How to Do CE Certification? What Is the CE Certification Process and Where Is CE Certification Done?

How to do CE certification? What is the CE certification process and where is CE certification done? Excellent resistance testing is an independent third-party testing and certification organization, with perfect electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), safety (safety), wireless (RF) and lamp testing laboratories. Since its establishment, we have provided fast and thoughtful services to more than 5000 enterprises, which has been recognized and praised by our customers.

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How Can the LED Driving Power Supply Pass the CE Certification? What Are the Requirements
How Can the LED Driving Power Supply Pass the CE Certification? What Are the Requirements
European and American developed countries have strict requirements for electronic products, and LED products exported to their countries are no exception. Then, what standards should be passed to export to their countries, and what important parameter requirements do these standards have? These two questions have puzzled many of us.In electronic products, there are many certification standards all over the world, among which UL, CE, TUV and China's 3C certification have great influence. In many standards, the content is nothing more than two categories of content requirements: EMC (electromagnetic interference) and FCC (Safety Specification). Different countries and different certification standards have different parameter requirements.The first is EMC, including EMS and EMI. Generally speaking, EMS mainly includes four aspects: lightning stroke test, EFD (fast pulse group test), EST (electrostatic test) and C / S (anti conduction test); EMI mainly includes three aspects: conduction test, magnetic field radiation and space radiation. Each content test has detailed compliance parameter requirements. These contents have their own certification number in many certifications, and the compliance is graded. For example, you take your product for CE certification, In the full load test of each project in EMS, there are no more than four results: 1. The product is broken --- f (failure); During the test, the machine crashes and can work normally after restarting -- level C meets the standard; During the test, the product is disturbed and the output load fluctuates -- class B meets the standard; There is no change in the output during the test - class A is the best.Secondly, it is safety regulation certification. The so-called safety regulation is the safety regulation. If you meet the safety regulation of each certification standard, you can pass the certification standard. This aspect is mainly divided into six items: 1. Temperature rise: including shell, X capacitor, coil (inductance and transformer), optical coupling, transformer skeleton, power line, PCB board, etc; 2. Withstand voltage: between input and output: there are specific voltage requirements for basic insulation voltage and functional insulation requirements (enhanced insulation requirements); 3. Leakage current: different specific requirements for different output power; 4. Input and output parameter requirements; 5. Mechanical requirements: including the distance between input lines, the distance between two points of fuse, primary and secondary of transformer, etc; 6. Overall product structure, different products have different requirements.Generally speaking, if you want to pass the certification, you should do it from the above two major items and the specific content requirements of these two major items. Only when you meet the requirements of these projects can you meet the overall requirements of various standards and allow your products to be smoothly exported to various countries in Europe and the United States.
Classification and Trend of Automotive CE Certification EMC Standards
Classification and Trend of Automotive CE Certification EMC Standards
1 Automotive CE certification EMC Standardization OrganizationAutomotive CE certification EMC standards are divided into international standards, regional standards, national standards and enterprise standards. At present, the international standardization organizations that formulate CE certification EMC include the international organization for Standardization (ISO), the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) and the Special Committee on radio interference (CISPR) of the International Electrotechnical Commission.Regional standards are mainly European ECE regulations and EEC directives. National standards associations include American National Standards Institute (ANSI), Federal Communications Commission (FCC), American Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), German Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications (FTZ), German Institute of Electrical Engineers (VDE), British Standards Institute (BSI) and Japanese civil interference control committee (VCCI). The role of the above standards associations is to coordinate with international standards, And formulate their own standards.Major international automobile companies have their own enterprise CE certification EMC standards, such as Ford, general motors, Volkswagen, BMW, Fiat in Italy and PSA group in France. Their enterprise standards are much stricter than those commonly used in the world.2 classification and trend of CE certified EMC standardsAlthough there are many kinds of EMC standards for automotive CE certification, according to the measurement method, they can be divided into four standards: conducted emission, conducted immunity, radiated emission and radiated immunity.2.1 conducted emissionConducted emission is divided into transient emission and continuous emission: transient emission refers to the interference signal generated by the tested equipment through the power line at the moment of switching on or off; Continuous emission is the continuous interference of the tested equipment to the power line. Most transient conducted emission measurements basically adopt the measurement methods specified in ISO 7637-2 standard, but the limits specified in each standard are different. For example, the limit specified by Ford company is - 150V / 100V, while the limit specified by Fiat company is - 60V / 60V. For the measurement of continuous conducted emission, most standards basically adopt the measurement method equivalent to CISPR25 after revision in recent years. For continuous conducted emission, the third edition of CISPR25 adds the experimental method of ignition system measurement on the basis of the second edition. This method was first covered in the Volkswagen enterprise standard. From this point, it can be seen that the international standard is also learning from the reasonable experimental methods in other standards.2.2 conducted immunityConducted immunity measurement is divided into conducted immunity of power line and conducted immunity of signal line.2.2.1 immunity of power lineIn the immunity measurement standard of power line, some enterprise standards are quite different from ISO7637-2. For example, Ford's conducted immunity standard is divided into 6 categories and 19 waveforms, while ISO7637-2 is divided into 5 categories and 8 waveforms, and Chrysler's is divided into 7 categories and 13 waveforms. ISO's power line conducted immunity standard is to simulate four types of interference phenomena that may occur during vehicle operation: inductive load cut-off, switch on moment, voltage drop and load throwing. Ford's power line immunity standard is different from ISO7637-2 except that inductive load cut-off and voltage drop are similar to ISO7637, For example, Ford standard puts forward more extensive and strict rules in terms of conducted immunity of power line to simulate the interference phenomena of continuous interference, AC ground voltage offset, short-time interruption of power supply voltage and voltage overload during vehicle charging.2.2.2 immunity of signal line conductionThe 2006 version of iso7637-3 standard has made great changes on the basis of the 1995 version of the standard, adding the direct capacitor coupling (DCC) method and inductive coupling clamp (ICC) method, that is, adding the rule of slow pulse (pulse 1 and pulse 2 in ISO7637-2). This rule has been reflected in the 2002 version of the public standard, The purpose of adding this rule is to cover all possible electromagnetic interference phenomena in the line in the measurement, so as to ensure the reliability of vehicle electronic system.2.3 radiation emissionFor radiation emission measurement, both EEC directives and enterprise standards refer to cispr12 and CISPR25 in measurement methods, which is also the trend of automotive CE certification EMC standards.2.3.1 vehicle radiation emissionAt present, the limit value of broadband radiation emission measurement of the whole vehicle in EEC directive is equivalent to cispr12. The limit value of narrowband radiation emission measurement of the whole vehicle is different from cispr12, which is generally more stringent than cispr12. Cispr12 version 6 adds the mean limit line, that is, when the ignition key is "on" and the engine is not started, the mean detection method is used to measure the narrowband interference signal of the vehicle, while the peak and quasi peak detection methods are used when the engine is running. That is, mean detection is adopted for narrowband measurement, and peak and quasi peak detection are adopted for wideband measurement, which is also a significant change from 6dB method to mean detection method.The use of mean detector in narrowband measurement has the following advantages:·It can suppress the pulse interference component in the disturbance signal and measure the narrowband signal component more effectively;·Suppressing the amplitude modulation component and measuring the carrier level in the amplitude modulation signal;·For intermittent, unstable and drift narrowband signals, it can be detected.2.3.2 radiation emission of partsFor radiated emission measurement of parts, the standard limit adopted by EEC is much looser than CISPR25, and the frequency range is also different. The frequency range of EEC is 30m-1ghz, while the frequency range of CISPR25 is 150 kHz 2500 MHz. Foreign enterprises such as Volkwagen, BMW, GM, Ford and PSA have formulated their own enterprise standards on the basis of CISPR25 standard. The experimental methods and sample layout are basically the same, but the measurement frequency band, limit value and detection mode are different. Each enterprise standard formulates the frequency band range and limit value according to the characteristics and use frequency of the on-board receiver used by the company's vehicles. At the same time, due to the different countries and uses of each model, the frequency band range to be protected is different. Generally, only the frequency band involved in the model is protected.The third version of CISPR25 has great changes compared with the second version: the frequency range of the second version is 150 kHz 1000 MHz, while the third version has raised the upper limit of the frequency range to 2.5GHz. The expanded frequency bands include DAB, GPS, GSM, 3G and Bluetooth, and the sub-band range has also been greatly adjusted. There are also great changes in the provisions of measurement limits. The original limits are divided into broadband and narrowband limits, and the detection mode is peak and quasi peak; At present, the limits are divided into peak / quasi peak limits and mean limits, and the detection methods are peak, quasi peak and mean.Now more and more passenger cars use window antennas, which require amplifiers, so the background noise of antenna signals will increase. In order to eliminate the interference of receiver background noise and antenna background noise on the measurement results, the active antenna background noise measurement method is added in the third edition.2.4 Radiated Immunity2.4.1 Radiated Immunity of the whole vehicleThe measurement methods of most radiation immunity standards are equivalent to ISO 11451. For example, the vehicle immunity of EEC directive and Volkswagen enterprise standard are equivalent to ISO 11451-2, ISO 11451-3 and ISO 11451-4 respectively. However, the immunity levels adopted by EEC directive and Volkswagen standard are very different. For example, the field strength adopted by EEC is 30V / M and that adopted by Volkswagen standard is 150V / m. Since the 2004 version, EEC directive has raised the upper frequency limit of immunity to 2GHz and Volkswagen standard to 3GHz. At the same time, both standards have added the rule of pulse modulation according to ISO 11451-1. The frequency of pulse adjustment is 217hz, but the duty cycle of EEC directive is 12.5% (equivalent to ISO), and the duty cycle of Volkswagen standard is 50%. Pulse modulation rules are also added to cover electromagnetic interference sources similar to radar waves.2.4.2 Radiated Immunity of partsThe trend of Radiated Immunity standard of parts is the same as that of the whole vehicle. The upper limit of immunity frequency of EEC directive and Volkswagen standard is also increased to 2GHz and 3GHz respectively, and pulse modulation is also increased.3 conclusion3.1 adapt to the trend of new technology·The frequency range of CISPR25 is increased from 150 kHz 1000 MHz to 150 kHz 2.5GHz to adapt to the use of DVB, GPS, GSM, 3G and Bluetooth technologies in automobiles.·With the use of active antenna, the accuracy of measurement results is questioned to a certain extent. The amplification characteristics, nonlinearity, distortion and signal-to-noise ratio of active antenna will interfere with the measurement results. Therefore, the background noise measurement method of active antenna is added to the standard.3.2 covers all electromagnetic phenomena·Radiation immunity increases pulse modulation function·Signal line conduction immunity increases with slow pulses3.3 the measurement method is becoming more and more reasonable·Narrowband measurement is changed from 6dB method to mean detection method.·CISPR / D branch is conducting further analysis of active antenna.
Kubao Series Robots Independently Developed by HiSoft Innovation Have Obtained CE Certification
The authoritative certification body t Ü V Greater China of Rhine, Germany (hereinafter referred to as "t Ü V Rhine") issued the en iso3691-4:2020 mechanical instruction certificate to the box storage robot product kubao series robot (haipik A42 / a42d / a42n) independently developed by Hairou innovation.As an EU recognized access certification, CE certification is regarded as a "pass" for manufacturers to open and enter the European market. The successful CE certification of kubao robot series products not only proves the safety performance of Hairou innovative kubao robot, but also marks that the global development of Hairou innovation has entered a new stage.Enabling smart logistics with securityAt the certification ceremony, COO Fang Bing, co-founder of hiSoft innovation, said: "the kubao series robots independently developed by hiSoft innovation comply with the EN ISO 3691-4:2020 standard from the beginning of design. Based on the essential requirement of safety and reliability, through reasonable software and hardware design, they meet the high-performance safety level requirements of open warehousing and logistics scenarios."Hairou innovative kubao robot is equipped with mature and reliable safety devices such as safety PLC, dual laser scanner and safety tentacle, which meets the requirements of stable, efficient, safe and reliable intelligent storage. The robot can dynamically adjust the personnel protection strategy according to different work areas to achieve the balance of safety and efficiency. In addition, the peripheral supporting equipment of kubao robot, such as automatic charging pile, has also passed CE certification.From the previous generation of EN 1525-1997 to the latest iso-3691-4:2020, the innovative product safety strategy of Hercules keeps up with and adapts to the latest safety standards. At the same time, comprehensively consider the customer's security requirements and real business processes, schedule and use peripherals with different security levels, maintain system security and stable performance, and maximize the interests of customers."Combined fist" of box storage robotWith the improvement of the demand for enterprise logistics automation transformation, it has become an inevitable trend to open up the whole link between material preparation warehouse, production line, line side warehouse, semi-finished product warehouse and finished product warehouse. However, the previous solutions such as multi-layer shuttle car, box stacker and autostore are not fully suitable in some scenarios.In view of this, Hairou innovation combines the advantages of mobile robots and three-dimensional warehouses to launch a box storage robot system in the industry. It has many advantages, such as high compatibility, high capacity rate, high profitability, high automation, high flexibility and high reliability. It can form a set of "combination fist" through docking with various storage equipment, forming the effect of 1 1 > 2.In 2020, kubao robot will develop from a bin robot to a series of box storage robots, deriving haipicka42 (multi-layer bin robot), haipicka42d (double deep bin robot), haipicka42n (carton picking robot), haipicka42t (telescopic lifting bin robot) and haipicka42slam (laser slam bin robot). For customer use scenarios, Provide all-round and customized solutions.As of May this year, hiSoft innovation has implemented more than 200 projects worldwide, covering 3PL, shoes and clothing, e-commerce, electric power, 3C manufacturing, medicine, retail and other industries. Using kubao system, customers can realize warehouse automation transformation within one week, improve storage density by 80% - 130%, and improve workers' work efficiency by 3-4 times.Editing: JQ
FCC, ROHS and CE Certification and Compliance Closed
FCC part:Since your device doesn't have any RF components, it's classified as "unintentional radiator" under FCC rules. Hence, you're not required to have an FCC certificate if you want to sell it. Having an FCC certificate done by an external test lab is still recommended, since it covers you in case of lawsuits to some extent.Of course, you can study the relevant standards to make sure your device is complying, but since you cannot self-declare FCC compliance, these are of limited useClosed. This question needs to be more focused. It is not currently accepting answers. Want to improve this question? Update the question so it focuses on one problem only by editing this post. Closed 4 years ago. Improve this questionI have design a PCB which has Stepper driver, micro-controller, 204JHD display, MOSFETS for driving fans and TRIACS for driving heaters.There is not RF components on the PCB.What are the criterias for makiing the PCB compliance with FCC, CE and ROHS ?Are there any specific guidelines or rules for which i must follow to make my PCB compliance with FCC, CE and ROHS ?Where to get the reading materials for the guidelines or rules, if any ?Do i have to go to any institution or lab to make my PCB compliance with FCC, CE and ROHS ?·OTHER ANSWER:Closed. This question needs to be more focused. It is not currently accepting answers. Want to improve this question? Update the question so it focuses on one problem only by editing this post. Closed 4 years ago. Improve this questionI have design a PCB which has Stepper driver, micro-controller, 204JHD display, MOSFETS for driving fans and TRIACS for driving heaters.There is not RF components on the PCB.What are the criterias for makiing the PCB compliance with FCC, CE and ROHS ?Are there any specific guidelines or rules for which i must follow to make my PCB compliance with FCC, CE and ROHS ?Where to get the reading materials for the guidelines or rules, if any ?Do i have to go to any institution or lab to make my PCB compliance with FCC, CE and ROHS ?
The Whole System of Xinsong Mobile Robot Has Passed the EU CE Certification, Which Is of Two Unusual
Recently, the first batch of 22 sets of mobile robots have been officially tested, assembled and offline, and will soon start their long journey to Europe. In the eyes of engineer Li Mingru, this moment is familiar and strange - this scene not only marks the phased victory of the project, but also the crystallization of the sweat and wisdom of their team in the past nine months:AGV sent to Europe - the ordinary appearance represents not only the consistent stability and reliability, but also the innovation focuses more on the inner soul(Figure) on the opening day of CeMAT Asia International Logistics Exhibition on November 6, Xinsong and South Germany group held the CE certificate and t ü V mark certificate issuing ceremonyA special project has achieved the first in ChinaCE certified (mobile) robot systemThe beginning of the story stems from the needs of a well-known customer - Land Rover, a dream car for all men. Land Rover's new project in the UK is under intense preparation and construction. In the procurement of mobile robots, Land Rover took the lead in thinking of China's Xinsong company.The first Land Rover was born in 1948, and today it has become the world's top luxury SUV brandThe harlewood factory, a British Jaguar Land Rover, is located in Hale village in the suburb of Liverpool. The main production models are Land Rover Aurora, discovery Shenxing, etcIn the technical exchange with customers, Li Mingru's team with rich project experience is handy for customer needs. However, a sharp problem is in front of them. If any product wants to enter the European market, it must be affixed with a special equipment passport - "CE" mark. However, CE certification is an authoritative safety certification with rigorous and complex process. At present, no domestic mobile robot manufacturer can pass CE certification for the whole system."Then let's go to CE certification!" the firmness of the R & D team was beyond everyone's expectation. However, if you understand the story of Xinsong's overcoming difficulties and showing his sword against the enemy again and again in the development process, you will feel that everything is expected. It has become the habit of Xinsong people to explore, innovate and make breakthroughs in an ocean without lighthouse guidance.Different from stand-alone authentication, the whole system of mobile robotThe difficulty of certification has doubledBefore that, many domestic manufacturers, including Xinsong, have applied for and passed the CE certification of single mobile robot. However, the difficulty of the whole system certification has doubled, and this field is still blank in China. In addition to the strict requirements for the robot body, the system certification also has strict regulations on the robot peripheral equipment, control and scheduling system, which also ensures the safety and efficiency of the whole mobile robot system to the greatest extent.In addition, Xinsong also cooperated with ATG to build a line integrated management and control module to seamlessly connect Xinsong AGV scheduling system with Land Rover's manufacturing execution system (MES). It realizes the coordinated operation between the central control system and the robot system, realizes a high degree of information and automation process, conforms to the design concept of digital workshop, and forms a complete mobile robot system.After careful observation, we will find that there are many safety signs on the car body, which all reflect the British people's extremely strict requirements for equipment, from safety to technical indicatorsCE standard, customer process requirements,It is equally important for XinsongGenerally speaking, CE certification requires products to meet the conditions that do not endanger the safety of humans, animals and goods. This coincides with Xinsong's concept of strictly controlling product safety in the process of R & D and production - Xinsong's products pay great attention to the safety of products in the actual application process from the initial scheme design, to the selection of various devices, to circuit design, equipment assembly and other process links, so as to prevent any products with potential safety hazards from entering the market.At the end of December 2017, Xinsong team cooperated with the international professional certification and testing organization t Ü v South Germany group and began to tackle the difficulties of CE certification. With the good safety concept, independent intellectual property rights and the ability of full autonomy from R & D to production formed for a long time, Xinsong team has the unique advantage of completing CE certification. It can improve the details of devices and design in combination with CE standards on the premise that the whole system of its mobile robot has high safety.T Ü v s Ü D - as everyone familiar with the industrial automation industry knows, it is the largest and oldest t Ü V inspection organization in the world. We invite it to conduct CE certification for our AGV products"Even so, we can't do CE certification in order to pass CE certification", the project team set such a puzzling goal for itself. It turns out that if only safety issues are considered in accordance with CE standards, the working efficiency of the robot will be affected to a certain extent, thus affecting the process beat of the customer's site. Starting from the needs of customers, Xinsong R & D team re optimized the robot body design, guaranteed the efficiency to the greatest extent on the basis of meeting CE certification, created a safety control system with safety level 3 and performance level PL level D, and finally successfully obtained the CE safety certification mark and China's first mobile robot t ü v-mark. After 9 months, only the Xinsong team knows how much bitterness and pride they have.For the battery compartment carrying Land Rover new energy vehicles, a lifting mechanism needs to be designed according to the needs of Party A. Party A's requirements for accuracy have reached the extreme, and we have also brought China's processing technology into full playThe whole battery assembly line can run up to 20 AGVs at the same time. The extension from engine assembly to battery assembly is also the result of the high development of global new energy industryAnother milestone! Xinsong whole system passedEU CE certification is of great significanceThe whole system of Xinsong mobile robot has passed the EU CE certification, which has two unusual meanings.First, lay a foundation for Xinsong to further expand the European market.CE mark is the pass for products to enter the European market. CE certification shows that the whole system of Xinsong's mobile robot has met the safety requirements specified in the EU directive. It is also a commitment of Xinsong to consumers, which increases consumers' trust in Xinsong brand, and reduces the accidental risks of products being detained by customs, investigated and dealt with by market supervision institutions and malicious allegations by competitors in the European market. In addition, in the future, when other types of AGV products of Xinsong enter the European market, they only need to be certified for the details that have changed with the whole AGV system that has passed CE certification, which greatly shortens the cycle of entering the European market.British Land Rover AGV assembly test - Xinsong's engineers are conducting operation training for the maintenance teamSecond, it plays an exemplary role in the extensive cooperation between domestic robot enterprises and the European market.As a leading enterprise of Chinese robots, Xinsong has created many "firsts" in the domestic robot industry. The first listed company in the industry and the first to obtain "computer information system integration and service" "First class qualification, the first batch of 91 innovative enterprises and the chairman unit of China robot industry alliance... Now Xinsong has become the first domestic brand whose whole mobile robot system has passed CE certification, which proves that domestic robots have gone hand in hand with the world robot giant enterprises in some technical fields, and the R & D and manufacturing level has been able to benchmark the process of world-class manufacturers Demand, which will play an exemplary role in the extensive cooperation between domestic robot enterprises and the European market in the future.Xinsong partners are all over the worldOver the past 18 years, Xinsong has been adhering to the corporate mission of leading the development of the industry, promoting industrial progress and improving the quality of life. It has always worked hard to build a world-class high-tech enterprise and develop into an internationally influential intelligent product and service provider!
Zhongyuhao Company Successfully Completed the Update of EU CE Certification
Some products of Beijing zhongyuhao Electric Co., Ltd. have recently completed the renewal of CE certification for access to the EU market after obtaining u l certification in the United States. Among them, 56 switching power module products and 67 EMC / EMI power filter products have obtained EU CE certification. It shows that the series products of Beijing zhongyuhao Electric Co., Ltd. have met the requirements of relevant EU directives.Some of the products of zhongyuhao company obtained the U.S. UL, Rosh and EU CE certification ten years ago. The products have met the access conditions of European and American markets and can be legally put on the market in Europe and America.Zhongyuhao company successfully completed the update of EU CE certification: power module productsZhongyuhao company successfully completed the update of EU CE certification: power module productsZhongyuhao company successfully completed the update of EU CE certification: EMC / EMI power filter productsZhongyuhao company successfully completed the update of EU CE certification: EMC / EMI power filter productsZhongyuhao company successfully completed the update of EU CE certification: EMC / EMI power filter productsZhongyuhao company successfully completed the update of EU CE certification: EMC / EMI power filter productsZhongyuhao company successfully completed the update of EU CE certification: power module productsZhongyuhao company successfully completed the update of EU CE certification: power module products
What Items Need to Be Tested for UL and CE Certification of Isolated Transceivers?
ZLG isolation transceiver has passed UL and CE certification in the United States and the European Union to create a world-class reliability isolation transceiver, which is suitable for all kinds of industrial can and RS-485 buses, effectively improving the protection level of the bus and ensuring the reliability and stability of communication.Guangzhou Zhiyuan Electronics Co., Ltd. was established in 2001 with a registered capital of 50 million yuan. It is a national high-tech certification enterprise and a well-known enterprise in the domestic embedded and industrial Internet industries. It has a deep accumulation of embedded and industrial communication technology.In July 2018, with a perfect product quality assurance system and the accumulation of CAN bus isolation technology in recent 20 years, Zhiyuan Electronics Co., Ltd. ensured the stable and reliable performance of the isolation transceiver series products from product R & D, testing, production to user use, and obtained the certificates of American UL certification and EU CE certification respectively, Build a world-class isolated transceiver.1、 Introduction to isolated transceiver certification1. UL certificationUL is short for Underwriter Laboratories Inc. UL safety testing institute is the most authoritative in the United States and a large non-governmental organization engaged in safety testing and identification in the world. UL has more than a century of expertise in the field of innovative security solutions, covering all disciplines from public electricity to breakthrough renewable emerging energy and nanotechnology. UL is committed to creating a safer living and working environment for the public and ensuring the safety of the public, products and places, so as to promote global trade and provide peace of mind for the public. The UL certification of Zhiyuan electronic isolation transceiver complies with UL 62368-1 and can / CSA c22.2 No. 62368-1-14 audio / video, information and communication equipment Part 1: Safety requirements.Figure 1 UL Icon2. CE certificationCE certification is limited to the basic safety requirements of products that do not endanger the safety of humans, animals and goods, rather than general quality requirements. The coordination directive only specifies the main requirements, and the general directive requirements are standard tasks. Therefore, the exact meaning is that CE mark is a safety qualified mark rather than a quality qualified mark. It is the "main requirement" that forms the core of the European directive.Figure 2 CE Icon3. CB certificationCB system (IEC system for qualification test and certification of electrical products) is an international system operated by IECEE. The certification bodies of IECEE member states test the safety performance of electrical products based on IEC standards, and the test results, namely CB test report and CB test certificate, are mutually recognized in IECEE member states.Figure 3 CB mark4. Test itemsThe test project is mainly divided into two parts, EMC and safety compliance test. EMC test mainly includes radiation (EMI) and immunity (EMS). The specific radiation test items are as follows:L electromagnetic compatibility emission requirements for multimedia equipment (EN 55032-2015);L electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). Part 3: limit values. Section 2: limit values of harmonic current radiation (EN 61000-3-2:2014);L electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). Part 3-3: limits. Restrictions on voltage variation, voltage fluctuation and flicker of public low-voltage power supply systems for connected equipment with rated current of 16 A or less per phase (IEC 61000-3-3:2013).EMC immunity test items are as follows:L electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). Part 4-2: Test and measurement techniques. Electrostatic discharge immunity test (IEC 61000-4-2:2008);L electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). Part 4-3: testing and measurement techniques - Radiated, radio frequency, electromagnetic field immunity test (IEC 61000-4-3:2010);L electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). Part 4-4: testing and measurement techniques - Electrical fast transient / burst immunity test (IEC 61000-4-4:2012);L electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). Part 4-5: Test and measurement techniques. Surge immunity test (IEC 61000-4-5:2005);L electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). Part 4-6: testing and measurement techniques. Immunity to conducted interference induced by RF field (IEC 61000-4-6:2008);L electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). Part 4-8: Test and measurement techniques - power frequency magnetic field immunity test (IEC 61000-4-8:2009);L electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). Part 4-11: Test and measurement methods. Voltage drop, short circuit and voltage fluctuation immunity test (IEC 61000-4-11:2004).All the above test items ZLG Zhiyuan electronic isolation modules have passed, which can be applied to various industrial field applications and effectively improve the bus protection ability. The test results are as follows.Figure 4 UL EMC test reportThe security test mainly includes: the security of information technology equipment. Part 1: General requirements (IEC 60950-1:2005), audio / video, information and communication equipment Part 1: Safety requirements (IEC 62368-1:2014). The details are as follows.Figure 5 CB IEC 60950-1:2005 safety regulation test reportFigure 6 CB IEC 62368-1: 2014 safety regulation test report2、 Introduction to Zhiyuan electronic isolation moduleZhiyuan electronics released the first isolated can / RS-485 transceiver in China in 2003, and has accumulated bus isolation technology for nearly two decades. At present, CTM series isolated can transceiver covers all can bus communication protocols such as can2.0a, CAN2.0B, fault-tolerant can and can FD. The transmission channel of RSM series isolated RS-485 transceiver covers single channel, double channel and four channel, and the transmission rate supports 9.6kbps 1Mbps. It is a leading brand in China's isolated can transceiver industry. Zhiyan electronic isolation transceiver has built-in complete isolation DC-DC circuit, signal isolation circuit, can / RS-485 bus transceiver circuit and bus protection circuit, with higher integration and reliability. It is suitable for occasions requiring high stability bus communication and can effectively help users improve the protection level of bus communication. Now Zhiyuan electronics has won UL and CE certification in the United States and Europe and America for its excellent performance and stability. It has comprehensively built a world-class stability isolation transceiver. The models that have passed UL / CE certification are as follows:L isolated can transceiver: ctm1051k (a) t, ctm8251k (a) t;L isolated RS-485 transceiver: RSM (3) 485pht, RSM (3) 485echt.Figure 7 UL / CE certified series
Overseas Competition Ge, Stander Robot Has Obtained EU CE Certification
T Ü V Rhine recently announced that the AMR 600-ce / SRL of stead robot using laser slam navigation has passed the EU CE certification. Stander leads the development of independent mobile robot industry with safe and reliable products, and lays a solid foundation for China smart manufacturing to open the EU market and go to the world.CE mark is a mandatory safety mark for products proposed by EU law and a pass for products to enter the European market. As an independent third-party certification body officially authorized by the European Union, the German Rhine t Ü V group, which is CE certified for stander robot this time, is regarded as the global benchmark of quality and integrity.This certification adopts the latest standard ISO 3691-4:2020 issued by the European Union in 2020, which is also known as the "strictest and most comprehensive safety standard assessed by the European Union so far", and puts forward higher requirements for the safety performance of robots:Not only the product control system design, parts selection, robot structure and many other standards are required to be stable and reliable; Moreover, the product is required to maintain high safety when working with people, environment and other mechanical equipment; In addition, it should be reassessed after a certain service cycle to prevent the risks caused by aging and overuse.AMR 600-ce-srl is an industrial grade autonomous mobile robot specially developed by stander robot for overseas markets. It has a rated load of 600kg, is equipped with a jacking backpack module, and adopts a self-developed high-precision laser slam navigation mode; Equipped with dual lidar to provide 360 ° safety scanning; The depth camera realizes three-dimensional environment perception, assists the dual radar to realize richer and more stable obstacle avoidance detection, and improves the safety performance; The edge and corner proximity detection sensor detects the edge and corner to realize zero blind area of environmental detection. In complex environment, it can avoid obstacles intelligently, maintain high safety performance, and protect its own safety and the safety of personnel and environment.In this certification, the performance levels such as personnel detection and speed monitoring have reached PLD level. AMR 600-ce-srl has successfully passed the certification relying on its good quality and performance, marking that stander robot has further obtained international recognition in terms of product quality and safety performance, and its technical strength ranks among the international advanced levels.Stander robot has implemented several large projects in dozens of countries and regions such as the United States, Japan, Vietnam and Egypt. Passing the CE certification means opening the door to the EU market and taking a solid step in the deployment of stander robot's global sales and service network.
GP Speedmaster's New Sub-brand "100% Biba" Fully Launches New Products
GP Speedmaster's New Sub-brand "100% Biba" Fully Launches New Products
For game lovers, especially for somatosensory gamers like Xbox, the importance of high-energy batteries is self-evident. If the performance of the 5th battery is strong, it will definitely bring a more lasting experience and enjoyment. In order to meet the needs of game enthusiasts, GP Speedmaster’s new sub-brand "100% Biba" has made full efforts to carefully launch a green and environmentally friendly rechargeable battery with very powerful performance, which perfectly surpasses the traditional nickel-metal hydride in the game field. Rechargeable Battery.The 100% Biba brand new environmentally friendly rechargeable battery has inherited the powerful genetic advantages of GP Speedmaster. Compared with the traditional Ni-MH rechargeable battery, the new 100% Biba environmentally friendly rechargeable battery has a 1.2V full-range constant voltage and a large capacity of 2300mAH. The revolutionary technology makes it a new-generation leader in the rechargeable battery industry. Under the recommendation of gamers, 100% of the new Buba battery was snapped up by the whole people, and battery sales continued to soar, and it was also known as "the best cp partner for Xbox controllers."The discharge performance of the new generation of 100% Biba environmentally friendly rechargeable batteries is quite strong, suitable for use in various high-current and high-voltage electronic devices such as gamepads and wireless mice. The social media 3DM game network has conducted actual evaluation on it, and the results show that the 100% Biba battery does have excellent performance. Faced with the tests of many games such as "Monster Hunter WorldIn the 5-hour gaming experience, the fully-powered 100% Biba battery strongly assists the Xbox controller, presenting an excellent gaming feast full of speed and excitement.In addition to the amazing battery life, the new generation of 100% Biba's new generation of environmentally friendly rechargeable batteries has also passed the authority SGS quality certification. More than 90% of its battery materials can be recycled, and the battery can be used repeatedly for more than 300 times. The environmental protection level is among the top in the world. . Even if it is stored for one year in the standby state, the battery still has more than 70% of the remaining capacity. Excellent quality can naturally be loved by consumers.In terms of charging safety, 100% must be very careful. Under the concept of striving for perfection, 100% Beba fits the life charging scene, and designed a "back window" hollow charger with automatic power-off intelligent recognition, so that the safety issues such as heat dissipation, short circuit, overcharge, etc. have been greatly improved. The improvement brings us a safer charging environment.It can be said that the emergence of a new generation of environmentally friendly rechargeable batteries with 100% Biba has become a boon for game enthusiasts. I believe this 2300 mAh super-capacity rechargeable battery set combination, you will fall in love with it after using it!fqj
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