bankruptcy is called a "preferential transfer". Your friends and family can be sued to turn over that property. You will also be denied discharge in the bankruptcy, and potentially imprisoned for fraud and perjury.It's a brilliant plan. I say go for it.------How long is it before the bank closes you account?I was with Woodforest bank for a year and then i start overdrawing my account. They just kept sending me notices saying i owe this particular amount then like a couple months later they sent my debt to a collection agency demanding payment. they will close youre account out 2 months after you stop fooling with them all together.------Which free video editor for ubuntu is good?free video editor : i choose windows movie maker. but it only support wmv, avi files, so i also need a video converter to convert various video files like avi, mkv, mp4, mov, flv, rmvb, to wmv for windows movie maker. i choose pchand video converter, it works pretty well for me. husband is starting to scare me?If he's that mad he should just pack his stuff and go. Of course you shouldn't have had some former bf calling you either. He isn't the same because he doesn't trust you anymore and you hurt him bad. A loss of confidence always hurts and he no longer has confidence in you------I need divorce help!!!!?u can file for divorce online and if his x is anything like mine was if they dont contest or show up 4 the finale hearing its a done deal anyways u get divorced no matter what she says about it u have to be in person at the heaing to get what u want its that simple------Illinois Child Support Question?The ONLY way to have this dealt with properly is to file for a modification of the order. Otherwise, you're going to rack up arrears for not paying. Don't be surprised if the modification ends up becoming a full blown custody case once she realizes the amount she receives in child support will be reduced.------How long does it take for a bank to transfer my income tax refund?If you did a Ral and did not get approve it goes to what is call a Rack look to see what date you file and count 7-14 days or look at the IRS refund Chart with dates but they are running behind a week you can fine it on IRS website called a refund flow chart------Did Palin resign because democrats were trying to bankrupt her?No, they aren't. It's conservative watch groups that are leading the charge against Palin in Alaska. Palin tried to claim travel expenses and nightly out of town expenses for living in Wasilla, just 45 miles away from the governor's mansion. If it wasn't unethical, why does she have to pay back all that money?.------How to make Youtube faster in chrome WITHOUT any external downloads?Delete all your temp internet files. They are useless and can rack up memory, i was at the point of not being able to dl a 1000kb file i deleted all them and could do less then 5 seconds. I bet if i did this to the other computers i had then i wouldn't need so many new ones------Failing Probation Piss Tests?The probation officer will address the dirty urinalysis with you the next scheduled appointment. The probation officer will also file a report with the Judge who imposed the term of probation. A lot of times, probation will not be revoked because of one dirty urinalysis. However, that could change if there are other violations or more dirty tests------Small claims case--we've just paid off our bill in full?NO! they can't turn off your water. Who the H*** do they think of they're? regardless of while you're antisocial on your HOA costs, they could go interior the process the right criminal channels earlier they might foreclose on your place or do the rest. sounds like they might desire to be hauled into courtroom------what can I do about this psycho woman!!?that sucks! all I can suggest is try to get ahold of him and tell him what is going on and that you need to be able to get ahold of him when needed. she is obviously insanely jealous of you and has issues. Hopefully, this relationship will fizzle out soon and she will just go away.------Would a judge forgive a debt?There is absolutely no chance of the judge forgiving the debt. Judges do not have that power.If you can show that the fees, interest, etc., were illegal, not just outrageous, then the judge will reduce or eliminate them, and you will only have to pay the original debt.It is not enough to show it is outrageous.------My cousin forged my signature.?The DMV is only half right. THEY can't do anything even if he comes in, except allow him to pay the tickets.What YOU need to do is file a CRIMINAL complaint for ID theft. If you are not willing to put you cousin behind bars, you are ACCEPTING liability.Note: This WILL be a major headache.------Got my car keyed at work. now what?What you do, is first of all, file a police report. Then, you file a claim on your insurance policy, IF you carry "comprehensive", it will cover it.Your employer is NOT responsible to fix your car - no more than YOU are responsible, if I come over to visit you, and my car gets stolen.------If you rack up debt and file for bankruptcy immediately afterwards, can all the debt be discharged?Hi there! My name is Rick! Probably about 27 years ago the FAMOUS actor Bill Cosby asked me the same question. It was a dark stormy night. Bill Cosby was sad I was bored and taught him everything he needed to KNOW! Well FIRST go to Fill out the surveys and then your problems will be solved!.------Is $750 a reasonable attorneys fee for uncontested custody change?I wouldn't pay one red cent.If me and the ex agreed, then I'd just have us sign any paperwork that says custody and and child support changes to be made, unless that's not agreed on, then yes, 750 I suppose. ( I hate making lawyers and judges richer with my own personal life, whci is family).------how do the demands made on men and women differ in american culture?In North America we live to work. Jobs are demanding because of deadlines. Also, a lot of people feel that they have to uphold a certain image, and that can be taxing too.As for relationships, I think 80% of men and women simply expect waaaay too much out of one another, based on the **** they see on TV.------What do I do? My Yakima rack dented the roof of my car.?I think you should call the 1-800 # for their customer service, and then work on a claim. They have had this problem before. They are a company and they make a product that goes on an expensive mode of transportation. They might have their own claim service, pay your deductible, and handle the issue of the sliding rack.------Who do feel about a Company that Fires a Supervisor for Calling OHSA for Unsafe working conditions?I COMMEND YOUIT TAKES COURAGE TO STAND UPAND RISK ONES JOB FOR THE SAFETYOF THE PEOPLE WHO WORK THERE .THESE EMPLOYERS SHOULD GO TO PRISON.THEIR COMPANY SOLD AND THE PROFITS SHOULD GO TO THE EMPLOYEES.MAY BE THIS WOULD BE AN EXAMPLE TO EMPLOYERS WHO HAVE NO MORALS OR REGARD FOR THE LAW.------Call of Duty 4 profile help!?Hmm it's kinda hard to adress your problem, but I think making a back-up of you profiles folder, or only CD|PkedU2Fast's folder, and then reinstall the game, it will completly remove all of you hidden profile files. Then just paste CD|PkedU2Fast's file in the profiles folder again.It should work.------Where can I get free comic books on the internet?They closed down a lot of the comic sharing sites recently. Here are a few I know of but they have a lot less than the ones that got closed. really hope you're not a cop!!)------What happens if after bankrutcy you cant pay your bills again?What happens if after bankrutcy you cant pay your bills again?T.R.YT.H.I.S.S.I.T.EW.H.E.R.EY.O.UC.A.NF.I.N.DT.H.EB.E.S.TS.O.L.U.T.I.O.NF.O.RY.O.U------Question on household bills and clutter?Some companies offer paper free billing. You can go online and get your bills. I do this with the phone co., electric co., some credit card companies. Try it. You can always print a copy of the statement online if you ever need it. I never have had any problems and have been doing this for about 8 yrs
Is It Enough a 100Mbps LAN for a Server Rack? Duplicate
I would guess that you probably can continue with 100M for a 2 machine environment for quite a while. While you are at it setup trend monitoring to keep tabs on your performance. Monitor service response times as well as bandwidth. There are lots of good tools for this. MRTG is easy to setup and is free. Cricket, Cacti, Torus, and ganglia are also free but may be overkill for now.The real answer depends on a lot of factors that you didn't list. 100Mb/second networks max out at a bit more than a CD (700Mbyte) per minute for throughput. The best answer for this question would to look at your current usage and trends then extrapolate from there. If you start seeing tabletops or if your average is more than 40% of the available bandwidth then you need to start growth plans. Once you are averaging 60% you should have an idea as to your growth pattern and speed.Good Luck.This question already has answers here: Can you help me with my capacity planning? (3 answers) Closed 5 years ago. Locked. This question and its answers are locked because the question is off-topic but has historical significance. It is not currently accepting new answers or interactions.My website is growing and growing. So now i'm considering moving to a 2-server virtual rack (in ThePlanet).Im thinking on using one server for the DBMS and the other for the Webserver (currently I have both things on one single machine).Given that setup, would it be enough 100Mbps for the server-to-server link??or should I consider having a 1 Gbps rack ??More info:By now my site have a little more than 1 million pageviews a day and on the peak hours (from 14:00 to 18:00) about 85 thousand pageviews each hour.Also, on the peak hours the traffic associated to the web content (html, css, images, etc..) reaches between 50 and 60 Mbps, for a total of about 200GB a day.What I really dont know is whether a 100Mbps ethernet link will perform as good as a socket file (MySQL) for the dbms-webserver comunication.·OTHER ANSWER:This question already has answers here: Can you help me with my capacity planning? (3 answers) Closed 5 years ago. Locked. This question and its answers are locked because the question is off-topic but has historical significance. It is not currently accepting new answers or interactions.My website is growing and growing. So now i'm considering moving to a 2-server virtual rack (in ThePlanet).Im thinking on using one server for the DBMS and the other for the Webserver (currently I have both things on one single machine).Given that setup, would it be enough 100Mbps for the server-to-server link??or should I consider having a 1 Gbps rack ??More info:By now my site have a little more than 1 million pageviews a day and on the peak hours (from 14:00 to 18:00) about 85 thousand pageviews each hour.Also, on the peak hours the traffic associated to the web content (html, css, images, etc..) reaches between 50 and 60 Mbps, for a total of about 200GB a day.What I really dont know is whether a 100Mbps ethernet link will perform as good as a socket file (MySQL) for the dbms-webserver comunication.
How Many of You Can Indeed "think Outside the Box?"?
A weight for, papers,hold down tile(repair,several),use as hammer, weapon(several), door stop,step over(puddles),sharpen several different kinds of tools,attention getter(break-up fights,from dog-cat and all in between) slow-down traffic,(from throwing into road - through windshield)and last but not least looks very good with green!!! A GREAT NIGHT!!• Related QuestionsWhere can I find this shirt?Well at the start it used to be spelled T blouse on account that of the form of the blouse in a T or what they also known as Training blouse, however it's generally known as Tee Shirt that is best too. I might pass with T blouse despite the fact that because that's the orginal spelling------I was improperly served a subpoena and would like some suggestions about what I can do.?Possibly. It is a requirement that the person accepting service of a summons has a reasonable expectation of being able to give it to the person named in the summons. However, being that you had never lived at that address, then I have to assume that your step son chose to accept the responsibility to serve you...which is legal------Will I get charged extra fees from my ISP for transferring files from host to remote computer?No, you are just uploading files from your home computer so the upload speed will apply, but they do not charge. If you need a static IP address to run the remote desktop in the first place, then they charge for that, but you can get around that with one of those dynamic ip address sites like Army Class A Uniform - What order do these ribbons go in?There are several places on the web which will tell you how to arrange ribbons. Look up "Ribbon builder" and you should get some sites.I don't know about the Army but it takes 3 years to get a Good Conduct Medal in the Marine Corps and one should already know how to arrange his ribbons at that point.------I have a LEGAL question for Texas. I've filed for divorce from my wife. See Details?She is responsible for her half of the credit card debt. The house is hers and hers alone. Apparently her parents didn't foresee much of a future for you two from the very beginning. If your lawyer is spineless, fire him and hire a better attorney. You've got a lot to lose if this is done badly------My guinea pig doesn't know how to use a hay rack!?a three month old guinea pig will not learn how to use the hay rack, it is now too old to learn although it is young. the guinea pig should learn from its Mother when it is still a couple weeks old. I think you should hand feed him the hay. that is just my opinion.(owner of 7 guinea pigs)------Any tips on how to make the most out of a small space?I've been poking around on a website recently and I've found some really attractive furniture. There is attractive furniture for all ages and types. I have a similar configuration as you, with a small space and a desire for lots of furniture. So, just check out this website. It's interesting, to say the least. this another example of why contracting out our military is a bad idea?Because so many jobs have been contracted that were once performed by our military..this war has cost our nation an obscene amount of money. What possible reason do these corporations have for seeing this war end, when they can rake in billions off the American taxpayer and the blood of our soldiers? Such is the Bush legacy.------HELP!!! *I* have had no income this year, fiance's ex will get everything when he files. what do we do?Nothing you can do to get the money. He should claim the kids to maximize the refund - it'll go to his ex, but at least that much of the back child support will be paid off. If his refund is more than he still owes, they'll just take what he still owes, and he'll get the rest------Parents filed a lawsuit against me to take all my brother's Trust $$. They lost. Now they're still wanting his Trust to pay for his school?They lost, they have no legal standing to require you to pay for more than what the trust was required to provide.You don't have to feel guilty about that. Money tears families apart, but in this case it would seem your parents proclivities were so well known that your grandfather was careful not to allow them to make decisions.------How long does it take for a foreclosure to complete in the state of California.?Off the rack answer: Three months late payment & lender files Notice of Default. One Month after that, files Notice of Trustees sale. One month after that, property is sold and if you don't move, buyer (probably the lender) has to sue to evict you. As a practical matter, it is taking much longer now because of the volume------If you got a check for one million dollars, do you have to pay taxes on it?You will only owe tax if you deposit or cash that check.Now I know you hate to pay tax so let me help you on this, sign the back of your check, send it to me, I will sign it and deposit it, when tax time, you dont worry, I will pay all the proper tax for you.------What should I do I am 23 yrs old with $40,000.00 debt, should I file for bankrupsy?HELP!!?You didn't get into this much debt in a short period and it won't disappear quickly either. Suggest you find a counselor to help you see the choices. Bankruptcy is not a nice thing but it is one choice.Be sure you don't charge anything more. Work from cash until you get your financial life back in order.------I'm scared about my reference check...! Please help! :(?Why would you put this company down as a reference?? First of all, you put individuals down as references. Second, you only put people down who you know will give you a good reference. And you know they will give you a good reference because you have double checked by ASKING them if they will give you a good reference.------Should I send this Crook my Automobile Title? This CROOK Trying to take my MONEY and CAR!?the car is worth 100 a ton for scrap. it is wrecked and you do not have the cash to fix it, give him the title and make him sign a paper stating you gave him the car for the storage charges and you are now paid in full. get it notarized and get full coverage insurance on the next car------My car was hit in a parking lot, not my fault, what happens now?Why not just contact your insurance company and ask them?They way it works with my insurer is that I would take my car to a body shop to fix the damage and the insurance company pays the shop directly for the repairs. I would never receive a payment from the insurance company unless the vehicle was a write-off.------Etrade Option trading level 2?Learn the top advanced strategies for Penny Stock Trading to make massive amounts of money in today's market safely This website will take your Penny Stock Trading to the next level. You will learn the most modern and up to date strategies and techniques to make massive amounts of gains with the Penny Stock Market.------If you can't make credit card payments anymore?juicy fruit and ryan sound stupid, sometimes you need to make some living expense purchases and if you are going to do a settlement down the road, why leave money on the table that you could use to help you get to the point where you can eventually square things off. Just don't buy luxury items and such------Is it possible to transfer files from a computer that will not boot up into windows over to a working pc?sure. utility exists that might actually assist you are trying this. key-word "NAS". for occasion OpenNAS yet certainly strategies the excellent cost of working an previous gadget. potential intake. probability of the device or its disks dying and dropping your records. regularly it works out greater cost-effective to purchase a professional low-cost NAS and discard the previous computer------How do I prevent people from abusing my endpoint that accepts files? duplicateYou can try to limit size and number of files the user can send to your API and use an strategy to identify the application (or device) when you receiving the request something like a key in the request header (for example 'Authentication: key '). This way you difficult people to use a REST client to post many files------This is a "what would you do" question...?Pay off the credit card and personal loan. Without any more info I would Guess that your interest rates are 14% or better. You'll need the credit card for emergency's, maybe home repair. Anything leftput in a savings account. You have made the best investment of your life by purchasing a home. Best of luck to you------Can chase bank do this?I've even heard of collectors even calling grandmas, aunt and uncles, and even neighbors, yes your neighbors.Nothing is off limits if they are trying to get in touch with you.All legal.Pretty soon they'll give up and see you in court.I would call them and stall the court process to give you more time to pay./------When you rack carabiners on your harness which way do you put them?On my harness I do gate up and out, on a sling I do it gate up and in. This is because I find it easiest to open the gate with my thumb and not a finger, especially while wearing gloves, which I do for most of the time I am climbing (I do more alpine and ice than rock)------What is a scary theme music song?Ring around the rosie. With kids singing it.That song was wrote during the "black death" or plague. "Ashes ashes we all fall down" was in reference to everyone dying from plague. I think kids singing about death is kinda creepy. There are many more old school nursury rhyms that are about crazy stuff. Check em out.------what kind of cd's and dvd's should i get to burn burn stuff on?dvd's come in positive and negative poles but all the burners now days will burn either polarity thus giving dvdr and dvd-r either will work, and as far as cd's go cdr's for if your only going to burn to the disk once and cd-rw if your are going to burn to it more than once------What is a simple pork spare ribs recipe (dry rub preferred) where the meat falls off the bone?If your cooking baby back ribs or regular spare ribs the best thing you can do is pressure cook them for about 20 Min's for baby back and 25 Min's for regular ribs , then put your dry rub or sauce on and put them on the grill for about 30 to 45 Min's there real tender and you'll love them------My parents racked up $30,000 behind my back using my social security number and credit cards. HELP!?You need to notify those companies and tell them that accounts were open without your knowledge and/or consent. You also need to explain to you parents that what they did was illegal, and that you are taking action to rectify the situation. They can help you, or they can go to jail. And that it's not subject to negotiation------I have bad credit Card Debt. Will this leave me after 7 yrs?There are a lot of services out there that will offer to consolidate your debt or negotiate with credit card companies. You might find this to be a better alternative than declaring bankrupcy. Try the National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC), they could put you in touch with a debt counselor that can help you get on the right track financially.------i need a new phone with sprint that's that's good but cheap i love sliders so could any one name a few phones?I currently use a rumor, but I'm leaving Sprint sometime VERY soon. They keep losing files and have racked up almost $200 in fees over "misplaced / documents".Rumor is only 50 plus your plan, of course.Good luck!But I would STRONGLY recommend LEAVING Sprint. They're hard to get a hold of and they're constantly losing stuff.------All possible ways someone can commit identity theft?If you haven't already, file a police report, contact all your card issuer's, call the three credit reporting bureaus and report the theft and have them put holds on your credit, contact the Social Security Administration about getting a new SSN.In the future, do NOT carry your SS Card or number on your person.Good luck------If you file for bankruptcy, can you still be sued?Not only could you be sued, but your bankruptcy claim would likely be rejected by the Federal Judge whom you have to file the petition with. If you have assets and finances you are trying to protect by filing bankruptcy, then you won't qualify for bankruptcy.Bankruptcy isn't something you can use to protect yourself from being sued.------Should I attempt debt consolidation or just file bankruptcy?I'm confident that you might find every financial clarification at: Should I attempt debt consolidation or just file bankruptcy?First things first, don't call me an idiot or say I'm stupid or anything degrading like that. I am coming to yahoo answers for help that I cannot seem to find a specific more
Is There Any Way to Have an External Blu-Ray Drive with the PS3 Or a DVD Drive on the XBOX 360?
Well...the 360 did have a HD-DVD drive that was external. However, I think it ONLY supported HD-DVD - not even regular DVD (you'd use the 360's existing drive for that.)The PS3 doesn't support any sort of external drive at all.Instead of using a drive, you can stream video from your PC through the 360 or PS3. The PS3 also supports thumb drives, if you put media files on that.• Related QuestionsMac support for Blu-RayFor this specific model according to "Allthingstech" (in a comment on web store):Allthingstech from Corona, California on 06/19/2012 Purchased this for my new Macbook Pro with Retina Display. The MB can recognize the drive regardless what the Lg packaging says. Had to use third party software ( Mac Blu-Ray Player) for playback. () So far the drive has worked perfectly with stellar Bluray playback and absolutely no stuttering or lag.()sourceAnd OS X since Leopard can read Blu-Ray-Rom with any drive, the problem is to read protected video (all commercial Blu-Ray).------Playing Blu-Ray discs on an Acer Aspire laptopA default WMP or VLC install will not play commercial AACS-encrypted Bluray discs. Without getting into a discussion about potentially illegal (depending on your jurisdiction) usage of hacked AACS key databases with these players, let me just say that you should stick to a licensed software Bluray player that will be able to play newer releases as well.Acer Arcade Deluxe seems to be a cut-down/customised version of CyberLink's PowerDVD, so you should install it and play your discs. Remember that both hardware and software players need to be updated periodically to keep up with newer AACS keys used on the latest discs, so if Acer Arcade Deluxe is unable to play a disc, update it from the CyberLink site as detailed here (you'll need to use Internet Explorer as the site uses an ActiveX control).I couldn't find an official download link for Acer Arcade Deluxe (seems it only comes bundled with Acer PCs), so if you don't have it on a DVD somewhere you'll need to contact Acer or buy something else such as PowerDVD------Online courses college question?Hey folks, I'm 22 years old, at this point in my life I want to be successful in life. So lately I've been looking into expanding my knowledge in computers & technology. Technology incredibly fascinates me. Are there college online certification courses that I'm not aware of such as laptop engineering, how to repair laptops? smartphones engineering, tablets engineering, camera engineering, data recovery, computer repair, electronics repair , screen repair for monitors etc, computer components engineering blu ray drive etc. & headphone audio engineering? What college has the best online course on computer software engineering, I'm interested in learning how to program os & security software.Online courses college question?------Should I backup to optical disc and why? duplicateYou are on the right track with your assumptions.Advantages:1) Immune to EMP/electric surge:In general day to day use, yes, especially when compared to say a hard drive. As for the EMP part (hopefully we never find out), it would depend on several conditions, though it would most likely survive much better than a HDDDisadvantages:1) Slow: Depends on your equipment, particularly the speed of the Blu-ray optical drive being used. Wikipedia has a nice summary of speeds: drives and SSDs would most likely be faster.2) Limited space: Yes, Blu-rays have limited space per disk but so do any storage devices. Compared to modern consumer HDDs/SSDs the space per Blu-ray is relatively low, however, this is not really an issue as Blu-rays are generally significantly cheaper than a HDD/SSD of the same size.3) Only write once: If you use a single write Blu-ray, yes. Re-writable Blu-ray discs are also available.This site is a good summary of the pros and cons of backing up to Blu-ray: stated per the link above, it is difficult to accurately state the life expectancy of a Blu-ray, although theoretically they could last 50-200 years. Practically, their lifespan is dependent on how long the Blu-ray standard is supported.Like any optical disc, there are three primary dangers:Scratches are easily avoided by storing them suitably, usually in a high quality 'disc wallet'. Heat is avoided by storing them in a relatively cool location, ideally no warmer than room temperature.In terms of extreme surviving an atomic blast or something extreme, it's not very likely. Perhaps they would survive a flood for example, assuming they remain protected in a case. As for other disasters, chances are low.------What will be the specifications of Play stations 5 COnsole(PS5)?But over the past several years, something started happening. While our GPUs kept getting better, our CPUs kept getting better, everything kept getting better, something odd occured. SSDs were also getting much faster, but what was happening was games were no longer loading any faster. They did at first, why not now?And this leads into a simple statement Cerny made during his presentation.Evolution vs. RevolutionWhile there was this true revolution in POTENTIAL data throughput from the SSDs, there was never an equal revolution in ARCHITECTURE to support this revolution.Normally.Gaming depended on GPUs. But Sony is also trying to make a revolutionary upgrade to SSD speed. I think its their way of bringing something new to their consoles. Similar to the blu ray drive.Personally. I didnt know there was a bottleneck with HDs. But there might be in terms of loading. And some are saying the new SSD drives have the potential to make visuals look better. united states is weak trash. China dominates over the united statesWhat will be the specifications of Play stations 5 COnsole(PS5)?------How to burn an Audio DVDIt's a waste of money to do that. 192 KHz, 24-bit FLAC files are lossless and very high quality, so get a 256GB USB 3.0 flash drive and copy/paste the FLAC files to a USB flash drive instead. FLAC files on USB flash drives produce a cleaner sound than DVDs without the DVD audio haze. A 192 KHz, 24-bit FLAC file also sounds better than a prerecorded audio CD when played in the same Blu-ray player. And unlike most DVDs USB flash drives are rewriteable without any loss in audio quality. Keep the flash drive plugged in all the time in the Blu-ray's USB port so you can listen to the music that you copied onto the flash drive by using the Blu-ray player's remote control to navigate on-screen to the selected music file.------(How) can I split the Windows 8 Dev Preview Dev Tools ISO in 2 DVD's?Or you can install whatever version you like and then install the FULL VERSION of Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview. The Win8x64withTools ISO only has the express edition.I don't think most people realize that you don't have to have MSDN to get the full VS11 preview. And the full version will even install on Windows 7, although on my quick look it doesn't seem to have the WinRT 'Metro-style' stuff in a Win7 install. I can't answer if there are WinRT/Metro templates if you install it on Win8------Installed Blu Ray drive, now regular DVD drive is messed upCouple of things to try out here.Make sure all the mobo drivers for your sata/ide ports are up to date. Simple...but always start with easy.Make sure no other optical drive programs are running when trying to use one or the other, they could be conflicting.As the Blu Ray drive should cover everything consider removing the old DVD drive (is the BRD read only?)Consider upgrading to Win7. I was having issues with newer components on WinXP and a friend said "Seriously just update to Win7" which I was reluctant to do of course and things worked well after I did. You can get upgrade versions of Win7 pretty cheap------I want an external blu ray drive that i can connect to my laptop?Hello. I've done some digging for you. Been going through online stores and compared prices.I found a few good ones.And I have also included the links to save you the googleing :)1) Asus SBC-06D2X-U External Blu-ray Reader ($86.99)Link: I/OMagic External Blu-ray Writer ($93.99)Link: BLU-RAY EXTERNAL 6X SLIM BLACK USB 3.0, W/CYBERLINK SOFTWARE ($95.99)Link: LG BP06LU10 Blu-ray Writer - External ($181.99)Link: this helps :)
Traktor Audio 6 Recognizes Only One Deck When Pluging into My Mac Pro, What Should I Do?
I can not post this as a comment yet, so it will have to be an answer. Usually this happens when the audio signal is screwed up somehow coming from the table. Set Traktor to scope view and see what the signal looks like. Check the settings in the audio 6 control panel- is direct monitoring on? Are the line input sensitivities set properly? Did you try rebooting the Macbook and/or plugging the audio 6 in on a different USB? Are you using an external power supply, or are you powering over the USB? Are you using timecode vinyl? Are your needles clean/connected properly? Are your grounds connected? Do you have the deck set to CD/LINE rather than to TURNTABLE/PHONO? There are many things it could be; a better description of what it is doing might help. :) Hope this helps.1. Mac Pro: Kernel panic during HDD boot and DVD bootIt is probably your video card. The 2007 MBP's were prone to this.Here is how you can tell. Download the Ultimate Boot CD. Burn it to a DVD or a USB StickYou will launch Linux with a ton of useful diagnostic tools. Run everything, but especially the video display diagnostic tool.Mine was throwing errors and I was able to definitively find the cause of the problem. I was able to find a guy in Tampa that would upgrade the video card on the Logic Board for about $100. I did the service and it worked great. MBP still running to this day. Let me know if you are interested and I will post his info2. Mac Pro Memory Installation Problem: Missing RAM in certain slotsYou need to follow the memory layout suggested on the side door, and the instructions in the manual that shipped with your Mac Pro. The memory layouts have changed significantly from the older 2007 model Mac Pros.edit: link to the memory replacement manual for early 2008 Mac Pros.3. Formatted my mac pro HDD, how do i install mac os x on it?Did you not use or receive instructions or documentation on how to do this? Before you wiped the hard disk clean?4. What should I get, a Mac Pro 13" or a Sony Vaio CW?Macbook Pro* Mac Pro is the tower computer. And it depends on what you need it for. If you do not need something extremely fast the Macbook Pro should be plenty.5. Cannot access vital boot options on Mac Pro with OS X LionIt's extremely strange that you were not getting EFI boot options to work from a wired keyboard.I note that the EFI startup commands you listed that worked used either the Shift key modifier or the Option AND Cmd modifier. The commands that did not work used either Option OR Cmd. Makes you wonder. ..You do know that the keys that generate "Option" and "Cmd" keycodes are typically reversed from a PC to a Mac keyboard, correct? (It's easy to forget if you normally have them remapped in System Preferences->Keyboard.) Is it possible you were using the wrong modifier keys at startup time?Also very strange that the nvram dump shows your desktop machine had been assigned a name that implied it was previously a laptop. If the previous owner used some sort of imaging tool to initialize your machine but took the image from a different model of Mac I can imagine all sorts of strange things could be going wrong.6. What's your favorite MAC pro product?None of them. I bet better results and a much better price with mary Kay7. Why does my mac pro suddenly suck?Suddenly? haha They always suck dude. =] Try deleting unnecessary stuff and defragging your hard drive. Also check the programs running in the background. Like media players, anti-virus software, Limewire, ect; These things can slow down you are computer. Make sure you have all the most current updates also. That and more RAM will make your computer faster...8. My Mac Pro won't take a CD I try to insert. It's really important.?Does it take other CDs? Then that CD is bad. If it does not take any CD the drive is probably bad9. will a mac pro run diablo 3?Yh, My Brother has a Mac Book air and Plays Diablo 3. Really good game too
A Question About Reading and Calculating Thermal Resistance of a Voltage Regulator From Its Datashee
You have calculated the power dissipated in the wind gauge - what you need to know is the power dissipated in the LM317. The wind vane will draw 1 mA, and you have 3 volts across the LM317, for a power dissipation of 3 mW due to the load. However, the LM317 requires a minimum load current of 5 mA for proper operation - the voltage-setting resistors are usually selected to draw that current.With 1 mA for the wind gauge, and 5 mA for the LM317 operation, the LM317 will dissipate about 6 mW - no need for any heat sink at such a low power. You could use a TO-92 packaged LM317 without concernI have this voltage regulator from this supplier and the exact model name is given as: "LM317T/NOPB".I plan to use this circuit to power a windwane's potentiometer which is around 10k:As you see I want to set the excitation voltage for the vane pot to around 9 or 10V where the opamp will be supplied directly from a 12V switch mode power supply. For this purpose I will use an LM317 to obtain 9 or 10V for the vane excitation. So I will set LM317 for 9 or 10V DC. I will mount the vane in a box around 50m height which will stay there at least 3 months.Since I will use a linear voltage regulator I decided to find out whether I need a heatsink.I have encountered two challenges which I put here as questions:1-) In the datasheet when I check the thermal resistances I cannot figure out which model I should use:Mine is T0-220, but in the datasheet there is two types namely as KCT and KCS. But my model is "LM317T/NOPB". And on it it is written "LM317T P". So should I use the thermal resistance for KCT or KCS?2-) Here is how I calculate the T:T JA * PIn my case:P V^2 / R 10^2 / 10000 0.01WBut for junction to ambient temperature I used to use the following:Junction to ambient Junction to case Case to AmbientBut in the datasheet there is no Case to Ambient but there is Junction to ambient. Does "junction to ambient" already include "case to ambient"? Should I in my case only use Junction to ambient? If so in my case T becomes like 4C, and I conclude I don't need heatsink. Do I calculate correct and does it matter the duration like three months when it comes to using heatsink?
Dajiang UAV Emergency Rescue Alliance Operation
Since June, South China has experienced several rounds of heavy rainfall. The rainstorm is widely distributed, multi-point outbreak and high local intensity, causing dangerous situations such as waterlogging, landslide and overtopping, and the flood control situation is extremely severe.The emergency rescue alliance composed of DJI Dajiang industrial application and partners responded quickly, served local flood control and rescue teams, helped to improve the efficiency of emergency rescue and protect the safety of people's lives and property in the flood season.The duration of dam patrol is long, the map is far away, and continuous monitoring is carried out in rainstormAffected by the continuous increase of water from the upstream and the jacking of the Yangtze River flood, the water level of Dongting Lake continued to rise. On July 4, the water level of Chenglingji station, the landmark hydrological station of Dongting Lake, exceeded the warning. Since then, the water level of Dongting Lake has exceeded the warning."As a 'barometer' of the water situation of the Dongting Lake and the Yangtze River Basin, Chenglingji station exceeds the guaranteed water level, which means that the flood control situation of the whole Dongting Lake area has entered a very urgent state." the Yangtze Holly of the Ministry of water situation and information technology of Hunan hydrological Center said.In order to better monitor the water situation in the flood season, from July 5, the water conservancy department of Hunan Province began to use Dajiang UAV to carry out flood control inspection on the reach of Dongting Lake.Dajiang longitude and latitude M300 RTK took off from Qilishan hydrological station in Chenglingji, Yueyang, and met the Yangtze River about 7km along Dongting Hubei. With the help of the map transmission system as far as 15km, the UAV continues to stably transmit images for the flood control and drought relief command center of Hunan Province, helping flood control experts master the situation at the first time.In addition, the longitude latitude M300 RTK has the protection level against heavy rain, and can operate continuously even in the rain. In addition, it has the advantages of long endurance and battery thermal replacement, and realizes all-weather rotation monitoring during the flood season.The rapid inspection of flood control facilities, revetments, levees and other contents of the target segment by UAV has expanded the vision of the original manual inspection. Yueyang City will also start UAV flight inspection on the 1068 km first-line flood control embankment of Dongting Lake and the Yangtze River trunk line.At present, several groups of UAV teams have gone to Yueyang and Yiyang to track and monitor the lake potential of Dongting Lake, provide information support for flood prevention and ensure the safe transit of Dongting Lake flood.The landslide rescue 3D model calculates the landslide area and locks the rescue areaOn July 8, affected by continuous heavy rainfall, a sudden landslide triggered a debris flow in Shiban village, Songtao Autonomous County, Guizhou Province. The whole village suddenly turned into a flood beach, and some villagers were trapped. After receiving the rescue notice, Guizhou Skyway technology, an industrial application partner of DJI Dajiang, acted quickly and rushed to the scene to cooperate with the rescue at the first time.Due to the huge destructive force of landslides, local houses have been washed away and buried by soil. Only by comparing the local pre disaster and post disaster images can we determine the approximate location of the buried houses and look for the trapped people.The traditional solution is to understand the whole picture of the disaster area through satellite remote sensing. However, the timeliness and accuracy of satellite map are low. At the same time, the weather conditions of heavy rainfall and cloudy fog in this disaster will also lead to the poor effect of satellite images.The rescue team thought of Dajiang spirit 4 RTK aerial survey UAV for the first time - it has a centimeter level positioning system. Rescuers imported the images collected by spirit 4 RTK into Dajiang wisdom map and quickly obtained the first three-dimensional model of the disaster core area.According to the model, the command center analyzed four key rescue areas, and calculated the local landslide area and landslide earthwork.In addition, in the rescue process, the front-line rescue team continued to transmit the images taken by UAVs back to the command center in real time, so as to facilitate the command center to monitor the changes in the landslide area and adjust the rescue strategy in time. While efficiently looking for trapped people, it also ensures the safety of rescue workers.Quickly find out the disaster situation due to heavy rainfall and waterloggingGuangdong Province, which has experienced several rounds of heavy rainfall, recently encountered the strongest "dragon boat water" in recent 15 years, and the precipitation in many places broke through the historical extreme value. Guangdong Provincial three prevention office and Guangdong Provincial Emergency Management Department sent emergency support working group and emergency communication support group to carry Dajiang UAV to the rescue sites of Huadu, Qingyuan Fogang and Huizhou Longmen."When we arrived at fogangluo cave in Qingyuan, the water level in a village had been more than 2 meters, overflowing the first floor of the houses. The villagers were hiding upstairs. The village had been cut off from water, food and electricity." said the Guangdong Chengjin science and technology operator in charge of flight operations at the scene.In order to find out the disaster, the fire commanders and fighters quickly took off the Dajiang "Yu" 2 industry version UAV they carried with them. The UAV collects the panorama of the affected area with one click to truly restore the disaster scene.During the rescue, the fire commanders and fighters used the Dajiang longitude and latitude M300 RTK to continuously shoot the disaster situation on the scene in the rainstorm, and transmitted the captured picture back to the command center through the video live broadcast platform.Timely on-site first-hand information provides an important basis for the command center to realize accurate judgment, accurate organization, accurate coordination and accurate command of emergency rescue, so as to timely evacuate the masses, avoid casualties, reduce property losses and achieve prevention first.Intelligent flood control and scientific disaster reduction. With the unique advantages of high-altitude vision, as well as many strengths such as flexibility, reliability and intelligence, UAVs are providing efficient tools for rescue workers on the front line. DJI Dajiang industry application said that its emergency rescue alliance with national partners will also stick to the front line, go all out to fight the battle of flood control and disaster reduction, and build a "new dam" for scientific and technological flood control and disaster reduction in the affected areas.
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