B.C. Duo to Declare Runs for Federal Tory Leadership

The Conservative Party, which was decimatedin Canadas three largestcities and lost much of its B.C. power base in 2015, are about to get two new leadership campaign entrants who vowto fix that problem.

Andrew Saxton Jr., son of one of B.C.

s most prominent and successful entrepreneurs, will announce details of his candidacy in North Vancouver on Tuesday. Im a proud British Columbian, and we should be at the table when the next Official Opposition leader is chosen next May, said Saxton, a former finance industry executive who represented the federal riding of North Vancouver from 2008 until his defeat in 2015. Heportrayed himself as a social policy moderate and fiscal conservative determined to help Tories win back the trust of urban Canadians.

We are going to stay close to our base in rural Canada, but in order to be back in government we have to win back urban Canada, and we didnt do it last time, he said in an exclusive interview. Saxton, 52, served as parliamentary secretary to the ministers of the Treasury Board and finance while representing North Vancouver. Like almost all B.

C. urban Tory MPs, he lost his ridingin 2015 in a province where the party took only 10 of 42 seats, far below the results in 2011, when the party dominated by taking 21 of 36 ridings. He is the son of Andrew Saxton Sr.

, who emigrated to Canada from post-war Hungary in 1947 and would eventually become a founding executive in such companies as Laurentide Financial Corporation, King George Financial Corporation, Grouse Mountain Resources, the B.C. Television Broadcasting System and the Granville Island Hotel and Marina Ltd.

The second expected candidate who has scheduled a news conference Tuesday is Vancouver businessman Rick Peterson. A fluently bilingual Alberta native, Peterson ran unsuccessfully for the B.C.

Conservative Party leadership in 2014, and in the past has been critical of former federal leader Stephen Harpers lack of visibility in Vancouver and other big cities. Saxton and Peterson will enter a race that appears wide open after the partys most visible ministers in the Harper era, like Jason Kenney of Alberta, Peter MacKay of Nova Scotia and James Moore of B.C.

, declined the opportunity to take on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in the next election, setfor 2019. Declared candidates include MPs Maxime Bernier of Quebec, Michael Chong, Erin OToole, Chris Alexander and Kellie Leitch of Ontario, Andrew Scheer and Brad Trost of Saskatchewan, and Deepak Obhrai of Alberta. Former minister Lisa Raitt, an Ontario MP who now services as the Official Opposition finance critic, is among those also expected to declare their intentions soon.

Saxton portrays himself as a functional though not fluent French-speaker, and as a social moderate and fiscal conservative who understands the sentiments of Canadians in the multicultural big cities. He cited the focus on hot-button issues like the right of Muslim women to wear a face-covering niqab at citizenship ceremonies as one of the partys errors inthe 2015 campaign. It was an issue that was important to some people in some parts of country, but not all people in all parts of the country.

It definitely became a distraction. While Saxtonsaid he will outline his major policy planks during the leadership campaign, he said the focus on winning back cities will includehelping entrepreneurs thrive and aiding Canadians on bread-and-butter economic issues. The cost of living, housing, and job opportunities are all very important issues that need to be addressed.

Saxtonsaid the big fiscal deficits planned by the Trudeau government will eventually putthe entire country in the same situation thatB.C. found itself in duringwhat he called the lost decade of the 1990s, when the NDP ruled the province.

Im very concerned were having the same experience now at the federal level. In a crowded field of candidates touting their fiscal conservative credentials, Saxton said he stands out due to his experience in the finance industry, which included stints with Credit Suisse on Wall Street and as senior vice-president with HSBC Private Banking in Singapore. Im the only candidate who has significant private sector experience in the finance industry, as well experience in government as parliamentary secretary to two significant ministriestreasury board and finance.

On B.C. issues, Saxtonsaid if he became prime minister he would consider at least partly revoking the crude oil tanker moratorium that the Liberals have promised for B.

C.s north coast. That promise, if implemented, would prevent Enbridge Inc.

from shipping diluted bitumen from a proposed terminal in Kitimat. We may have to look at a partial removal (of the moratorium) because we have to have a gateway to get our resources to market, he said, noting that the tax revenues help pay for hospitals and universities. Saxton joined the majority of declared candidates who reject Kellie Leitchs proposal to have a values test for prospective immigrants.

Our values are certainly worth protecting, but to put a screening test (in) isnt workable and it doesnt sendthe right message. On candidate Brad Trosts focus on raising issues like abortion and the need to protect traditional marriages, Saxton said: The Conservative Party is a big tent party, we welcome people who have different opinions. But I will not be revisiting issues already decided byParliament.

Saxton, who attended Torontos exclusive Upper Canada College during his high school years, rejected the notion that he may have trouble relating to working-class Canadians. He said he worked summers to pay for his university education and in fact took his first job at age nine. His mother, the owner of the old Rainbow Lodge in Whistler, told him that summer that he was to dig up and sell worms to guests using rental rowboats to fish on Alta Lake.

He earned $100 that summer. If I write write a book some day Ill call it From Worms to Wall Street, he quipped. It taught me the importance of hard work.

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Houston Wins N.S. Tory Leadership After Main Challenger Drops Out
HALIFAX Nova Scotia Progressive Conservatives have a new leader after the second place challenger in the five-way race dramatically dropped off the ballot Saturday at the partys convention in Halifax.Tim Houston watched as Cecil Clarke strode across the floor with a train of his supporters, minutes after the results of the first ballot left the partys finance critic just 53 points shy of the 2,550 points needed to win under the conventions weighted voting system.Clarke, who won 1,385 points on the first ballot, told Houston he conceded early because he wanted to ensure party unity coming out of the convention.A beaming Houston said he was grateful for Clarkes magnanimous move, which was later seconded by the remaining candidates in the race when they also dropped off the ballot.Im very proud that he (Clarke) did it, he said. This is a high moment. Its a high moment for the party and Im really grateful that this happened.As a result, Houston said he was 100% convinced that he would be leading a united party.For his part, Clarke, the mayor of the Cape Breton Regional Municipality and a former Tory cabinet minister, said he knew what he needed to do after the first ballot.I believe in bringing this party together and its about the next election, Clarke said to reporters.The party is bigger than any one person and its bigger than me and I am happy to support our new leader Tim Houston.Houston, 48, a chartered accountant, positioned himself during the nearly year-long campaign as the best candidate to take on the governing Liberals in the next election, expected sometime in 2021.Houston was first elected to the provincial legislature are the MLA for Pictou East in 2013 and he was re-elected in 2017. The Pictou County resident is married and has two children.The perceived front-runner was the first into the race, jumping in soon after former leader Jamie Baillie announced that he was stepping down last November. Baillie later resigned in January amid unspecified allegations of inappropriate behaviour.As a result of his aggressive style and status, Houston often became the target of his opponents through a series of six debates held across the province.On Saturday, Houston said he was sure there wouldnt be any acrimony in the future.Candidates and fellow caucus members John Lohr and Elizabeth Smith-McCrossin had been particularly critical. During the campaign they pledged second-choice support to each other and were clear that their supporters should follow their lead.I think thats over now, Houston said. The race is over and we are caucus colleagues . . . and we will just get to work and get going on the things that matter to Nova Scotians.Lohr placed a distant third in first ballot voting with 692 points, followed by Smith-McCrossin with 384 points, while candidate Julie Chaisson finished last with 140 points and was automatically dropped.A total of 8,947 votes were cast with 208 recorded as spoiled.Party officials said more than 76 per cent of votes cast on the first ballot were done so in advanced voting.The contest was conducted through a combination of ranked ballots and weighted ridings. Each of the provinces 51 constituencies counted for 100 points, allocated according to the proportion of votes each candidate received from that riding.Nicole LaFosse, Houstons director of communications, said the key to his victory was a strong ground game in the drive to sign up new party memberships, particularly in the metro Halifax area.There were 22 constituencies in the metro area and we knew that had to be a focus, said LaFosse. We had a range and we fell within that range on the first ballot for sure.Four of the five candidates in the race ran what could be described as middle-of-the-road campaigns, the lone exception being Lohr who positioned himself as an unabashed Conservative.Houston said it would be his goal to lead a big tent party as the Tories, who are currently the official Opposition, target winning government in the next election.Theres room for every Nova Scotian in this process and in this party, he said. We listen to all ideas and it doesnt mean that we agree with all ideas, but it means that we listen enough to assess them and move forward.
Traktor Audio 6 Recognizes Only One Deck When Pluging into My Mac Pro, What Should I Do?
I can not post this as a comment yet, so it will have to be an answer. Usually this happens when the audio signal is screwed up somehow coming from the table. Set Traktor to scope view and see what the signal looks like. Check the settings in the audio 6 control panel- is direct monitoring on? Are the line input sensitivities set properly? Did you try rebooting the Macbook and/or plugging the audio 6 in on a different USB? Are you using an external power supply, or are you powering over the USB? Are you using timecode vinyl? Are your needles clean/connected properly? Are your grounds connected? Do you have the deck set to CD/LINE rather than to TURNTABLE/PHONO? There are many things it could be; a better description of what it is doing might help. :) Hope this helps.1. Mac Pro: Kernel panic during HDD boot and DVD bootIt is probably your video card. The 2007 MBP's were prone to this.Here is how you can tell. Download the Ultimate Boot CD. Burn it to a DVD or a USB StickYou will launch Linux with a ton of useful diagnostic tools. Run everything, but especially the video display diagnostic tool.Mine was throwing errors and I was able to definitively find the cause of the problem. I was able to find a guy in Tampa that would upgrade the video card on the Logic Board for about $100. I did the service and it worked great. MBP still running to this day. Let me know if you are interested and I will post his info2. Mac Pro Memory Installation Problem: Missing RAM in certain slotsYou need to follow the memory layout suggested on the side door, and the instructions in the manual that shipped with your Mac Pro. The memory layouts have changed significantly from the older 2007 model Mac Pros.edit: link to the memory replacement manual for early 2008 Mac Pros.3. Formatted my mac pro HDD, how do i install mac os x on it?Did you not use or receive instructions or documentation on how to do this? Before you wiped the hard disk clean?4. What should I get, a Mac Pro 13" or a Sony Vaio CW?Macbook Pro* Mac Pro is the tower computer. And it depends on what you need it for. If you do not need something extremely fast the Macbook Pro should be plenty.5. Cannot access vital boot options on Mac Pro with OS X LionIt's extremely strange that you were not getting EFI boot options to work from a wired keyboard.I note that the EFI startup commands you listed that worked used either the Shift key modifier or the Option AND Cmd modifier. The commands that did not work used either Option OR Cmd. Makes you wonder. ..You do know that the keys that generate "Option" and "Cmd" keycodes are typically reversed from a PC to a Mac keyboard, correct? (It's easy to forget if you normally have them remapped in System Preferences->Keyboard.) Is it possible you were using the wrong modifier keys at startup time?Also very strange that the nvram dump shows your desktop machine had been assigned a name that implied it was previously a laptop. If the previous owner used some sort of imaging tool to initialize your machine but took the image from a different model of Mac I can imagine all sorts of strange things could be going wrong.6. What's your favorite MAC pro product?None of them. I bet better results and a much better price with mary Kay7. Why does my mac pro suddenly suck?Suddenly? haha They always suck dude. =] Try deleting unnecessary stuff and defragging your hard drive. Also check the programs running in the background. Like media players, anti-virus software, Limewire, ect; These things can slow down you are computer. Make sure you have all the most current updates also. That and more RAM will make your computer faster...8. My Mac Pro won't take a CD I try to insert. It's really important.?Does it take other CDs? Then that CD is bad. If it does not take any CD the drive is probably bad9. will a mac pro run diablo 3?Yh, My Brother has a Mac Book air and Plays Diablo 3. Really good game too
A Question About Reading and Calculating Thermal Resistance of a Voltage Regulator From Its Datashee
You have calculated the power dissipated in the wind gauge - what you need to know is the power dissipated in the LM317. The wind vane will draw 1 mA, and you have 3 volts across the LM317, for a power dissipation of 3 mW due to the load. However, the LM317 requires a minimum load current of 5 mA for proper operation - the voltage-setting resistors are usually selected to draw that current.With 1 mA for the wind gauge, and 5 mA for the LM317 operation, the LM317 will dissipate about 6 mW - no need for any heat sink at such a low power. You could use a TO-92 packaged LM317 without concernI have this voltage regulator from this supplier and the exact model name is given as: "LM317T/NOPB".I plan to use this circuit to power a windwane's potentiometer which is around 10k:As you see I want to set the excitation voltage for the vane pot to around 9 or 10V where the opamp will be supplied directly from a 12V switch mode power supply. For this purpose I will use an LM317 to obtain 9 or 10V for the vane excitation. So I will set LM317 for 9 or 10V DC. I will mount the vane in a box around 50m height which will stay there at least 3 months.Since I will use a linear voltage regulator I decided to find out whether I need a heatsink.I have encountered two challenges which I put here as questions:1-) In the datasheet when I check the thermal resistances I cannot figure out which model I should use:Mine is T0-220, but in the datasheet there is two types namely as KCT and KCS. But my model is "LM317T/NOPB". And on it it is written "LM317T P". So should I use the thermal resistance for KCT or KCS?2-) Here is how I calculate the T:T JA * PIn my case:P V^2 / R 10^2 / 10000 0.01WBut for junction to ambient temperature I used to use the following:Junction to ambient Junction to case Case to AmbientBut in the datasheet there is no Case to Ambient but there is Junction to ambient. Does "junction to ambient" already include "case to ambient"? Should I in my case only use Junction to ambient? If so in my case T becomes like 4C, and I conclude I don't need heatsink. Do I calculate correct and does it matter the duration like three months when it comes to using heatsink?
Dajiang UAV Emergency Rescue Alliance Operation
Since June, South China has experienced several rounds of heavy rainfall. The rainstorm is widely distributed, multi-point outbreak and high local intensity, causing dangerous situations such as waterlogging, landslide and overtopping, and the flood control situation is extremely severe.The emergency rescue alliance composed of DJI Dajiang industrial application and partners responded quickly, served local flood control and rescue teams, helped to improve the efficiency of emergency rescue and protect the safety of people's lives and property in the flood season.The duration of dam patrol is long, the map is far away, and continuous monitoring is carried out in rainstormAffected by the continuous increase of water from the upstream and the jacking of the Yangtze River flood, the water level of Dongting Lake continued to rise. On July 4, the water level of Chenglingji station, the landmark hydrological station of Dongting Lake, exceeded the warning. Since then, the water level of Dongting Lake has exceeded the warning."As a 'barometer' of the water situation of the Dongting Lake and the Yangtze River Basin, Chenglingji station exceeds the guaranteed water level, which means that the flood control situation of the whole Dongting Lake area has entered a very urgent state." the Yangtze Holly of the Ministry of water situation and information technology of Hunan hydrological Center said.In order to better monitor the water situation in the flood season, from July 5, the water conservancy department of Hunan Province began to use Dajiang UAV to carry out flood control inspection on the reach of Dongting Lake.Dajiang longitude and latitude M300 RTK took off from Qilishan hydrological station in Chenglingji, Yueyang, and met the Yangtze River about 7km along Dongting Hubei. With the help of the map transmission system as far as 15km, the UAV continues to stably transmit images for the flood control and drought relief command center of Hunan Province, helping flood control experts master the situation at the first time.In addition, the longitude latitude M300 RTK has the protection level against heavy rain, and can operate continuously even in the rain. In addition, it has the advantages of long endurance and battery thermal replacement, and realizes all-weather rotation monitoring during the flood season.The rapid inspection of flood control facilities, revetments, levees and other contents of the target segment by UAV has expanded the vision of the original manual inspection. Yueyang City will also start UAV flight inspection on the 1068 km first-line flood control embankment of Dongting Lake and the Yangtze River trunk line.At present, several groups of UAV teams have gone to Yueyang and Yiyang to track and monitor the lake potential of Dongting Lake, provide information support for flood prevention and ensure the safe transit of Dongting Lake flood.The landslide rescue 3D model calculates the landslide area and locks the rescue areaOn July 8, affected by continuous heavy rainfall, a sudden landslide triggered a debris flow in Shiban village, Songtao Autonomous County, Guizhou Province. The whole village suddenly turned into a flood beach, and some villagers were trapped. After receiving the rescue notice, Guizhou Skyway technology, an industrial application partner of DJI Dajiang, acted quickly and rushed to the scene to cooperate with the rescue at the first time.Due to the huge destructive force of landslides, local houses have been washed away and buried by soil. Only by comparing the local pre disaster and post disaster images can we determine the approximate location of the buried houses and look for the trapped people.The traditional solution is to understand the whole picture of the disaster area through satellite remote sensing. However, the timeliness and accuracy of satellite map are low. At the same time, the weather conditions of heavy rainfall and cloudy fog in this disaster will also lead to the poor effect of satellite images.The rescue team thought of Dajiang spirit 4 RTK aerial survey UAV for the first time - it has a centimeter level positioning system. Rescuers imported the images collected by spirit 4 RTK into Dajiang wisdom map and quickly obtained the first three-dimensional model of the disaster core area.According to the model, the command center analyzed four key rescue areas, and calculated the local landslide area and landslide earthwork.In addition, in the rescue process, the front-line rescue team continued to transmit the images taken by UAVs back to the command center in real time, so as to facilitate the command center to monitor the changes in the landslide area and adjust the rescue strategy in time. While efficiently looking for trapped people, it also ensures the safety of rescue workers.Quickly find out the disaster situation due to heavy rainfall and waterloggingGuangdong Province, which has experienced several rounds of heavy rainfall, recently encountered the strongest "dragon boat water" in recent 15 years, and the precipitation in many places broke through the historical extreme value. Guangdong Provincial three prevention office and Guangdong Provincial Emergency Management Department sent emergency support working group and emergency communication support group to carry Dajiang UAV to the rescue sites of Huadu, Qingyuan Fogang and Huizhou Longmen."When we arrived at fogangluo cave in Qingyuan, the water level in a village had been more than 2 meters, overflowing the first floor of the houses. The villagers were hiding upstairs. The village had been cut off from water, food and electricity." said the Guangdong Chengjin science and technology operator in charge of flight operations at the scene.In order to find out the disaster, the fire commanders and fighters quickly took off the Dajiang "Yu" 2 industry version UAV they carried with them. The UAV collects the panorama of the affected area with one click to truly restore the disaster scene.During the rescue, the fire commanders and fighters used the Dajiang longitude and latitude M300 RTK to continuously shoot the disaster situation on the scene in the rainstorm, and transmitted the captured picture back to the command center through the video live broadcast platform.Timely on-site first-hand information provides an important basis for the command center to realize accurate judgment, accurate organization, accurate coordination and accurate command of emergency rescue, so as to timely evacuate the masses, avoid casualties, reduce property losses and achieve prevention first.Intelligent flood control and scientific disaster reduction. With the unique advantages of high-altitude vision, as well as many strengths such as flexibility, reliability and intelligence, UAVs are providing efficient tools for rescue workers on the front line. DJI Dajiang industry application said that its emergency rescue alliance with national partners will also stick to the front line, go all out to fight the battle of flood control and disaster reduction, and build a "new dam" for scientific and technological flood control and disaster reduction in the affected areas.
Importance for the Macedonian Energy Sector
Importance for the Macedonian energy sectorAs of 2020, only 26.6% of technically usable hydropower potential in North Macedonia has been developed , which remains far under the European average of 50%. Unfavourable energy mix, strong dependence on energy import, obsolete energy system and inefficiency in energy production and use are the main problems of the Macedonian energy sector. Macedonia imports roughly a quarter of its annual electricity needs. Domestic energy production is based mainly on the low-quality domestic lignite, biomass and hydro. The purpose of the Boškov most HPP is to support Macedonia's drive to improve the security and quality of its energy supplies, as well as promoting renewable sources of energy generation. Once operating, the plant will enable the nation to reduce electricity imports and in addition decrease the carbon intensity of the Macedonian generation sector. It will also help North Maceonia meet its widely accepted objective to reach 20% energy production from renewable sources. Boškov Most HPP is conceived as a peaking power plant, operating near rated capacity around 5 hours daily during peak demand.— — — — — —Size of market sectorRecent surveys of UK conference venues have found that a third of conference bookings were made by PCOs or venue-finding agencies. In 2006 UK-based conferences generated 7.6 billion in direct sales giving PCOs a central role in some 2. 5 billion of revenue generation. The UK is ranked second behind the US for global market share of conferences. Thus, although there is no one source of global statistics for the conference market it appears that PCOs play a central role in several billion dollars' worth of revenue generation worldwide— — — — — —Services to the education sectorYes has worked closely with the Malaysian Ministry of Education to equip all 10,000 primary and secondary national schools across the country with high-speed 4G Internet connectivity integrated with cloud-based Frog VLE (Virtual Learning Environment) platform under the 1BestariNet program. Under Yes' own Education Partner Programme (EPP), it entered into strategic partnerships with selected public colleges and universities within Malaysia to furnish the entire campus grounds and buildings with high-speed 4G Internet connectivity and free data to access the Internet for educational purposes.— — — — — —Private sectorHe served in the private sector as director of the Correo Argentino— — — — — —Exo Sainte-Julie sectorExo (public transit) Sainte-Julie sector is the public transportation service for the small city of Sainte-Julie in southwestern Quebec, Canada. This municipality is located in the Marguerite-D'Youville Regional County Municipality, about 25 kilometres (16 mi), southeast of downtown Montreal. The system provides a mix of regular transit bus and commuter express services, with most routes terminating either at Longueuil bus station or in downtown Montreal in front of 800, rue De La Gauchetière Ouest, across the street from Gare Centrale and near Terminus Centre-Ville. Agence métropolitaine de transport park and ride facilities for commuters, are located at 211 boulevard Armand-Frappier. Industrial and rural areas of Sainte-Julie are served by taxibus. The Marguerite-D'Youville Regional County Municipality manages the transportation for people with disabilities within the Region. To be eligible for this service, one must complete the application form and be approved.— — — — — —Electricity sectorHistoryWith the development of the national grid, the switch to using electricity, United Kingdom electricity consumption increased by around 150% between the post-war nationalisation of the industry in 1948 and the mid-1960s. During the 1960s growth slowed as the market became saturated. The United Kingdom is planning to reform its electricity market, see also Decarbonisation measures in proposed UK electricity market reform. It plans to introduce a capacity mechanism and contracts for difference to encourage the building of new generation. During the 1940s some 90% of the electricity generation was by coal, with oil providing most of the remainder. The United Kingdom started to develop nuclear power capacity in the 1950s, with Calder Hall nuclear power station being connected to the grid on 27 August 1956. Though the production of weapons-grade plutonium was the main reason behind this power station, other civil stations followed, and 26% of the nation's electricity was generated from nuclear power at its peak in 1997. Despite the flow of North Sea oil from the mid-1970s, electricity generation from oil remained relatively small and continued to decline. Starting in 1993, and continuing through the 1990s, a combination of factors led to a so-called Dash for Gas, during which the use of coal was scaled back in favour of gas-fuelled generation. This was sparked by the privatisation of the National Coal Board, British Gas and the Central Electricity Generating Board; the introduction of laws facilitating competition within the energy markets; and the availability of cheap gas from the North Sea. In 1990 just 1.09% of all gas consumed in the country was used in electricity generation; by 2004 the figure was 30.25%. By 2004, coal use in power stations had fallen to 50.5 million tonnes, representing 82.4% of all coal used in 2004 (a fall of 43.6% compared to 1980 levels), though up slightly from its low in 1999. On several occasions in May 2016, Britain burned no coal for electricity for the first time since 1882. On 21 April 2017, Britain went a full day without using coal power for the first time since the Industrial Revolution, according to the National Grid. From the mid-1990s new renewable energy sources began to contribute to the electricity generated, adding to a small hydroelectricity generating capacity. Electricity generationIn 2016, total electricity production stood at 357 TWh (down from a peak of 385 TWh in 2005), generated from the following sources: Gas: 40.2% (0.05% in 1990) Nuclear: 20.1% (19% in 1990) Wind: 10.6% (0% in 1990), of which:Onshore Wind: 5.7% Offshore Wind: 4.9%Coal: 8.6% (67% in 1990) Bio-Energy: 8.4% (0% in 1990) Solar: 2.8% (0% in 1990) Hydroelectric: 1.5% (2.6% in 1990) Oil and other: 7.8% (12% in 1990)The UK energy policy had targeted a total contribution from renewable energy to achieve 10% by 2010, but it was not until 2012 that this figure was exceeded; renewable energy sources supplied 11.3% (41.3 TWh) of the electricity generated in the United Kingdom in 2012. The Scottish Government had a target of generating 17% to 18% of Scotland's electricity from renewables by 2010, rising to 40% by 2020. Regional differencesWhile in some ways limited by which powers are devolved, the four nations of the United Kingdom have different energy mixes and ambitions. Scotland currently has a target of 80% of electricity from renewables by 2020, which was increased from an original ambition of 50% by 2020 after it exceeded its interim target of 31 per cent by 2011. Scotland has most of the UK's hydro-electric power generation facilities. It has a quarter of the EU's estimated offshore wind potential, and is at the forefront of testing various marine energy systems.
I Must Clear My Cmos to Be Able to Boot
I have the same problem. I have an Asus P7P55D-PRO, it has been having boot problems for the last 6 months. The green standby LED is delayed after switching on the PSU. Then when I press the power button the computer starts only for 1/4 seconds. I've fixed it by clearing the CMOS settings on every boot, the computer starts automatically when the standby LED is onI have this ASUS p7p55d-e pro for about 8 months(got it last July) and for this last 3-4 days I cannot boot without clearing my CMOS.What I have is:Seasonic M12D 750WASUS P7P55D-E ProIntel Core i5 760 Quad Core Processor Lynnfield LGA1156XFX GeForce 8800 GT Alpha Dog 512 MB DDR3 Standard (PV-T88P-YDF4)2x Corsair XMS3 CMX4GX3M2A1600C7 4 GB DDR3 2X2 GB DDR3-1600 CL 7-8-7-20I tried to remove all the unnecessary stuff: HD/DVD/pci card/USB cable/etc I tried with only 1 dimm filled, instead of my 4, each one individually. It didn't work.I tried changing the battery, here goes a few dollars to nowhere, didn't work.If I don't reset the CMOS it sometime stock on RAM led, sometime on BOOT DEVICE led, when this happen, it stuck on CPU speed detection.When I boot right after the reset, I MUST click on the F2 option (boot with default BIOS setting) if I go into the BIOS and save/restart, I have to reset it again When booted, everything is rock solid stable, tried memtest, CPU stress, etc, etc. Without issues.What should be my next step? Trying a new PSU? (I need to find one.) Do RMA? (I need this mb since it's my only computer...)Something else?Edit: I just tried with a new PSU, it didn't fix the issue.
Analysis on Key Points of Wearable Device Power Supply Design
Wearable devices have always been sold. In addition to being unable to grasp the pain points of users in experience, they have also failed to break through the technical defects. The problem of endurance has been criticized by people. Experts said that in the short term, it is difficult for the industry to find a perfect solution to meet the power design needs of wearable devices. At present, they are basically in the exploratory stage, but there are some people who may have found some ways.Power design requirements of wearable devicesDr. Wen Sihua first introduced several key factors that should be paid attention to in the power supply design of wearable devices. He said that the current mainstream wearable device batteries are mainly divided into two types. One is to use high-capacity and high-density disposable lithium batteries, which need to be replaced by users frequently, but it can save a lot of costs for manufacturers; The other is the more popular rechargeable battery, which is much smaller than the disposable battery in terms of capacity, but generally speaking, the battery capacity of wearable devices will not exceed 300mAh.On the other hand, since wearable devices are often turned on, but many functions do not need to be turned on for a long time, and modules such as radio and EEPROM do not need to be powered on frequently, how to use effective battery management schemes to achieve flexible processing and maximize efficiency and prolong battery life, It is the key factor for the ultimate differentiation of product endurance. Dr. Wen said that Ti launched a battery management scheme based on ultra-low IQ step-down converter tps62740 ($2.5067), which can well meet the above-mentioned design requirements for flexibility.Figure 1: ti's battery management scheme based on tps62740 ($2.5067)In his speech, Dr. Wen also mentioned that wearable devices have small requirements for the size of battery modules, but the requirements for battery accuracy are increasing. How to achieve a small charging termination current is also one of the problems that need to be solved urgently. "Based on the requirements of small size and charging termination current, Ti has launched a lithium-ion battery charger: bq25100, which is tailored for low-power applications such as wearable devices." Dr. Wen introduced us that the bq25100 adopts 0.9 & tips; The 1.6mm WCSP package can support the charger solution with the size of only half of the previous generation; Bq25100 can accurately control the fast charging current as low as 10mA or as high as 250mA, and realize the charging termination as low as 1mA, so as to support micro lithium-ion button battery. In addition, bq25100 also supports leakage current less than 75na, which can solve the problem of battery loss caused by leakage current and prolong the service time of battery.Figure 2: ti's small charger solution based on bq25100Figure 3: comparison of battery life results caused by different leakage currentsDifferent from the traditional battery charging schemeIn addition to the most traditional USB power supply, Dr. Wen also provides us with two new ideas for the battery charging mode of wearable devices. One is the wireless charging scheme that has attracted much attention at present, and the other is the controversial energy acquisition scheme.Energy ($50.4000) harvesting technology, that is, make full use of the surrounding energy and effectively convert it into electric energy that can be stored and collected. The key lies in energy efficiency and the amount of energy that can be collected. However, at present, this technology still has great challenges. For example, if additional components are added, a small amount of energy collected within one hour may be consumed in less than one second. Therefore, it is still controversial whether components for energy collection should be added.Fortunately, there is not such a big technical obstacle to wireless charging, and many feasible schemes have appeared in the market. At present, Ti has also launched a wireless charging solution for wearable devices. On the receiving module of this scheme, we can see that in addition to applying the buck converter bq25100 mentioned above, It also adds a wireless charging receiver based on Qi standard - bq51003 ($1.4625).Figure 4: wearable device wireless charging scheme (receiving module) launched by Ti
Which Laptop Is Better?dell Inspiron Or Mac Pro?
Get a macbook pro dude. Its expensive, but definitely worth it. and yes, the new ones have HD webcams. It definitely depends on what you want them for though. I do a lot of photo and video editing for school, and animation. The software I use for that just runs a lot better on mac computers. But you can definitely find some pretty sweet PC's out there. Just not from dell. Hope I helped :) If I did not you can email me at1. What is a PC, if any, that is more powerful than a Mac pro?i might recommend getting the 8 middle mac professional. you would be waiting to twin boot homestead windows and sport from there mutually as having the video utility available in osx. There are video enhancing courses for laptop that artwork.2. what is mac pro (the make up type not the computer) ?Memberships are for people in the beauty and entertainment industry. You can still buy MACPro products without a membership by calling their customer service number. The only difference is with a membership you get a discount.3. Can This Mac Pro Be Restored To Original StateThere are several disturbing things from your screenshot I want to explain to you. My answer is no direct answer to your problem, but in the end could help you, if you are willing to do some hardware modifications.I just want to summarize your hardware description first and put my 5c to it.What you can do to have fun again with that box:OR:I currently need to suppress the urge to book the next flight to you, fixing that good old manually sickened MacPro. :-)4. Is the new maxed out $52,000 Mac Pro basically a supercomputer?No.What it is, is a proper high-end technical workstation.A supercomputer these days means a warehouse full of gear. Entry cost is in the several tens of millions.5. Brand new Mac Pro tower fan suddenly runs full-tiltIs there enough space behind it for air flow?Is the case closed when it is powered on (it should be)?Have you viewed "All Processes" and not just "My Processes" in activity monitor to make sure a processor is not pegged?Have you run Software Update to make sure you have the latest OS?Have you run the Apple Hardware Test?6. Undo Show Desktop on Mac Pro OS 10.10You generally do the opposite of the gesture (although for "binary" do/undo swipes, repeating the gesture also works), so in your case, do a thumb and three finger pinch.System Preferences > Trackpad > More Gestures is where that and other gestures are configured, and if you hover over (or click) the gesture on the left, the little clip on the right demonstrates the gesture and undoing it7. Maximum memory config for Mac Pro 5,1 (mid 2010)?Okay, so ultimately there are some specific requirements that the Mac Pro has in terms of where you stick the 8GB DIMMs. I am curious as to whether or not that could have had bearing on the 16GB DIMM issue wherein the system would simply not start up, but I wanted to at least share the ultimate configuration that worked after a couple of iterations (since the RAM simply was not appearing initially a few attempts had to be made) from from the suggestions of /System/Library/CoreServices/Memory Slot Utility.app:8. Dell XPS 730 vs. Mac Pro - FULLY LOADED - FREE!! Which one should I get??Defiantly get the mac it will be a little different using the operating system but its great and easy to use. very user friendly and a lot of fun software that is preloaded photo booth is awesome. also getting the dell they have terrible customer service unless you enjoy talking to someone from god knows where. also if you buy the mac and something goes wrong you can take it to the apple store and they will fix it on the spot no questions asked. which can come in handy. hope this helps9. Using the Mac Pro integrated microphone in VirtualBox Windows XP Host?Latest information I found about this topic is from September this year and it seems not to be possible:10. Changing Graphics Card on a 2006 Mac ProOften you can flash a card intended for PC and "transform" it into the Mac version that sells for much more money. Here's one example of a site showing how.You know the advantage, which is cost. The disadvantage is you rely on the kindness of strangers for support, you trust programmers you know next to nothing about and if it goes wrong you could end up with a dead card and it will cost you more than if you bought a Mac version in the first place. Then there's the highly questionable legality of someone ripping the ROM off a card and letting you download it.Personally I would find a second-hand Mac version of the card you want, if you run headless you do not need any real performance and you should be able to find something old and relatively cheap. Just watch out for the people on eBay who flash cards and sell them as the Mac version when they are not.
Which Is Better? Krown Or Sector9?
which is better? krown or sector9?I would definitely get a sector9 board over a krown. The sector 9's have very nice wood, they bend real good and are very very strong. I think the sector 9 boards have the smoothest ride and you can get some pretty cool designs if that's your thing. The only other brand I would get is Loaded. The major difference between the two is that sector 9 decks have those cut grooves in the board so taht you dont get wheelbite (wheel touches bottom of the deck and you fall off). The Loaded boards usually have the wheels stick out and there is no deck on top of the wheels at all. It's just a feature that you can distinguish them by. If you have no preference, find the cheapest between Loaded and Sector 9 and I assure you you wont be disappointed. If you do not like the bearings (from my experience, the bearings that come with longboards are one of the best, but there is obviously better), you can always get new ones, I suggest Bones Reds or Bones Swiss (reds are cheaper but still very good, best "bang for the buck" without a doubt). The extra money you pay for a sector 9 may seem like you are just buying a brand but trust me here, all longboards are expensive and you want something that will last as long as possible. As I said, sector9's bend real nice and they provide a very smooth ride. I've only ridden one Krown and I was not super impressed by it. I have a sector 9 board and I wish I had a loaded board because I carve really really hard and I have actually fallen off due to wheelbite (i got smaller wheels in the end to prevent this), and I wish I had the loaded boards. However, lots of people dont like how the loaded boards have the trucks on the end that stick out of the main piece of the deck but that way you dont get wheelbite at all if you carve aggressively. Just my 2 cents, I hope this helps you. Have fun bombing those hills and stay safe.— — — — — —What sector is Photos folder on hard drive?Photos are not stored on a particular sector on your hard drive, the sectors are maintained by the operating system and the hard drive itself. I would suggest scanning the entire drive for deleted files as your best chance of finding the files you are looking for— — — — — —No boot sector on internal hard drive error?Dont somewhat understand. The difficult force which you delivered grow to be it sparkling or did it have a working gadget on it. If it did have an working gadget on it. Did it come from an identical appropriate workstation which you delivered it for. If the desktops arent an identical it wont boot up. you will ought to purchase a working gadget or purchase a tricky force that has an working gadget on it it somewhat is to your laptop. domicile windows xp and above or like that. Now domicile windows ninety 5 to and before xp can basically be placed in a working laptop or laptop and boot up.— — — — — —What has the private sector ever done well?I have a good job. I work hard for my company and I get more money in return— — — — — —Why doesn't the public sector follow private sector rules in hard times?Because strong unions provide middle-class wages and job security to their members. But thanks for warning us that you are against the Middle-class in America........— — — — — —what is a insurance sector in health care?Industries in the Healthcare Sector • Medicinals and botanicals • Pharmaceutical preparations • Diagnostic substances • Biological products exc. diagnostic • Surgical and medical instruments • Surgical appliances and supplies • Dental equipment and supplies • X-ray apparatus and tubes • Electromedical equipment • Ophthalmic goods • Medical and hospital equipment • Drugs, proprietaries, and sundries • Drug stores and proprietary stores • Accident and health insurance • Hospital and medical service plans • Fire, marine, and casualty insurance • Pension, health, and welfare funds • Sports clubs, managers, & promoters • Physical fitness facilities • Offices & clinics of medical doctors • Offices and clinics of optometrists • Offices of health practitioners, NEC • Skilled nursing care facilities • Intermediate care facilities • Nursing and personal care, NEC • General medical & surgical hospitals • Psychiatric hospitals • Specialty hospitals exc. psychiatric • Medical laboratories • Dental laboratories • Home health care services • Kidney dialysis centers • Health and allied services, NEC
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